Wishes In Wisconsin

These two girls are living there dreams when there crushes ask them out. They thought that it would last and that their lives will never be messed with. That all changes. Aislin hates her dad and Catliyn can't live without Aislin across the street from her.


30. Chapter Thirty

Chapter 30 ~ Aislins POV

I think Catliyn lied to me over text. I knew something was up with Steven and Catliyn when I was still in America. The weddings still on and I'm pissed about that part. My dad is totally blind.

"Aislin! Honey! Lights out!" My mom called.

She was with her boyfriend, Jai. He's a very nice guy. My mom also took out her exercise room. Jai's moving in soon and they're expecting. I actually never thought my mom wanted to get married again, but she's told me that Jai is different from my dad. She met him while on base. He's like a computer guy part of the time, but he fixes the planes the other half.

I picked up my phone and noticed that Steven texted me and Conner did too. I decided to ignore Conners text message and read Steven's

S: Hey almost step-sister

A: Hey almost step-brother

S: How's England?

A: Good! My moms boyfriend is moving in because my moms going to have a baby!

S: You seemed more thrilled about your mom having a baby more then me!

A: That's because I didn't think my mom was going to get married again and have more kids. I kind of expected it to happen with my dad though. He can never settle without a wife

S: Why did your parents get a divorce then?

A: That way my mom could work in Britain and my dad didn't want to lose her but he had no choice.

I set down my phone and fell into a deep sleep.


"Hahahaha! Aislin looks soo stupid! Why did she ever come back?" Steven said.

"I can't believe that she would ever want to come back and be FRIENDS with US!" Catliyn exclaimed.

I noticed that I was at my dad's wedding. Everyone was laughing at me. I slid down and cried to myself.


I woke up with tears rolling down my face and I could barely breath. I checked the time and saw that it was only three in the morning. I tried going back to bed but I just couldn't. I hope that the wedding goes as planned. I texted Steven but I knew that he wouldn't respond back right away. I noticed something sticking out of my phone case. I took it off and shined my flashlight onto the piece of paper. It was from the guy on the plane.


I know my handwriting isn't that great, but I wanted to introduce myself. I am a very shy guy...that's why I didn't really talk to you on the plane. When I saw your mom and dad, I knew I probably had no chance at getting to ask you out. I'm Cai, 14 years old. I've lived in London my whole life. I live with my parents and my cousin moved in who's 15. Her name is Rachel and she got fired from America Is Calling late March. Feel free to text me at 765429 940013.

- Cai

I typed in Cai's number and fell back asleep. I think that I'm finally over Conner and that I have some feelings for Cai and his cousin is Rachel! He never said where he lived though. I hope it's somewhere close to my mom’s house.

“Aislin!” My mom yelled as she walked into my room.

I threw my covers off my bed and got up. She set down breakfast and just left without saying another word. You can start to see her belly even though she really is barely three months. I checked my phone and I had no text messages. I pulled up Cai’s contact and sent him a message. He responded seconds later.

A: What’s up?

C: Just in my room, u?

A: same and eating breakfast

C: Do you just stay in your room all day?

A: Not really. I was here in late March visiting my mom

C: Wait...where’s your dad?

A: He’s in America but I live here full time now but I have to go back for his wedding

C: Oh...I thought the military guy standing next to your mom was your dad

A: That’s my mom’s boyfriend but I think he might propose soon since they’re going to have a child together. And my dad’s remarrying my now best guy friend's mother and she’s the one who sent me here

C: Oh...do you want to hang out or something later today?            

A: Yeah

A: What time should hang out?

C: How about we go out for lunch then meet up with my cousin at the London Eye?

A: That works

C: 11:00 work for you?

A: Yeah, I’ll text you when I’m leaving

C: Okay See ya later

I set down my phone and open my window behind my bed and the other window close to the stairs. I saw a guy that looked like Cai in the bedroom across from me. I shook it off and started my shower. It started getting really hot in my room, so I opened the window that faced the neighbor’s window. I hopped in and took a really long shower. I sang, as usual and I didn’t care that my window was open. I picked out a crop top like shirt and slipped a tank top under it. My shirt had an american flag on it but my shorts had the Britain flag on it. I slipped on my converse and started blow drying my hair, I sang Am I Wrong by Nico and Vinz. I could hear my mom and Jai talking about my singing. I started straightening my hair, when Cai texted me.

C: I think I saw you earlier in the house sideways across from mine

A: Really? I actually saw a boy that looked like you

C: Come to your side window please

I straightened the last bit of my hair and went to my window. I saw Cai and waved. I wasn’t quite ready but I only had about ten minutes left. I quickly did my make up. I decided on a plain, brown, smokey eye. I ran down my stairs and kissed my mo goodbye.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“I’m meeting a few friends!” I responded.

“And they are..?”

“Rachel, who I met last time and her cousin Cai.”

“Okay. Have fun! Be home no later than nine!”

I walked out of the house and almost ran into Cai, who was walking up the driveway.


He took me to this restaurant but I don't remember the name of it, but he only took me their because Rachel works their. He’s a really sweet guy and I think the only reason he wanted to hang out with me before we hang out with Rachel is because he wants this to be like a date.

“So… how many siblings do you have?” Cai asked as we were walking.

“I have three younger sisters, who are all triplets and two half siblings on the way,” I told him. “What about you?”

“I have one older sister but she lives in New York. She’s Rachel’s mother.”

“Why is Rachel here?”

“Rachel’s adopted and she wants to find her real parents. That’s why she’s living with us for now.”

“Oh. Yeah I’m going to have a step-brother and he’s my best guy friend.”

“Wow...I’m guessing your dad fell in love with his mom and now here we are.”



Cai and I really hit it off. He’s going to make this summer much better and I’m going to bring him to the wedding. I don’t care what my dad says. If Conner’s there, oh well, he can just deal with it.

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