Why does everyone hate me?

Maddison Lily Black. The daughter of Sirius Black and Lily Evans. She doesn't know who her mother is, all she knows is that she is dangerous to be around. She has powers; know one can know about ecspecially her best friends, Fred and George Weasley. She lives with one of her three godfathers, Remus Lupin. Her other godfathers are James Potter, and.............. SEVERUS SNAPE!!!!!! Be with Maddi when she is in her 5th year. Sirius escapes and well, no one but a certain two ginger boys talk to her.


1. HE IS SO BUSY!!!!!!!


          Uncle Remus is too busy this summer to even look at me. So I told him I'm staying at the  Leaky Cauldron, he agrees. He won't tell me why he is so busy this summer, he says it's a surprise. he knows I don't like surprises. All of my friends aren't talking to me this summer, thanks to my dad, because they think I helped him escaped Azkaban. I didn't help him, people think I did because I'm the only one who knows[ people say think but I know so] that he is innocent. So today is the day I go to the Leaky Cauldron. Tom is giving me a part time job there this summer.


" I'm all packed Uncle ReRe!"

   " Uncle ReRe? You haven't called me that since you were 8!"

" Well I just thought you would tell me why your so busy if I call you, Uncle ReRe!"

   " nice try, but I'm not telling you yet, i'll tell you September 1st."

" at least I tried!"

   " Well I will see you at King Cross Sation, on September 1st!!"


I floo over to the Leaky Cauldron to be greeted by a smiling Tom! This summer is going to be fun!!!!




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