Sharing Maring is different. She is unique. When she finds out magic exists will she embrace it, or will she crumble to pieces.

©copyright 2014 cromwellsisters


2. chapter two

Sharine's POV

When I opened it there was a... book. A book? Why would someone send me a random book? I love to read, but who would send me this book at night? I guess I'll go to my room and read it on my mini couch.

10 pages later...

How strange, this book is all about magical beings and abilities. Wait why does this page have a picture of me on it?


A powerful girl who has descended from witches in Salem. If you see this girl, take her to 9613 dark dream ave. we will be waiting for her arrival.

Good luck and goodbye

Good luck and goodbye? That's the same thing that the woman said to me in that strange phone call! She must have written that! It's late at night, so early tomorrow morning I'll guess I'll go to this mystery destination.

9 hours later...

"Ding dong!" Goes the door bell.

Ugh who would ring my doorbell at 7 am? Better go answer it.

"Ding dong! Ding dong!" Goes the door bell again.

"Hold your horses! I'm coming!" I replied.

Oh my golly, can they ring my doorbell anymore? I hope they don't wake up my parents.

"Hello? Hello!" Nothing is there except for a small letter.

So I decide to open it. Strange all it says is

"Tick tock Sharine, tick tock".

How odd is that? Oh yeah that's right! I need to go to that place! Thank god I don't have school (its summer vacation)!

So since it's not very far, I'll walk there. I wonder who or what will be there waiting for me? I hope it's not a crazy person!

About 8 minutes later...

Hmm, odd. Nothing's here. And why was I supposed to go to an ally. This is getting freaky, I better leave before my parents notice I'm gone.

"Don't leave Sharine, don't leave. You are special... Don't goooo!" Said a misty voice.

Okay I swear I don't see anyone besides me here. I NEED to get out of here now! See you strange voice!

Wait a minute, what that?




Left you all on a cliff hanger didn't I? I'll update later.


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