Live To Win

In the past century there was a place called Topia in this place there lived 4 great high ranked demons. It is in the time of Black Butler if you've seen the show if not in the century where there lived a queen. The problem is one of those demons are better then all. She can out run them very well. To not spoil it, please read this book. (Trying my best for the girl perspective am I guy so I don't know hope I'm doing fine)


5. Meetings

I went back to the garden where Jasmine,Jake and Stella were.

"I have some healing potion with me to heal your wings Stella." I said sitting next to her opening the bottle pour some of the gel on my hand. I rubbed it on both my hands and rubbed it gently on Stella's wings.

"Ow! It stings!" Said Stella in pain.

"Sorry but it's killing the poison that's on your wings to heal it." I explained

"Aaron why is Elizabeth so dear to you?" Stella asked. Jasmine and Jack also wanted to hear.

"Well because she's saved me from misery." I sighed.

"Is she marked?" Asked Jasmine.

"Yes when I found out shes my destined partner because she had the same marking as mine that was on her right side of her chest I was shocked." I replied.

"I see well brother mother and father said they be visiting you soon to find out who has the same marking." Said Jake

"Well then we will be leaving." Said Jasmine.

"You guys can stay for how since your homes are destroyed." I told them. They agreed to stay. I showed them each where there room was then I headed off to my room to get some peaceful sleep.

*Next Morning*

Like always I woke up at 6am. I got dressed into my butler suit. I stayed in my guy form since my guest are at the mansion. I went to Lady Elizabeth's room and opened the curtains so that the gleaming bright sunrise can shine in the room.

"Milady wake up." I said polite

"Mhm I'm awake..." Said Milady

I got her shower ready. Then I chose her clothes.

"You shower is ready Milady." I claimed.

"Thank you Aaron." She said going into the shower.

"Milady I haves some of my special guests over because their homes were terribly destroyed." I said loud enough she can hear.

"I see I would love to meet them." She said almost done.

"As you wish Milady." I said. She came out of the shower with her bra and tank top on. She was wearing her undergarments. I got the light green dress and put it on her. I loved dressing her up beautiful that her beauty is so brightly attractive. I got her headband the hat a hat on it on the side it was also light green. Then I left to the kitchen and put breakfast on the table for her and the others. One by one they came in the kitchen.

"Good morning Milady Elizabeth my name is Jake I am Aaron's brother. We meet before i am Prince Ramon's butler." He said sitting down.

"My what a lovely surprise." Milady said shocked.

"Good morning my name is Jasmine redwood. I am Aaron's friend" said Jasmine.

"A pleasure to have you here Jasmine." Said Elizabeth.

"Good morning Elizabeth my name is Stella stronghold I am Aaron's beloved childhood friend." Stella claimed

"My how wonderful." Elizabeth claimed smiling.

"Well my home isn't destroyed i just want to have a brotherly time with my brother thats all." Said Jake smiling at me. I was in my girl form for now.

"My have you missed me so much brother?" I smiled back at him. He walked over to me and lifted my chin up.

"Yes indeed i have missed you brother." He said it in a intimate voice.

"Oh my! What a beautiful brother complex!...but I wouldn't call it brother complex if Aaron is in his girl form. We can call it the sister and brother complex!" Said Elizabeth smiling at us.

"Excuse me i will be right back with breakfast." I said walking to the kitchen door.

"I'll help to brother." Said Jake

"No today you guys are my guest please sit down." I said

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