Wishes In Wisconsin

These two girls are living there dreams when there crushes ask them out. They thought that it would last and that their lives will never be messed with. That all changes. Aislin hates her dad and Catliyn can't live without Aislin across the street from her.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter 3 ~ Catliyn’s POV 

   A lot has happened in the past few days. Connor posted a picture of Aislin that looked magnificent. It looked like she was on a movie set, not walking home from school. 
   I was packing my backpack getting ready to walk home when Joe asked me to take a picture with him. 
   "Hey, Caitlyn, can I get a pic of us?" Joe asked holding up his phone. 
   "Sure," I said nodding. 
   I quickly looked in my locker mirror and ran my fingers through my hair. I nodded telling Joe that I was ready. He turned his phone sideways and turned the camera to face us. He casually put his arm around my shoulders. We took a couple pictures. A few if them we were smiling and in some others we were goofing around in. 
   "Thanks!" Joe said slipping his phone into his pocket and walked off. 
   I sighed. 
   I turned back around and shut my locker. I flung my backpack onto my shoulders and walked out of school. 
   I was going through Instagram when I saw a Pic Collage of the pictures I took with Joe. Joe had also posted a comment. 
@joe_is_da_bombdiggety: have the best locker neighbor ever! Hope we can walk home together one day! <3 @Caitlyn_loves_Aislin. 
   I saw the heart. I knew he probably just meant it as a friendship heart but I couldn't control myself! I ran the rest of the way to Aislins house. 
   Once I got to her house I ran inside and ran to where she was sitting doing her homework. 
   "What's up with you and the giant smile?" She asked looking at me. 
   "Joe!!" I said. 
   "Joe Jacobs! He asked to take a picture of me, so I said yes. We ended up taking like five then he posted them in Instagram!" 
  "What?! No way!" Aislin shouted. 
   "Yes way!" I shouted. 
   Aislin unlocked her phone and opened up Instagram. She scrolled down until she found Joe's post. She just stared at her phone. Then after a while she looked at me. I smiled bigger, and nodded my head. 
   "A heart?!" Aislin said.  
   "Yup. But it's probably just a friendship heart." 
   "But still! Someone's got a crush!!" 
   "Aislin!" I said laughing. 
   The next day at school Joe asked me out. I said yes and we agreed to just keep it low key and only tell Aislin and Connor. 
   After school Joe walked me home. We fooled around just like I imagined we would. I had a smile plastered to my face the whole time. I was the happiest girl in the world! 

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