My best friends

this isn't really a story I read but it is true and it happened to me, but before I tell this story I ask that you pray for me and share this story with your friends. Now I will share my story.
My 2 beat friends Micah and Eliana were best friends we did everything together but, on the night of Chanukah all of that changed because Micah and Eliana's parents own the sinigog we go to and if you don't know what a sinigog is it's like a church but Jewish people go there, and we left there sinigog for certain reasons and there parents wouldn't let us be friends anymore, it was the saddest moment in my entire life, I think about them everyday and I was only 10 when this happened, and I just wish that some day we will be friends again. Anyway thank you for reading my story and I ask that you pray for me.

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