Serenity Grace Miller was born in a time where vampires ruled and the human race was enslaved. Like other human families, hers was poor and therefore sometimes worked as slaves and blood donors to the royal vampire family, the Tomlinson’s. Serenity was sold at a slave auction to the family of royals, who she thought would certainly have killed her. That is, until, she found out that she was the prince’s mate. She is now living a life of secrets untold, roads untraveled and a mate unloved.


4. …Sold to…the Prince?

 (Louis’ POV)

Ugh…I really didn’t understand why I was supposed to come to these damn auctions. I mean, I already was betrothed to Duchess Eleanor, why would I need a sex slave? And I already have a steady blood donor so why get another one? I know that everyone thinks that being a Prince is quite easy but it isn’t and I am living or should I say undead proof of that? I am Prince Louis Tomlinson of Notoria and I am also known as the Vampire Prince. I am 50 years old but I looked like 19 which is a good thing, when it comes to charming the old bats also known as the females of the Vampire Council. I was walking around the warehouse when I smelled a very delicious scent; it was a sweet mixture and vanilla and coconut that had my fangs fighting the urge to flash out. I followed the scent until I found what I was looking for or should I say who? There before me stood a beautiful girl with raven black hair and the bluest of blue eyes that I’d ever seen but behind her stood a tall burly guard, whose smirk made, even me, wanna puke in disgust. “What are you doing?” I asked and the guard gasped after dropping his hands from the beautiful girl’s hair. What I am I thinking? I have Eleanor…then why do I feel like this? Like I wanna rip the guard’s body to shreds because she was mine and it was my job to protect her from people like him! And, like he should really be counting his blessings because if he didn’t stop holding her, I would’ve killed him by now, why?

“Y-your majesty…um…she’s a n-new slave here and was try-trying to escape” he said stuttering slightly and I sighed quietly, knowing that he was lying before answering with sarcastic, ‘oh really?’ and then I did something which was so unlike me. I-I killed him! I flashed next to him and snapped his neck and watched as his lifeless body fell to the ground. I towered over him and watched as the thick black blood oozed out of his mouth only to be brought out of my vengeful world by a short gasp. I turned around to come face to face with the beauty that was this girl. I shot a soft look at her and when I’d realized what I’d done, quickly put up a disgusted fascade. “Are you okay?” I asked and she stood there, staring at me in shock. “I said; are you okay?” I asked while grabbing unto her wrist aggressively, beginning to get impatient.  I was about to give up, thinking that she was mute, when I heard a soft vice stutter out a quick, “I’m o-okay”, to which I replied with a sarcastic, “oh she speaks.”  I started walking away praying that this feeling would vanish, when I heard that same voice speak again. “Um…You’re Majesty?” she asked and I cursed inwardly at the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I turned around to see her doing an ungraceful curtsy which was weird because of her choice of clothing. Now that I finally looked at her carefully, I could see that she was wearing casual clothing which consisted of a pair of ripped jean shorts and a grey tank top with a black all-star converses and a ray bans glasses perched unto of her head.

“What?” I snapped at her and winced at the hurt that was etched on her face. “Can you please tell me where the slave quarters are?” she asked politely and I fought the urge to pick her up in my arms and coo at her. I resisted said urge and muttered a quiet ‘okay’ before realizing that other human slaves would’ve run away by now but she stood still. “Stupid ass human” I muttered. “Are you coming or not?” I asked huffing because I’d just remembered that my mother was here alone and she quickened her pace until we were walking in step with each other. I had so many questions to ask like; what her name was, how old she was and what she was doing at a place like this, but I decided not to break the silence. We both arrived at a door labelled ‘SLAVE HOMES’. I knocked on the door and an elderly woman answered and gasped before curtsying. I told her about the mysterious girl and made up a lie about her being lost to which the woman gave her a death glare. I turned around, beginning to walk away in search of my mother, when I heard a faint ‘thank you’. I walked until I came upon the main room, which was seating an audience of other vampires from all over the world due to the fact that here, in London, had the largest slave sales in the world. I walked over to my mother, placing a peck on her cheek while taking my seat, next to her. “Louis, where have you been dear?” she asked. “Oh…um…I was just taking a walk” I answered and she gave me a disbelieving look but said nothing. The lights dimmed and the host came out beginning to announce the girls. I sat there waiting for a girl to catch my eye but none did so far, reminding myself that this was only the twelfth girl out of hundreds, I groaned and sat up in my seat. “Next, we have slave number thirteen, Serenity Grace Miller, she is 18 years old, and her blood type is the very rare AB-” as the host gave out that information the entire audience gasped including me because not only was Serenity beautiful but she had the rarest blood type in the world. Wait a minute, ‘Serenity’s’ the girl from earlier’ I thought to myself. ‘Well no shit Sherlock’ my inner self answered sassily and I scolded myself because this was no time for an inward fight. She stepped up nervously until she was standing next to the auctioneer and wolf whistles could be heard from all of the other male vampires.

“Can we start the bidding at 1000 pounds?” the auctioneer asked and hands shot up at lightning speed. The auctioneer looked like he was having a field day at the amount of money that this girl was going to raise. I could practically feel the desire that was being emitted from the other men and the thought of them having her was driving me insane. I was seething with anger at the thought of them touching my mate; wait, my mate? I heard the word mate being shouted in my head like mantra. “Mate!” I growled, my fangs flashing and a few heads turned in my direction. My hand shot up and I shouted out “1 million pounds!” all hands went down and both gasps and scoffs were heard. The auctioneer entered a frozen like state and then said or should I say asked; in shock “….Sold to…the…Prince?” Serenity’s eyes widened in both shock and fear .And she was ushered backstage to get ready for my arrival. My mother gave me a look of bewilderment and pride, while I sat there, in complete horror thinking to myself, ‘What the fuck did I just do?’

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