Interrogate Prodigy [CLOSED]

This is almost one of those cliche question movellas except I put my Prodigious spin on it. I would give credit to the person I copied it from, but that person copied it from someone else, and they copied it from someone else and at this point it's almost impossible to know who started it. If anyone knows, let ME know and I'll put it here in place of this long rambling paragraph that you're wasting your time reading. Ask me stuff. Go on. [CLOSED]


11. Rod. Snape. Raven's Demise. Awesomeness. Escape. The End.

    “But I don’t have a question for you, I have a question for Snape!” Rodimus complained. 

    Prodigy shrugged. “Fine. Wait twenty two seconds and ask him, then.”

    In precisely twenty two seconds, the door fell with a resounding crash. Snape stood triumphant in the swirling cloud of dust. That was until the dust swirled upwards and he started coughing and hacking in a very undignified manner. When it settled, Snape straightened, fixed his cloak and came gliding into the room as if nothing was wrong. Tricky M.B. stifled a laugh. He vaporized her. The room went silent.

    Snape strode right up to Raven. “You’re Raven?”

    Raven almost choked. “Li-literally.”


    “I’m Literally Raven,” she managed.

    Snape blinked. “A simple yes would have sufficed.”

    “But I’m not ‘Raven’,” Raven said. “I’m ‘Literally Raven’.”

    Snape looked at her. “Your name will not matter after you have been disemboweled.”

    “I’ve been disemboweled before,” she replied. “My name still matters.”

    Snape’s eyes narrowed. He spun away and pointed at Prodigy. He ordered Rod, “Release her.”

    “Yes, ma’m.”

    “Excuse me?” Snape said in a dangerous voice.

    “Er, you aren’t a girl? You looked like one from the back with your long, greasy hair-”

    Rod was reduced to a fish. He had no water. Let that sink in. 

    Snape angrily waved his wand and freed Prodigy himself.

    “Thanks, Sev.”

    Snape nodded and turned back to Raven. She gulped.

    “Um, sir?” someone said from the audience. “I think the fish is trying to say something.”

    It was true, the fish was performing a complicated sort of tap dance on its back flippers. Mildly impressive, really. Or it would be, anyway, if it wasn’t slowly suffocating. With a sigh, Snape changed it back to Rod.

    “What?” he demanded as Rod gasped for air, or water, or whatever he was craving at the moment.

    “Since RaveleFOoGyphant is an idiot and since I AM TOTALLY NOT A MINION, can you let me burn her while you escape with Prodigy?” he asked.

    Snape considered him and considered Raven. “Well, you can certainly burn what is left of her.”

    Raven gulped again. 

    Snape transfigured her into a chicken and then turned her skin inside out. Prodigy flinched. “That’s a little gruesome,” she commented.

    Snape shrugged. “It’ll snap back in a minute or so. She’ll just be rather traumatized.”

    “Oh, cool!” Prodigy said. The chicken was running around frantically, making quite a mess of things. “Can we get out of here now?”


    Rod advanced with a pack of matches as Prodigy and Snape headed out. He repaired and locked the door tightly behind him. Prodigy grinned. Well, that was fun.

    “Can we stop for ice cream on the way home?”


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