He has everything but me

He has everything but me - Niall and I were born in two different lives. He was rich and he had got all that he wanted. I was poor and I had to work to get somewhere. We had nothing in common and I wasn't the type who were attracted by his money, yet he wanted me and he was prepared to fight to get me.


1. prologue

Fast money, stock market, mutual funds, more stocks, houses, cars and the purchase of another. The rich world is full of choices, but not small choices as we ordinary people encounter. Instead of pondering on whether you can afford to buy that couch, brooding wealthy people if they'll have the house in Milan or in France. It's like a competition between them. Who has the biggest house, who offers the most expensive wine and who has the most shoes. It's as if they don't get enough, and the more they have, the more things they buy. It's like a drug.


I worked for the family Stanford. I was their nanny and I had care of their wonderful daughter Tess, four years old. I had my own room in the house, which was close to Tess. I was off duty when Mr or Mrs Stanford felt like it. Most often, I worked all week, but I was used to it. I earned good money and I saved enough to afford to educate myself. I was seventeen years old and my life was pretty meaningless. I took care of Tess and we two did everything together. The family had Stanford staff for everything. They had one that took care of the laundry, several who cooked food, some who cleaned, several who took care of the pool and some older guys who took care of the yard. There were many cars and they had three drivers. I don't know why they hired people to do everything, but I guessed that their interests didn't include the home. Sometimes I doubted that they even cared about Tess.


My life as a nanny was quite convenient. I got contacts with various colleges. As family friends belonged to the rich and those who had made a name for them self. Maybe I didn't get to know many of them, but some may recognize me. I was known as the cute girl, there weren't many who knew that I was Maggie. To them I was just a tool and nothing else. I was praised by Mr. and Mrs. Stanford, but usually they only talked to me when something would be planned. 
"Tess has to stay away on Saturday. We have invited home important people and we don't want to be disturbed." 
I just nodded, took notes and smiled. Deep down, I wanted to scream, "It's your daughter. Aren't you proud of her?" but I knew that they would fire me if I told something against them. Therefore, I bit together my thoughts and nodded. Sometimes they gave me a regular camera to take photos of what we did. I don't think they developed the photos. It was as if it was an excuse to try.


Family Stanford had a large family with cousins​​, aunts and uncles, but they met infrequently. I knew they had connections in the world and I knew they planned to someday go around to everyone they knew. I had little idea of who they were and I had no idea if they would take me with them. I was therefore surprised when Mrs. Stanford one day come into Tess room and she looked at me with those over-controlling the eyes. 
"We will make a small little trip, me and my husband." she said and I noted that she didn't even looked at Tess. "We're going to Ireland and talk to my cousin. You and Tess stays home, because I don't want her to fly over there when she's so small." 
She smiled. 
"You will as always get a good salary for the trouble and when we get home, we may have something for you?" 


Little did I know that they would bring something home, but not for me. He would, however, like to have me and he would turn upside down everything that was normal.

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