Live To Win

In the past century there was a place called Topia in this place there lived 4 great high ranked demons. It is in the time of Black Butler if you've seen the show if not in the century where there lived a queen. The problem is one of those demons are better then all. She can out run them very well. To not spoil it, please read this book. (Trying my best for the girl perspective am I guy so I don't know hope I'm doing fine)


4. Mission

In the evening I went for a stroll down by the garden. Refreshing it was and I knew someone was following me. I also knew that its was my brother Jake and with him were Stella and Jasmine.

"Brother,Stella,Jasmine i know your there what brings you by this evening?" I asked politely they jumped of the trees behind me. I turned to them.

"We don't have much time Aaron but we need to destroy the sorcerer Scott Fill." Said Stella

"She's right Aaron looks like he found out were we are at each one of us." Said Brother Jake

"We came to get you to kill Scott before there's trouble." Said Jasmine giving a smile

"I see well then let's go before he starts the magic." I said. We let our black wings spread and flew away to where Scott's house was on the top of a hill. Scott was a sorcerer we served but since we disobeyed him because he wanted us to kill our families we had left. Now he's trying to kill us and found out where we were.

"Ok Stella's with me and you two go distract the guards." I said

"Were on it Aaron." Jasmine and Jake said in a cocky smile.

"Lets move Stella." I said we jumped up to the roof where there was a glass window at the top so we can enter it leads straight to where Scott is.

"Looks like the guards are distracted by them to now." Said Stella

"Good lets go!" I said we opened the glass vent and jumped in the vent as we went straight down to Scott's mimic throne of the king.

"Welcome Stella and Aaron. So long since I hadn't seen you." Scott said giving a smile.

"Yes indeed your right." I said giving a smile back

"Stella i see your still having trouble to tell Aaron about your feelings am I right?" Said Scott

"Tsk you don't know what your talking about." Said Stella mad already. I looked at her in confusion then I looked back at Scott.

"Well we don't have mu-" I said as Scott cut me off.

"Aaron your dear Elizabeth is going to suffer for I had set a spell in the room she is. She will be in pain by the air full of poison." Scott said laughing terribly. My eyes widen and I froze. Elizabeth is in danger! I thought I was worried about Elizabeth that I paused in hesitation.

*Stella's POV*

Scott was right I was still having trouble telling Aaron my feeling toward him. I've loved him since we were kids and now were 18. When I saw Aaron pause in hesitation my chest tightened and felt pain. He never cared about a mere human but seeing that worried terrified face of his made me think he cares so much for Elizabeth a human.

"That's enough Scott!" I said filled with anger I ran toward were he was and used my magic on him. My hand were in fire. I was throwing fireballs at him to by time.

"Foolish." Said Scott . He used a pain spell on me. I fell to the ground in pain.

"Ahhh!" I screamed in pain.

*Aaron's POV*

When I saw Stella react I was no longer frozen nor felt hesitation.

"Stella!!" I yelled out. I disappeared behind Scott and choked him. When I'm mad its unstoppable. I use my assassin technique that when I use it red orbs or light appears. My sword appeared in my hand glowing red. I let go of Scott and saw is fear in his eye.

"Ah how much I love that terrified face." I said smiling at Scott.

"Wait no! I-I was only kidding." Said Scott begging for his life.

"Even mere humans who are sorcerer can beg for there life huh." I told Scott. I stabbed his knee. Seeing him in pain. Then i his arm and stomach. I cut stabbed his chest. Then he died. I turned his body to ashes leaving no trace at all. I ran to Stella.

"Stella are you ok?" I asked pick her up like a princess.

"I'm fine you don't have to carry me!" Yelled Stella

"Your wings are hurt you can't fly. My wings spread out and I flew back to the mansion where Elizabeth was I hope she's ok! I thought. After we made it to the garden i set Stella down. Jasmine and Jake where sitting down already. I took care of Stella's wings and healed it. Then I ran quickly to Elizabeth's room. I entered the room. I saw her in her bed.

"Oh...she's asleep." I went up to her and turned off her lamp. Then I covered her with her covers.

"Aaron where were you?" Asked Elizabeth sitting up right next to my face.

"Forgive me but I had some business to take care of." I told her.

"I won't ask more but ask me before you go alright. Goodnight." Said Elizabeth falling back to sleep. I smiled without noticing. I left the room and close the door quietly. And went to go assist Jake,Jasmine, and Stella

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