bloody danger

When melonie and carol's best friend goes missing, a strange person kidnaps her and her best friend, what will they do to keep their lives? What will she do, and will she win this battle?


2. chapter two

Carol's POV

I wonder what's up with Mel? The thing with Veronica probably just freaked her out. It scares me too. I'm glad Mel asked me to stay overnight. I'm very bored.

Carol: hey Mel, want to prank call people?

Melonie: umm, no thanks. I don't think that it's a very good idea.

Carol: oh, ok. Is everything okay?

Melonie: er, yeah I'm fine. Why?

Carol: you just seem a little off today.

Melonie: well our best friend is missing, so I'm not "perfectly fine". Okay? Just let's get off this topic for a while.

Carol: okay I'm sorry Mel.

I wonder what's really bothering her. Normally she would tell if something is wrong.

Melonie's POV

Why does carol keep bothering me about what's wrong. If only she knew why the topic was so ultra sensitive for me. If only she knew about that text.

Later on we set up our sleeping area. It was upstairs in my bedroom. I'm sleeping on my small, twin sized bed. Carol is sleeping on a blow up mattress on the floor next to me.

Just as we were getting ready to watch another movie we heard door open, then slam loudly downstairs. We both freaked out and grabbed a weapon. I grabbed a lamp and carol grabbed an empty glass picture frame.

We both quietly sneaked downstairs, hoping a stair didn't creak. When we reached the last step we both saw a figure move into the back room next to the living room. We both quietly snuck into the kitchen to grab better weapons. Right as we got to the counter, a spoon fell off of the small counter onto the wooden floor. We both silently shrieked and grabbed a knife. Then before we knew it we had blacked out.

Three hours later...

When we had woke up we were in an attic that wasn't mine.

"Hello girls. I've disabled both of your phones temporarily." He said with an evil grin.



Hi everyone, told you this one would be more interesting.


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