The Demon Butler

A fan fiction for the fan girls who like black butler or adore Sebastian. Hope you guys enjoy! I do not own Black Butler or There Characters!


3. Suspicion

After dinner. I excused myself from the table and went to my room.

*Ciel's POV*

I had suspicion against Lucia.

"Sebastian!" I called his name.

"Yes my lord?" said Sebastian obediently.

"I have suspicion against Lucia can you found out what she is and come tell me I'll be in my work room." I said as I went to my room.

"Yes my lord."

*Lucia's POV*

I was in my room when I had known that Ciel grew suspicion against me and I knew Sebastian was behind me.

"Yes Sebastian?" I turned to face him.

"Milady I know you are not human." Sebastian said as he grinned.

"Yes I am not human. I'm a Elite demon. I lived in the Bennett Estate but it is only me now. They burned down our mansion when they found out we were demons. The man who killed my family and servants didn't kill me because at the time I looked human. As you can see from not so long ago. The man tried killing me. I didn't want to use my powers but I had no choice. That is all if you wanted to know who I was." I smiled at him.

"I see I'm please to have you here Milady." said Sebastian.

"Sebastian. Your a demon contractor. You do contracts with human to serve them and help them find out who killed there precious. In return you have there soul." I looked at him.

"Yes you are one fine and smart woman indeed Lucia." He Stared me down.

"I hope we can be friends." I said. He excused himself and left. I went to sleep.

*Sebastian's POV*

She looks super cute even though she's a demon. I returned to my lord's work room.

"My lord." I politely said

"Yes Sebastian?" Said Ciel.

"Lucia is a Bennett Estate resident. Shes the only one who lives. Her family was killed and the mansion burned down because a man found out they were demons. The man didn't kill Lucia thinking she was human. Lucia is an Elite Demon. She's one hell of a demon." I said explaining

"I see then this will be fun having her here." Said My lord.

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