He has everything but me

He has everything but me - Niall and I were born in two different lives. He was rich and he had got all that he wanted. I was poor and I had to work to get somewhere. We had nothing in common and I wasn't the type who were attracted by his money, yet he wanted me and he was prepared to fight to get me.


5. The hotel..

I came out to the car in the morning. I had had time to say goodbye to Tess and she had been crying. I wasn't in the mood for much, but when Niall smiled at me I changed my mind. Why did he have to look like a big star. It was as if everything he did affected me and I had no resistance. He smiled and my whole body tingled, he raised an eyebrow and I fainted. Talk about that I was on thin ice!


"Our weekend!" he whispered when I got in the limo and I felt my whole body trembled. 
"No," I mumbled to say something. "I'll just..." 
Niall closed the door and he sat near me, way too close. 
"Come on and relax?" he said quickly, interrupting me. "Stop thinking about what you should do or shouldn't do. From now on, you are just yourself and don't dwell."
I blushed. I swallowed. I tried to collect myself. 
Niall laughed and he took out a bottle, some kind of wine. He opened it, the car rolled away, and he poured the drink into two glasses. 
"I'm only seventeen years old." I mumbled. Niall laughed and he gave one of the glasses to me. 
"When I was seventeen years old, I drank it all and I lived life." 
I took the glass, but I looked at him with a thoughtful gaze. 
"Are you serious?" 
He smiled and he held up his glasses. 
I sighed and I let the glasses quickly meet each other. 
"Cheers ..."


I was impressed when the limo stopped outside the hotel. Niall had chosen one of the most expensive and I could do nothing but think about why. 
"Only the best is good enough." he whispered, and opened the door. I step out into the street and I saw how the hotel staff took care of our bags. Niall took his arm around my shoulder and he steered me in the hotel foyer.


"Here's the key Mr Horan!"
The girl behind the counter stared at Niall and she blushed just he looked at her. I sighed and I chose not to say anything. Niall took his arm around my shoulder and we walked towards the elevator.
"We shouldn't share room?" I mumbled. Niall smiled and he was really amused by me.
"Rooms? I have rented the entire top floor."
I balked.
He smiled and pressed the elevator button.
"Two bedrooms, great room with bar and all, views of everything from a balcony and we have our own pool."
I swallowed.
He grinned and he enjoyed.
"Why settle for little?"
I snorted.
"We'll just sleep there, so why..."
He interrupted me.
"Stop brooding, sweetheart!"


I slipped into the room. That's it! I almost fainted, but I managed to see the two bedroom, two large toilets with it all and the biggest room with a large wall television. It was as if I came to the world's luxury and I tried not to spoil anything. Our bags came up to the room and direct began the staff to empty the bags and fill the closets. I didn't have to do anything.
"I said you'd like it!" Niall said cheerfully. He sat down on the couch and he followed me with his eyes. I went to the balcony and I looked through the glass door. 
"So this is how it looks like from here?" 
He laughed. 
"Come on, sweetheart, this is life?" 
I spun around and I looked at him. He sat like a king on the couch and he was happy with everything. I thought about saying something mean, but at the same time, I didn't want to spoil the weekend. 
"Where shall we go first?" I said kindly. "Museum or maybe you want to..." 
Niall stood up and he interrupted me. 
"We are going to buy new clothes for you and I know exactly where." 
I sighed, but I realized that I had the check. 
"Just that?" 
He smiled and began to walk toward the door. 
"Come on sweetheart and join in."
"I'm not your sweetheart?" I mumbled and I followed. Niall laughed. 
"Well this weekend your are!" 
I sighed. 
"But not the next?" 
He was startled and spun around. I blushed and I avoided his gaze. It was as if he seemed to dismiss the words. 
"Are you suggesting that I change girls?" 
I smiled and I blushed. I looked down at his shoes. 
"The staff said you changed girls every weekend and you..." 
I hesitated and I looked up at him. 
"You're a playboy?"
Okay, he laughed a little bit, but I saw in his eyes that he didn't like the fame he had. 
I nodded. 
"And you're a dad?"
Niall seemed to flinch. 
"I'm a dad?" 
I couldn't explain everything that I had heard. I walked past him toward the elevator. 
"Maybe I get to know you?" I said quickly. "You may not be everything that everyone else says?" 
He quickly followed me. 
"What did they say more?" 
He sneezed. 
"Well what did they say?"
He almost became angry and he stopped me by grabbing my arm. 
"Come on Maggie, what did they say?" 
I hesitated. I saw that he didn't like the situation, but he wanted to know. 
"You paid a girl millions of dollars because she got pregnant and gave birth to your baby?" 
Niall neither smiled or showed any emotion. 
I sighed. 
"The fact that you have lots of girlfriends and you have been with all the rich girls." 
He sighed. 
"No wonder you hate me?" 
I smiled 
"I don't hate you, I just don't like that you are rich."
Niall dropped my arm and he looked at me with suspicious eyes. 
"You don't like money?" 
I continued to smile. 
"Yes, I do, but money should be earned and not just thrown around!" 
He sneezed. 
"What's the point of being rich?" 
I had many good answers. 
"There are children who are starving, there are families who are poor and I can make a long list." 
He smiled a little bit and he pressed the button, so that the elevator was coming up. 
"YOU are an odd girl?" 
I nodded, but then I shook my head. 
"No, I'm normal."
"No!" Niall replied quickly. "A lot of girls would die to be in your clothes!" 
He smiled big. 
"I'm rich and I can give you everything you want. You stand here and talk about starving children?" 
I nodded. 
"I'm down to earth!" 
He sneezed. 
"No, you're just stupid for not realizing that you should take a chance." 
I didn't understand what he was referring to and Niall laughed right away. 
"Normal girls flirt with me and doing everything so that I should like to have them. You just stand there like a fool?"
Ping! The doors were opened and immediately I went into the elevator. Niall followed. 
"I'm not an idiot!" I snorted. "I see that you're trying to seduce me, but I'm not such a girl who falls for that charm." 
He laughed. 
I snorted and I looked at him coldly. 
"I'm a girl that you can't buy." and I meant the words. "You have to earn me!" 
Niall laughed even more. 
"Then you're odd?" 
I sighed. 
"YOU don't understand?" 
He looked at me and he tried to pull himself together. 
"Well, I understand, but you must admit that you like me and my money?"
I was about to give up. 
"No Niall!" I replied cold. "Money isn't sexy and you don't make me fall for you just because you have money."
He was confident and he leaned slightly toward me. 
"Keep the check!" 
I balked. 
"What and Why?" 
He smiled big and once again I felt his scents around my nose, which affected me. 
"I'll pay!" 
I sighed 
"So then I tear the check apart." I said but I was still happy. 
"Okay?" he mumbled a little disappointed. "Tear it up, but I think you need it?"

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