∞ Forever Young ∞

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  • Published: 22 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 26 Jul 2014
  • Status: In Progress
A Nash Grier fanfictin


3. Day one in LA

I started to pull out of the drive-way but stopped immediatley. I almost forgot Bubbles! Bubble is my great dane. How could I forget him? Maybe I was so caught up in the idea of LA. I ran inside.

"BUBBLES!" I yelled. He came running downstairs. " Lets go bud," I said, grabbing his leash. I walked back out with him, and let him jump into the back seat. I closed the door, and walked back around to the drivers side. I sighed.

Ready for some LA?!" I yelled to Bubbles. He started barking, and i laughed. 

*_*_* skipping the ride to LA*_*_*

I looked at my GPA again. Where the hell is this house?! I drive down the street it tells me to, and i immediatly see Carly's car. I squel and cause Bubbles to bark. I pull into the drive-way, and jump out.

"CARLY!!!" I yell, grabbing Bubbles' leash, and ran inside. WOW. This house is huge. Our parents bought it for us, and they said it was a little gift for our graduation. LITTLE?! This place is 2-story, with 4 bedrooms, a hella nice kitchen, a game room/theater, and a living room. Oh and don't forget the completed basement, which has 3 EXTRA bedrooms. I hear someone coming downstairs, but it turns out just to be a moving guy.

"Have you seen a girl with brown curly hair and blue eyes?" i ask the man. He nods, "Upstairs."

I thanks him and run up stairs. I see her unpacking some clothes. I squel and she turns around and squels to.

"OMFG were in LA!!" She yells. "I KNOW RIGHT?!" I yell.


A few hours later, everything was unpacked and we were watching TV.

"You know? It's our first night in LA, and it's Friday. But look at us." I say, gesturing around. "We are watching f-ing Spongebob!" I say. 

"So?" Carly says. I drop my jaw. "We.are.in.LA." i grab her hands, and pull her up."lets go party!" I run up to my room and get dressed (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-dp19OjDbQeo/UbqVD8Rv3DI/AAAAAAAACOg/kjU4ZRPbQFY/s1600/tumblr_mj9nuiUOOR1ra7arao1_400.jpg) I run back downstairs to see Carly in a high low dress, with light blue pumps.

"Lets go!" I yell grabbing her hand. I turn around, " Bubbles you cant come. Stay." and he sits down. I run out to our Jeep, while Carly locks the house. She comes and gets in the car.

"Ready?" I ask her. She nods, and I start the car.

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