The Demon Butler

A fan fiction for the fan girls who like black butler or adore Sebastian. Hope you guys enjoy! I do not own Black Butler or There Characters!


1. Warm Welcome

I do not own the show Black Butler or characters i only own Samuel,Lucia,Lydia,Frances, and others I will be adding I will also be putting the other names or characters i own.


Blood....all I see is blood before me. I feel terror....I see the bodies of my mother and father dead lying on the ground. Blood was all over the place. I was too shocked to even realize the man had left the house leaving me alive on like if he didn't care about a small kid like me. Two days later after the incident at my house or should I say...what used to be my house I was lying on the ground by the street...I was fragile I was still small I was 6 years old at that time.

"Oh my! Young girl are you ok?!" Said someone I couldn't see anything my version was blurry. After she touched me I knocked out.

*Queens POV*

"Samuel! Please bring this girl to the carriage!" I said wondering why was she here on the street and what happen. I went back to the carriage with the youngster girls head on my lap. As we rode home I was looking at how pretty jet black hair she had and how silky it was. The carriage had stopped. I waited for Samuel to open the door.

"Please carry the young girl to my room Samuel." I said as I stepped off the carriage entering my mansion.

"Yes milady!" Said Samuel carrying the girl and shutting the doors behind him entering the mansion as well.

"Take her to my room please." I said as I walked to my room already before supper.

"Yes Milady." Said Samuel carrying the girl to my room. As he set her down and left the room I covered her in my cover sheets as she was unconscious.

*Lucia's POV*

After I knocked out I woke up in a strange room. I was freaking out. All I remember was this women on the street and she touched me and I knocked out. The door opened slowly with two people coming in.

"Ah your awake my little girl." Said the women from before

"Here I bring you some clothing for you. Oh my! Where are my manners! I'm the queen of this country." Said the queen

"M-my name is Lucia...Lucia Bennett" I said stuttering a bit.

"What a wonderful name! I see your from the Bennett Estate." Said the queen. Yes I was from the Bennett estate but it's only me everyone is dead they burn down the mansion because the found out we were demons. They didn't kill me because I look human. They thought I was. There wrong.

"Well then I let you change please come down when your ready to eat supper!" Said the queen leaving the room I sat there looking at the dress..I'm not a girly type of girl. The dress was pink with a hint of reddish with it. I took a shower and came back. I put garments on and then put the dress. The dress has no sleeves it was a strapless dress. I put on a small coat to cover up the chest (winter top with hoodie) and white the shoes they had put there that matches with the dress. I had a gift from my mother before she died. It was a hair clip I put my hair into two long pigtails and like always my hair would kind of curl up from the bottom. I had fluffy pink scrunchies. I went to open the door and as I went into the hallway I closed the door behind me. I walked down the hallway until I made it to the dinning room.

"You look gorgeous! Just fabulous!" Said The Queen

"Thank you." I replied back

"Come sit. Tell me about yourself I would love to know!" She said happy

"My parents died a man had murder them and set the mansion on fire along with the servants. My family are demons but we did no harm. The man didn't kill me because he thought I was human but he was wrong. 2 days later I went walking down the street and collapsed on the ground where you found me just a few minutes ago.." I said thinking she would be terrified of me.

"My what a dear is that why you have red eyes?" Asked The Queen

"Yes..." I replied

"I'll take you in as my daughter. I came to have a liking to you." Said the Queen delighted the opposite of what I thought. I was small yet I gave a wonderful smile back to her. Even though she isn't my real mother i still had the ability to smile at her. She gave me a warm welcome.

"Your home dear." She said with a warm smile

I cried with joy I've felt pain lately but now I'm happy. This is how i meet The my mother.

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