Sharing Maring is different. She is unique. When she finds out magic exists will she embrace it, or will she crumble to pieces.

©copyright 2014 cromwellsisters


3. chapter three

Sharine's POV

"Ouch! My wrist!" I yelped, clearly in pain.

I fell hard. Thank god I only fell into a 3 ft deep hole made of grass and dirt. If I would've fallen into anything any harder, I probably would've seriously damaged something.

This hole isn't too deep, I should be able to get out.

Five minutes later...

I've almost got it! Man, I hope my parents haven't noticed I'm gone. Whoa, what's happening to the ground? It almost like it's sinking deeper or something.

"Jump into hole and find your destiny, your learner. Good luck and goodbye." Whispered the same strange woman.

I guess I better listen to her, or I might end up in bigger trouble! Here goes nothing...

"Oof!" That might leave a bruise.

Hmm, it seems like a tunnel is being formed for me. Here we go again!

Well, nothing but rocks and leaves so far. What's the point anyway? I'm just walking down a wide pathway. Maybe clean clothes with be on the other side?

Whoa, what was that?

🙎 👺👹……

Are those d-demons?! Oh no this isn't real, it can't be! Demons aren't real, are they? I f-feel faint...

Later on when Sharine wakes up...

Where am I? And what were those creatures? Ok, I need to stop asking questions. Wait, if I'm not where I was earlier then someone moved me! Someone is here somewhere!

"Hello? Hello! Is anyone here? I hurt my wrist a while ago!" They must have left or something.

Now I probably really am trapped down here, with NO cell service! This is such a nightmare!

"You are special young Wiccan, use it for good." Said the voice.

Wiccan? I'm a witch? That can't be right. Doesn't it pass down through generations? No one in my family were witches. We're they?


Hey. So Sharine just realized she a witch. What do you guys think? Will she embrace her powers as a good or bad witch?


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