This is a story of a girl who met Niall horan before he was famous they had a bond that they thought could never be broken until Niall forms a band called One Direction what will happen to there bond will it stay strong or break into pieces


1. intro

Hi I'm Alyssa this is the story of how i met Niall horan we always said that our love will never have an end but you will find out by the end of this book oh right by the the way i have long wavy blonde hair blue eyes and i am partly a model when someone can't be there i fill in I'm 20 years old i also love fashion thats why I'm a model duh I'm also a actor singer ,dancer and actor thats my hobby i also read a lot its not healthy at all I'm sorta a chef my dad is so i know some tricks among my friends I'm called smarty pants,fangirl, and "the leader" and also very shy so I'm a bad illustrator this is my first time by the i live in Ireland thats how i met Niall before he was famous

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