Serenity Grace Miller was born in a time where vampires ruled and the human race was enslaved. Like other human families, hers was poor and therefore sometimes worked as slaves and blood donors to the royal vampire family, the Tomlinson’s. Serenity was sold at a slave auction to the family of royals, who she thought would certainly have killed her. That is, until, she found out that she was the prince’s mate. She is now living a life of secrets untold, roads untraveled and a mate unloved.


1. ….You sold me?


“Hey saint Mary” I heard someone sneer in front of me as my book was ripped out of my hand. I sighed and looked up only to be met by my sadistic bully, Adara Moore, who was smirking at me with an over exaggerated smile on her face. “H-hi Adara….” I stuttered out hoping that today’s taunting wouldn’t be worse than yesterday’s. Adara and her friends had been taunting me since the day that I was born. It began with the stealing of toys, then, the hair pulling, the name calling and now, full on beatings. I mean ever since the vampires took over and she became a fledgling like the rest of these morons, that we call humans, she has even resulted to drinking from me. “Aww…you seem tense, is something wrong?” she asked evilly. I looked her in the eye and answered back with as much confidence as I could muster, “Adara can we please skip the crap and get this over with?” I asked and she looked dumb founded for a few seconds, hissed and then her fist came into contact with my stomach, making me lurch forward in pain.

After another long day of being tortured by that beast you must be wondering by know, how the world came to be like this? Well let’s just say that some scientist went exploring and came across a small world of vampires, which humans didn’t know existed…until now. Then these twats introduced the vampires to our world and this all happened because of one simple line, which was, ‘We come in peace’. I would like to say that I expected more from them because they were scientist, but, I learnt a long time ago we, humans, were a bit stupid. I got off of the cold ground and began to walk or should I say limp home? It was a long walk home, simply because vampires always lurked in alleys and in shortcuts, and I didn’t want to die. I arrived home a long while later to be met by the faces of my crying mother and guilty looking father. When my mom saw she tried to wipe away her tears but failed in doing so. “She did it again, didn’t she?” she asked and I nodded. “Why are you crying mom?” I asked looking at my dad for some sort of reaction or explanation. “Dad?” I asked urging him to answer me. “Sweetheart, your mother and I have something to tell you” he said, his face beginning to turn grief. “What? What is it?’ I asked beginning to cry hysterically. “I’m so sorry, I know that you always told me to stop gambling and I promised that I would, but I didn’t and now this is my entire fault!” my father rambled on.

“DAD, please just tell me!” I shouted and he stopped. “He’s going to sell you to those monsters…” my mother whispered, probably, just snapping out of her coma like trance. “What!” I whispered, falling to my knees in both pain and agony. “Which monsters…mom, I don’t understand…please can someone just tell me already!” I shouted. “Sweetie, today I was gambling and I lost, so I owed a vampire a lot of money but when I told him that I was poor, he threatened to kill everyone in our family, so this was the next best thing. I’m so sorry…you know, I love you but I have to let you go…!” he said and then sighed. With those last few words, my already pathetic world came crashing down and was burnt to ashes. My mother ran towards my crumbling figure and cradled my head in her arms, while I bawled my eyes out, until I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

A/N...so um this is my first fanfic and i hope you guys enjoy it and also I'll make the chapters longer...promise...                                                                                       

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