Serenity Grace Miller was born in a time where vampires ruled and the human race was enslaved. Like other human families, hers was poor and therefore sometimes worked as slaves and blood donors to the royal vampire family, the Tomlinson’s. Serenity was sold at a slave auction to the family of royals, who she thought would certainly have killed her. That is, until, she found out that she was the prince’s mate. She is now living a life of secrets untold, roads untraveled and a mate unloved.


3. ….Your Majesty?

? (Serenity’s POV)

He was absolutely perfect…nope that was an understatement…he looked like a God. I always thought that people exaggerated when they described a vampire’s beauty, like in Twilight or Vampire Diaries…yeah…that Damon dude was some serious eye candy but ‘that’s not the point’, I mentally scolded myself. Louis had light brown, feather like hair, covering his forehead and swept to the side in a sexy fringe. He had the most beautiful eyes ever; cerulean blue with a hint of emerald in the middle. Framing those magnificent eyes were the longest eye lashes that I’d ever seen on a boy and cheekbones that looked like they were sculpted by God. He also had huge biceps and surprisingly tans skin for someone of his kind; all in all he was pretty FUCKING hot, fangs and all.

“What are you doing?” he asked and the guard gasped and bowed his head in an almost submissive manner before answering, “Y-your majesty…um…she’s a…N-new slave here and was try-trying to escape” No wonder he was afraid? The prince was a heartless monster, a merciless brute. “Oh really?” the prince asked sarcastically and in a flash the prince appeared at my side and a snap was heard before the guard’s lifeless body fell to the ground. I gasped and Prince Louis seemed to snap out of his trance. He looked at me and then at the dead man and then sent me a sincere look which lasted for only a moment. “Are you okay?” he asked cautiously and I stared at him I shock and fear. “I said; are you okay?” he asked more assertively while grabbing my wrists. “I’m o-okay” I stuttered out to which he answered with a sarcastic, “Oh, she speaks!” he was about to walk away when I realized that I didn’t know where to go from here. “Um… You’re Majesty? ”I asked timidly with an ungraceful curtsy, which looked kinda weird since I had on an old pair of ripped jean shorts and not a dress. As I did so I could practically hear him roll his eyes. “What?” he snapped at me. “Can you please tell me where the slave quarters are?” I asked politely even though I was hurt at the tone of his voice. I heard him sigh and then mutter a quick ‘okay’ and then quickly muttering what sounded like ‘stupid ass human.’

“Are you coming or not?” he asked angrily while huffing like a kid. I walked a little faster until I was in step with him. We walked in an awkward silence because neither of us decided to break it until we arrived at a door, which read ‘SLAVE HOMES’. He knocked on the door and an elderly woman answered and gasped before curtsying. “Good evening, it seems as though one of yours had gotten lost on the way in” he sneered and she sent me a look that could kill…the DEVIL! “Oh…sorry about that your majesty, we’ll take it from here if you don’t mind?” she asked and he replied with a “Not at all” disgusted and walked away but not before I whispered a quiet ‘thank you’ which I hoped he heard. After he left I was ushered inside and sent by the elderly woman, whose name, I learnt was Margret, to go get all ‘dolled up’. I was praying to God that they wouldn’t dress me up like a serious SLUT and also that I would somehow be able to see Prince Louis once again.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 3 hours later\\\\\\\\\\

I feel like Hell. After being pinched, prickled, primped, pulled, tugged at and experimented on, I was finally finished. As I turned to look at my reflection in the mirror, I gasped. I was wearing a short black club dress that barely covered my ass, my hair was curled to pure perfection, I had some black pumps and my make-up was to die for. Basically I looked like a slut and a massive one, like the queen of all tramps, *cough* Adara *cough*. I wondered how Adara could stand in these types of shoes and to top it off, all day long. I was half way done scrutinizing myself when Margret called all of us to line up. It was a pretty long line because there were over 100 girls in the Slave Home with me. I couldn’t imagine that families would give their daughters to these pedophiles for money. I couldn’t believe that they would give away their 15 year daughters to be used as slaves and blood donors. I was broken out of my inner rant by a hand giving me a number card. My card was number 13 and I was so nervous, surely I would be bought by some creepy old wanker that masturbates while watching incestial porn and has a strange daddy kink that makes no sense since he’s old enough to be their grandfather because compared to these girls I was trash…and Not the good kind.   

A/N...HELLO....So Louis seems like dick right? wrong!!!!! and Serenity isn't that innocent please comment!!!! :D            

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