Friends or more?

"Why can't we be together?" I cried over the rain. "I don't want you to get hurt and hate me." She shouted back. "I don't care if I get hurt." I replied walking closer to her. "I want to protect you." I looked into her eyes and leaned closer.

Ashley (Ash) Hood is a well known guy in his town. He isn't popular, just helpful. He has long black hair, electric blue eyes, and tan skin.

Kate Irwin is new in town. She is trying to escape her past. She is shy, and quiet in public. She has long hazel hair, dull brown eyes and pale skin.

What happens when they bump into each other? Will they become friends or more?


2. Ch 2

~Kate's POV~

1 Day Earlier

I looked out the airplane window and stared at the city I would stay at for the night. It looked gorgeous.

The only reason I'm moving is because I can't handle living with my family. Sometimes I felt as if they weren't my real parents.

Please be ready to land and I hope you all have a great day in Melbourne, Australia.

I adjusted my seat to how it was before I sat in it. I stared out the window for a couple of minutes only to realise that it was for the remaining time before landing.

"Excuse me miss. But, we have now landed." Said an airplane attendant.

"Oh. Okay." I got up and began to get my pichu backpack and began to get off the plane to get my suitcase.

Once I got my luggage I exited the the airport. I called a taxi and told him to take me to the nearest hotel. "That will be $10.50 miss." The taxi man said.

"Here you go." I gave him $15. "Keep the change." "Thank you miss." He said and drove away.

I entered the hotel and payed for one night. I entered the room and collapsed on the bed feeling jet lag kick in.

~Next Day~

I awoke to my phone ringing. I looked at the name and saw that it was my best friend Kat.

Me: Hey Kat.

Kat: Hey Kate. How's Australia?

Me: Good I guess.

Kat: That's good. I miss you.

Me: I miss you too. I got to head out I'll talk to you later.

Kat: Alright. Be careful.

I hung up and got up from bed. I checked the time to see it was 6:44 pm. I went to the front desk and turned in the room key. I went outside to call a cab. Once it arrived I realised it was the same guy from earlier.

"Where to miss?" He asked me. "Gatlin." "Alright"

He drove for at least an hour and a half. " Here we are miss." " Thank you. Uhm can you take me to the nearest diner?"

"Okay." He said. I looked out the window and stared at the town. It looked alive and welcoming. "We're here miss." The driver said. "Thank you." I smiled and handed him $30.

Once he drove a way I realised that he dropped me off in front of a restaurant. I sighed and entered. "Guess this will do." I told my self. It looked more like a diner inside than a restaurant.

There was a counter where you could sit at like at a bar. Just without the liquor. There were booths against the walls for groups and then tables in the open space. It had a black and white background.

I walked to the counter where a middle-aged man stood. "What would you like miss?" He asked. I looked at the menu. "A cheeseburger." "That will be $7.26."

I gave him the right amount and waited to be called.

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