Serenity Grace Miller was born in a time where vampires ruled and the human race was enslaved. Like other human families, hers was poor and therefore sometimes worked as slaves and blood donors to the royal vampire family, the Tomlinson’s. Serenity was sold at a slave auction to the family of royals, who she thought would certainly have killed her. That is, until, she found out that she was the prince’s mate. She is now living a life of secrets untold, roads untraveled and a mate unloved.


2. ….Him!

(Serenity’s POV)

The next day, I awoke to the sound of beautiful birds chirping and the sun’s rays dancing beau- yeah right! That kind of crap never happens to me! I awoke from my dreamless slumber with a pounding headache and a very sore throat. I groaned and dragged myself out of bed and got ready for another day. While doing so, I thought about the horrible dream that I had which seemed so real, I dreamt that my dad had actually sold me as a slave, because he was gambling. I was wearing a pair of ripped jeans shorts, a grey tank top and black all-star converse, with a pair of ray bans perched unto my head.  Sighing to myself, I shook my head, trying to stop my crazy thoughts and headed downstairs to see if there was anything to eat, for breakfast, which I doubt it would. When I arrived in the kitchen, I saw my 15 year old brother, Aidan, eating what looked like the last of the cereal and milk. Aidan and I looked nothing alike; he had light brown almost brunette hair, with beautiful kind brown eyes and a smile that could light up the world. While I had raven colored hair and blue eyes that changed color regularly so basically I was nothing special, I looked like our mom, while he looked like our dad.

Next to him sat our parents, who looked as though, they had been crying. “Mom, why are you crying?” I asked cautiously. “Honey, why wouldn’t I cry, if my only daughter is going to be sold to those creatures?!?” she shouted at me. I gasped and then everything came back to me, I was gonna end up like a slave to some creep! I was so caught up in my own world that I didn’t notice when Aidan did a spit take and looked at my parents in utter shock and hatred. “What!” he shouted at our parents, making mom flinch. I began to beg and plead, while Aidan argued with my parents, together our voices making a lot of noise. “EVERYONE, QUIET!’’ my dad shouted and we all quieted down. “Serenity, YOU are going to be sold, because if not we’re all going to die and that’s final!” he told me and I sank to the ground in tears but not before Aidan’s arms were wrapped around me. I had stopped sobbing when my mother told me to go pack because I would be leaving today. I finished packing around noon, when I remembered that I hadn’t had breakfast yet but I couldn’t go now because my dad was calling me down.

“Yes dad?” I asked coming down the stairs with my tiny suitcase of clothes. “It’s time to go, Sere” he said remorsefully. I sighed and enveloped and mom and Aidan in a bone crushing hug, tears streaming down my face, before sighing and silently bidding this shabby house farewell. I put my suitcase in the trunk and got in, slamming the door to prove my want to not go. My dad scowled and got in before reversing out of the garage and unto the eerily quiet streets. It sounds scary, right, but we aren’t afraid, vampires aren’t allowed to hunt during the day, it’s the only rule that those blood sucking monsters actually still follow.  As the car drives past the old buildings and parks that I’ve grown to love, I couldn’t help but let a tear escape before trying to be optimistic, thinking about how my life might change for better and I fell asleep with a small smile playing at my lips.

I was awoken from my sleep a few minutes later by my father. I glared at him and got the suitcase, deciding that I would do anything for my family. ‘Wow, this whole optimistic thing is taking a toll on my mental health’ I thought to myself. I looked around to see a huge warehouse, with about five burly guards standing in front of it. I must’ve been staring for a while because my dad was snapping his fingers in front of my face trying to get me out of my daze. We began to walk again until we arrived at the door, and in front of us stood the guards to whom my dad gave, what looked like a form and he received a cheque I return. The guard sent me a perverted and dangerous smile that made me want to slap him in the face…. with a chair. My dad turned and looked my way before sending me a loving look and then left. I watched as he reversed the car out of the parking lot before I was interrupted by the same guard yelling at me. “GET YOUR ASS INSIDE!” he shouted and I hissed in pain as he dragged me inside by my hair. “Please let go of me” I whimpered in pain and struggled to get free. I was about to give up when the stinging sensation in my head stopped and I looked up to see …him…Prince Louis William Tomlinson, also known as the Vampire Prince.

A/N....this is what Serenity wore....

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