Friends or more?

"Why can't we be together?" I cried over the rain. "I don't want you to get hurt and hate me." She shouted back. "I don't care if I get hurt." I replied walking closer to her. "I want to protect you." I looked into her eyes and leaned closer.

Ashley (Ash) Hood is a well known guy in his town. He isn't popular, just helpful. He has long black hair, electric blue eyes, and tan skin.

Kate Irwin is new in town. She is trying to escape her past. She is shy, and quiet in public. She has long hazel hair, dull brown eyes and pale skin.

What happens when they bump into each other? Will they become friends or more?


1. Ch 1

"Bro, you better wake up or we're going to be late. You know how Mr. Jefferson is." "Five more minutes." I mumbled into my pillow. "I was afraid you'd say that." Nick, one of my best friends, said.

I heard someone walk away then return. I also heard water. Wait... My eyes widened "Do-" I was cut off when the ice cold water clashed with my back. "Dick." I said. I got up and got ready for work.

-15 min later-

I walked out of the bathroom and walked to my closet. I put on a plain white dress shirt, black dress pants, and my black and white Allstar converse.

I grabbed my phone and wallet, then walked to the kitchen. "Finally man." Nick exclaimed getting up from the table. " Let's go."

"Alright. Bye ma!" I shouted. "Bye, be careful!" She shouted from somewhere in the house. We walked out of the house and locked the front door. We got into Nick's SUV and began our descend to Mr. Jefferson's restaurant.

"Fuck traffic." Nick grumbled. "We're going to be late." "Wake me up when we arrive." I put my earbuds on and began to listen to Sleepwalking by Bring Me The Horizon.

My secrets are burning a hole through my heart

And my bones catch a fever

When it cuts you up this deep

It's hard to fi-

I felt someone poke me. I slapped their hand away. "Wake up Ash." "Why?" I groaned. "Well for one, we're at work and two, you don't want water on you again." Nick said getting out of the car. "How did we get here so fast?" I asked adjusting to the light. " you were asleep for an hour and a half."

"Oh." I walked into the restaurant and went into the kitchen.

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