6. Chapter 6

A/N I do edit what I wrote but I guess I miss a few words each time, so please don't mind if I have any typos


"So," Mr. Coleman started. "I have received an email that I'd like you to read." He finished as he swerved the computer screen around to face me.

I managed to stop myself from physically smirking. I knew exactly what the email said because I sent it. But, to keep things real I decided it was better to play along and read it.

" Dear Mr. Coleman,

We would like to inform you that your inmate Harry Styles is no longer required in your institution. We've decided that his sentence has been decreased down to 13 years. Since you took him in at the age of seven and he is now twenty years old, he is free to leave. We have never gotten a complaint about Harry since he's been with you.

- Police Headquarters "

I gave Mr. Coleman an excited expression, not only because I was going to get out of here also because he fell for the email that I wrote. He turned the computer screen to face him again.

"So, when can I get out of here?" I smiled happily.


My smile instantly disappeared.

"What the fuck do you mean by never!" I yelled moving from my relaxed position in the chair to grabbing his collar, bringing him inches away from me.

"Mr. Styles," he began, "how stupid do you think I am? When I called you up here I wanted to see how trustworthy you were, I was going to free you but not now. Not after what you did."

"What the fuck did I do huh?" Disgusted, I let go of his collar and pushed him away from me.

"I left my keys on the floor by the chair on purpose. It was a test to see if you would pick them up and give them back to me or if you would take them. And.... You took them. Shall I continue?"

"Go right the fuck ahead." I crossed my arms and slumped back into the chair.

"I know you sent that email."

"You have no proof."

"Actually, Mr. Styles, I have plenty."

"Like what."

"Hmm let's see. First of all, when the police department sends me emails, they use my real name not Mr. Coleman. Also, they do not use the sign off police headquarters."

"Shit changes yano." Attempting to defend myself.

"Yes, it does. But, I have more proof. Look up in the corner." He pointed to the right corner of his office.

Turning around in the chair, my eyes landed on what he was talking about. Sure enough, in the corner of the room near the ceiling, there was a security camera. I glared at Mr. Coleman who had a disgusting smirk on his face. The same disgusting smirk I remember my father giving me. I could've punched him right then and there.

To piss me off even more he spun the computer back around to face me. He played the video where you could clearly see me in this office, on the computer sending the email. I mentally punched myself because I was so stupid not to remember that there were security cameras everywhere. If there are cameras everywhere that means that I was more than likely caught on tape dragging Roberts body through the hall.

"Oh and guess what Mr. Styles?"

"What." I snapped

"You're sentence is now increased to twenty years, so you have to be here for seven more years!" He laughed.

It wasn't fucking funny at all.

I could feel my anger taking over my body and I lunged.


I ran out of ideas for this chapter so I ended it there.


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