Wishes In Wisconsin

These two girls are living there dreams when there crushes ask them out. They thought that it would last and that their lives will never be messed with. That all changes. Aislin hates her dad and Catliyn can't live without Aislin across the street from her.


6. Chapter Six

Chapter 6 ~ Aislin's POV

  I was talking with my mom about maybe me coming to live with her for a few weeks. I just needed some time away from this busy house, and then come back to face my dad and Steven's mom. I talked to her for about a half hour. I walked into the kitchen, when ms. Payne approached me. They weren't even suppose to be her for a few days...but I guess ms. Payne doesn't care.

  "You can't call that person mom, because she left you for no good reason. I'm going to be your new mother, and you will call me mom. I don't care if you don't want to call me mom, you will," ms. Payne told me.

  "My mom didn't leave me or my family! She left because she wanted to keep her job! I will never call you mom, and you never will be!" I responded.

  My dad walked in with Steven, and he heard what I had said.

  "Aislin Darcy! Apologize now!" He told me.

  "You don't even know what she said to me!"

 I ran out of the room crying, and I went to my room. I grabbed my huge suitable, and started packing most if my clothes. I grabbed my laptop, laptop charger, my phone charger, and a bunch of other stuff. I texted Courtney, and my mom texted me my flight schedule. I was leaving in two days. Courtney knows and I'm telling Conner tomorrow.

  You have revived a text message from 1 (262) 546-2367

  Hey it's Joe

  I responded to Joe, and we talked for a little bit. Alayne brought me my dinner, and then I threw away the paper plate. I continued to text people before I fell asleep.

  I woke up with a startle. I got dressed, and walked to the bathroom. I started doing my makeup, when Steven walked in.

  "Do you have to take forever to do your makeup?" He asked.

  "I'm almost done. It only takes me five minutes. Can u wait that long please?" I responded.

  "Yeah. Sure."

  He walked out of the bathroom. I finished my make up. I didn't tell him that I was finished, and I just went straight down stairs. I grabbed my backpack, and a apple. Ever since Conner and I started dating, we walk to school together. Joe and Courtney walk together, but I think that they make a cute couple. My phone started ringing, and it was my dad.

  "Hello," I said.

  "Aislin...your mom told me that you were going to go live with her for a few weeks," my dad responded.

  "Yeah dad...I need a break from you being all lovey dovey with Stevens mom, AND you wouldn't ever hear what SHE did to me the other day!"

  "I'm sorry...I've been caught up with planning the wedding!"

  "Yeah sure...you didn't even defend me when she said I was being rude the other night!"

  "I didn't think she was talking about-"

  "Bye dad."

  I hit end, and saw that Conner was looking at me with worried eyes.

  "Conner...I have something to tell you...."

  "Okay...I'll understand," he responded.

  "I'm going to London for a few weeks, because I can't stay at him anymore with Steven's mom living there now."

  Conner hugged me, and kissed my head. We walked the rest of the way to school, and the day went by really fast.

  By the time I got home, Steven was already there, and so was the triplets. I started on to two to three weeks worth of homework. Steven walked over, and bugged me for a little bit. I just drowned him out by listening to music. I hated having to be his future stepsister.

The airport...

  I hugged Conner, Joe and Catliyn. All of my little sisters were crying, I have then two extra hugs and then I left for my flight. I walked down the terminal and never looked back.  

   It took about ten hours for me to get from Wisconsin to London. I saw my mom standing by the entrance in her airforce uniform. I ran with my luggage and hugged her. She kissed my head and we headed to her truck. Yes my mom owns a truck. It's a Ford F-150. It felt good to be with my mom again.

  We pulled up to her house or flat and she unlocked the front door for me. I grabbed my luggage and walked in. Her house was huge!

  I ran up to the second floor. I saw her exercise room, a full bathroom, her bedroom, and then her bath.

  "Where's my room?" I thought.

  "Aislin! Where are you?" My mom yelled.

  "Second floor!" I responded.

  She walked up the stairs. I just stood there looking around.

   "Mom...where's my bedroom?"

   "Follow me."

   All of a sudden, my mom wasn't there anymore. I went to where she use to be and saw a staircase. I walked up and then saw a huge bedroom. I had a queen sized bed, a desk with a laptop. One the opposite side of the room was a huge walk in closet and my own bathroom.

  "I'll leave you alone for a few hours to hang up your clothes. Then we can't about your father."

  My mom left and I was left alone with my music.


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