Interrogate Prodigy [CLOSED]

This is almost one of those cliche question movellas except I put my Prodigious spin on it. I would give credit to the person I copied it from, but that person copied it from someone else, and they copied it from someone else and at this point it's almost impossible to know who started it. If anyone knows, let ME know and I'll put it here in place of this long rambling paragraph that you're wasting your time reading. Ask me stuff. Go on. [CLOSED]


3. Tricky M.B. (2), Annabeth Shadownight

    Tricky M.B. asked another question. “Do you like chickens?”

    “Woah, woah, wait!!” Rod yelled. “Two questions? Is that allowed?” He lowered his voice. “Can I burn her?” he asked hopefully.

    Raven rolled her eyes. “They can ask however many questions they want.”

    “But I want to bur-”

    “You can burn whoever you want,” she said dismissively. “Now answer the question, Prodigy.”

    “I like chickens. They’re one of my favorite foods. Alive, they’re a little dirty, but I like their eggs. I also like them when they’re little tiny chicks because that’s pretty cute,” Prodigy said.

    Raven glared at her and then yelped. “OW, ROD. What was that for?!”

    “You said I could burn whoever I wanted,” Rod said. “I wanted to burn you.”

    “Not me, you imbecile!” Raven said, resentfully rubbing her arm.

    Rod shrugged. “Should’ve specified.”

    “I have a question!” Annabeth Shadownight said. “Do you like Star Wars?”

    Prodigy thought. “I don’t dislike Star Wars. However, I’ve never seen all the movies. I like Yoda and R2D2. I’ve certainly heard enough about Star Wars through my brother’s friends, but I can’t say I love it. I’m a die hard Trekkie, and in the war between Star Wars and Star Trek fans, Star Trek gets my vote any day. Kirk, Spock, Picard... you can’t beat that.”

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