A gift and a curse (one direction)


Five 16 year old teens by the names of Josh, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Cody didn't have the normal happy upbringing. Each of them, from different places around the world, was given a gift, but to them a curse. The gifts of shapeshifting, flying, teleporting, weather and the brain that's like a super computer. They're families never wanted them and they were either homeless or swimming through foster homes and orphanages. They can't really control their powers well so they are a danger to themselves and others around them. The biggest danger is the people who are after them, the government (management in this) they want them and their gifts for the wrong reasons, power. Two middle aged men named Louis and Harry find the teens and take them in, raising them as their own and train them to the best of their ability (this is a Larry fic so they are husbands in this, no hate please)

Shapeshifting/ super strength - Louis
Weather/healing - Cody
Teleporting/ strong hearing - Zayn
Water/merman - Niall
Smartest man alive/ force fields - Liam
Telekinesis/ telepathy - Harry
Control all sources of metal/ little electricity - josh


3. Chapter 2 (Cody)

Chapter 2 (Cody)

Hey I'm Cody, people tell me Cody is a boys name but I like it. I'm 15 and born in March.

I've got long, wavy, brown hair and green eyes. I live with my mum and my 2 year old sister milo. My dad was a drunk and a waste of space and left when I was 12. My mum had no idea of my power but my baby sister did, she couldn't talk therefore couldn't tell. She loved it when I made whirlwinds flow around her, or creat a snowflake on her nose. I developed these powers when I was 7. I got angry and my dad yelling at my mum so I went up into my room and screamed, causing harsh winds to rattle the windows and storms to rage around me. I was shocked at first but learned to keep it to myself, unless I was scared or angry, then It was uncontrollable.

- now, Venice Italy -

"Cody can you watch milo whilst I go to the shop?" Mum called upstairs to me.

I was in my room blaring out article monkeys. I turned it off and ran downstairs.

"Sure, how long will you be gone" I pondered, and Idea coming.

"Hour at the most, please behave" she warned but smiled after.

"I will, milo is an angle" I laughed. She grabbed her keys and kissed me on the cheek.

As soon as the door slammed shut I stood up and ran to. Milo's room.

"Hey princess" I cooed. She looked up to me her eyes sparkling.

I picked her up and brought her downstairs and sat her on the kitchen counter. I slowly started to swirl my index finger around, causing a small rush of wind to blow around us. Milo giggled and clapped her hands. I sped up the wind slightly, my hair going wild. After a few minuets I brought it to a halt. I then starting making shapes of ice in my hands. First an ice hear then a butterfly. Milo loved it. I was so busy with milo I didn't hear the door open and my mum come in.

"What the yells going on Cody!" She screamed causing me to flinch and a force of wind to send milo flying. Milo was immediately knock unconscious and mum screamed.

"MY BABY, MY BABY" she screamed out. I started sobbing. I was frozen in place.

"GET OUT, GET OUT YOU FREAK, GO!" She screamed in my face. I felt the tears flowing.

"I-it was an a-accident" I whimpered. Mum looked almost scared.


"N-no" it was finally sinking in, I'd hurt milo severely. So I did the easiest thing and ran.

I opened the front door and ran, I didn't know where I was going but it had to be far. The guilt and pain was already eating me from the inside out. I hate myself. Suddenly I grew angry, angry at my mum for throwing me out and angry at myself for killing milo. I felt the winds pick up around me, I knew I was creating a storm out of anger. Clouds collected in the sky and burst out with harsh claps of thunder and flashes of lightning, this is the strongest I've ever made it before. Then came the rain, harsh bullets against my skin, but the pain didn't bother me, I only felt pain for milo. I was ripped out of my trance by Someone grabbing me and turning me around pulling me into their chest. Although this was a stranger it felt oddly comforting.

"Shh, it's alright darling let it out" the voice of a middle aged man said.

I sobbed heavily into his chest.

"Your Cody am I right?" The man spoke again. I pulled myself from his chest to look at him.

He had bright green eyes and a mop of curly brown hair.

"How do you know my name?" I asked, kinda freaked out now. He smiled at me softly.

"Because Cody I'm different like you, I sensed you were here, I could here your thoughts and feel your storm brewing" he stated calmly.

"How are you different?" I wondered, taking it all in slowly. He suddenly stared at a tree that had fallen over in the storm I had created. He kept staring at it and it suddenly jolted up and hovered, harry then flicked his head and sent the tree flying. I stood there shocked.

"I thought I was the only one" I trailed off bewildered.

"Well your not, my husband is different as well and so is my adopted son, there are only a few of us like this in the world so it's important to keep ourselves safe" he explained. I nodded slowly.

"Would you like to come back with me and be apart of my family?" He spoke softly. I nodded, what els did I have left to loose.

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