The Demon Butler

A fan fiction for the fan girls who like black butler or adore Sebastian. Hope you guys enjoy! I do not own Black Butler or There Characters!


2. Power use

Im finally 15 now I've been living with my new mother since age 6..mother said I had to stay with the phantom hives for a month. I don't know who they are at all. The carriage came and left to there home. After we made it the carriage stopped and my butler opened the door. I got out and Samuel showed me to way to the door. He knocked the door and a butler came to open the door. He had red eyes that were like mine and jet black hair with his pale white skin.

"Ah come in. May I ask who are you?" Said the man

"My name is Lucia Bennett I was sent from the queen to live here for a month till her arrival from Canada." I said a bit shy.

"Very well then let me take you to my lord." He said closing the doors behind us. He was very handsome but I thought this would be fun. After we made it to a door.

"Young master we have guest here." Said the butler.

"Alright Sebastian come in with the guest." Said other person.

"Right this way malady." Said Sebastian. We walked in and I said a kid there. I am able to see who humans are I can see there age and name but I couldn't see Sebastian's age or name at all but the kid in front of me was Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his age is 13 very young he was but acts very mature and is very smart.

"Hello my name is Lucia Bennett the queen sent me to stay here for a month until back from her arrival from Canada." I said with a pleasant tone.

"I am Earl Ciel Phantomhive. Sebastian please show our guest to her room." Said Ciel

"Yes my lord." Said Sebastian showing me they way to my room. Once we made it I headed for the bathroom to take a shower to refresh my self. I let the water run for awhile then I turned it off drying myself and my hair. I combed my hair they I wore a pink lovely dress and wore a pink necktie for girl the on that's just circle up your neck. The felt was pink and on it were the chains and the middle the cross. I put my pink headband and word a hat on the left side of my head a bit tilted. I wore my pink slippers that were meant for dancing. I put my hand over my mouth lightly and loved it right slowly saying "Laktos" it's a spell that hides my marking the is mark on my left side of my chest a bit by the shoulder but not close. I got out of my room and went to the garden. I don't intend to use my powers at all but for the bad luck a man who found out I was a demon came to the garden to shoot me. I saw Sebastian walking by the window and that's when the man shot the gun at me.

"So slow indeed.." I told the man the bullet was slow. I caught the bullet noticing Sebastian saw me catch it. I looked at him in the corner of my eye then I looked back at the man.

"Which way do you prefer to die silent and not painful or painful?" I gave a smile.

"DEMON! GO TO HELL!" Said the pathetic human.

"How rude of you." I gave a frown then I flicked the bullet to him. Straight through his heart it went. He died in a jiffy. I used a spell that makes the body turn to dust. "Laquas..." I said silently and it turned to ashes. I went back inside like if it didn't happen. I didn't want to use my powers at all..

"Dinner is ready Milady." Said Sebastian telling me to go to the kitchen.

"Very well then thank you." I said politely and sat down as I went to the dinner table. Two minutes later Ciel joined the table and sat down.

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