Wishes In Wisconsin

These two girls are living there dreams when there crushes ask them out. They thought that it would last and that their lives will never be messed with. That all changes. Aislin hates her dad and Catliyn can't live without Aislin across the street from her.


24. Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter 24 ~ Aislin's POV


    Our planned worked...but once we got home, Steven’s dad wasn’t there. My dad soon then thought that we had hired actors, so then Steven wouldn’t have to be my step-brother. He doesn’t know that I'm starting to like Steven as a brother and closest friend, other than Catliyn. He does act like my brother, and I hear that he’s very close to getting into a fight with Conner.

“Steven...come back here! You CANNOT TELL HER YET!” Mrs. Payne yelled at Steven.

This is a daily thing now and my dad has brought up a lot of boxes into my room. I’ve kind of noticed that I’m probably getting kicked out soon. I heard a herd of elephants come up stairs, and my door was slammed open, then slammed closed. Steven stood their and he pulled my desk chair in front of the door knob.

“What are you doing?” I asked, as I set down my writing spiral.

“SHHH!!” He responded.

We heard a ton of knocking, and Steven busted out my window screen. I’m so glad that dad bought a house with a back porch on the second level. He climbed out first, and then helped me out. Steven made it look like we didn’t escape from my room.

“Why couldn’t you talk to me in my room?”

“Because your dad and my mom would’ve heard. And you have to clear everything up with Conner…”   

“Okay...what do you need to tell me?”

“My mom wants you out of the house by the end of June. She wants the room to be ready, even though the baby’s not coming until winter.”


We made it to Conner’s house, and Steven walked along to the park a little further down. I knocked on the door, an Conner answered it.

"Come on in..." He said.

"No...we need to talk outside of your house."


He grabbed his jacket and we headed towards the park. Conner tried grabbing my hand, but I pulled away each time. I saw Steven sitting on a swing pretending to be swinging. I led Conner to a bench

"Conner...I'm breaking up with you..."

"What? Why? I thought everything was going perfectly fine..."

"I've seen you with Eva...kissing..."

"What? No!"

"Yes! I've caught you three times! Three times Conner! I thought you were different...but I guess not..."

"I am different!"


I started to run back to my house. I could hear lots of shouting from the park. Tears streamed down my face. I slammed my front door shut, and sprinted to my room.

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