He has everything but me

He has everything but me - Niall and I were born in two different lives. He was rich and he had got all that he wanted. I was poor and I had to work to get somewhere. We had nothing in common and I wasn't the type who were attracted by his money, yet he wanted me and he was prepared to fight to get me.


22. Harry

Harry had a newly renovated sports car of an older model. He wore an open shirt, worn jeans and a pair of shoes that almost collapsed. I smiled and realized that he wasn't like everyone else. His hair was disheveled under his hat, but he fit in it. I liked how he looked and he actually attracted me. He opened the car door for me and he looked like he picked the queen. I said nothing but I jumped into the seat. He sat down quickly behind the wheel and then he saw the mischievous me. 
"Are you ready?" 
I laughed. 
"Yes, if you just don't run into the ditch?" 
He laughed and we went away from my apartment.


Harry had chosen a cozy restaurant that had a view out over the sea. It was simply without luxury, yet it was such a restaurant that I just loved from the first moment. We sat at a table by the window, and Harry was sure to order the right food. 
"I usually eat here!" he said as the waiter vanished away. "There's such a place that suits me." 
I smiled and I noticed that he looked at me in a special way. It was a calm gaze and whole Harry was just in harmony. 
"Where are you working?" 
He blushed and he looked down at his hands. 
"You're going to back down, but I'm doing music. I sing in different bars and I help other artists to recording and such stuff. A pretty funny job."
Niall had been my opposite. Now it turned out that even Harry was something totally opposite from me. I realized that I preferred guys who weren't as me. I had nothing against it, but at the same time it was quite comical.


We talked about music, about jobs, about our childhoods and about everything that one could talk about. I liked Harry's company and he was actually more normal than many others. He blushed slightly and he smiled a lot. He had a smile that just shone through everything and I couldn't help but blush every time he looked at me.




We were on the way to his car when he stopped me. He looked straight into my eyes and I saw that he wanted to say something important. 
"I'd actually like to see you again." he said meaning. "I had a really fun time with you and I think you are a wonderful person." 
I smiled big and there was a tingling in my stomach. 
"Yeah, sure?" 
He laughed a little bit and he raised his hands. He caught my face between his palms, and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"You're such a girl that I like." he said hoarsely. "And I feel like kissing you, but I promised dad to not doing something stupid." 
I blushed. 
"So you can't kiss me?"
His face slid closer to me. 
"No, he told me not to scare you," 
I swallowed. 
"I'm not afraid!" 
He smiled and he let our lips just brush against each other. 
"You wont scream?" he whispered hoarsely. I swallowed. 
"Not if you just kiss me?" 
He kissed me and my whole body trembled. His lips were soft and it was a very smooth and pleasant kiss. It caused tingling throughout the body, the kiss caused weak bones. I couldn't help but take my arms around his neck and he took his arms around my waist. He was taller than me, so I had to almost stand on my toes to reach. Harry moaned lightly and I felt he pushed me up against the car. I felt how he almost crushed me against the car, but it didn't hurt.


Harry ended the kiss, but he wouldn't drop me. He held me against the car and he smiled at my face. 
"Did I hurt you?" 
I shook my head. He moaned slightly and he pulled a hand through my hair. 
"Are you afraid?" 
I shook my head. He was happy and he let his hands slide down over my body. He lifted me up and leaned me against the car even more. I felt that he had boner and he pressed it against my most sensitive part. He groaning easy and our lips met again. This time we were like crazy and he let his tongue fast catching up with my tongue. I felt how he pushed himself between my legs and I have to admit that I wanted to go all the way with him. He let his hands hold up my thighs and he moved just too perfect to my body. I took my legs around his waist and I held him tightly around the neck. I was no longer aware of anything. The only thing I felt was him and he was just perfect. We stood in the middle of the night and making out, which I hadn't done in a long time. Harry showed how much he wanted me and I loved that he wanted me.


"We have to stop!" he mumbled and ended the kiss. "I don't want to jump in bed with you now. I want to get to know you first." 
I was disappointed, but he was right. I wasn't a girl who jumped into bed with the guys and I wanted to wait, but not really. 
"Sure!" I mumbled. "So we meet again?" 
He nodded and he continued to push himself against me. 
"What time?" 
He smiled and he groaned lightly. He kissed me and ended it softly. 
"When can I come to your home?" 
I pondered. 
He nodded. 
"So we do so?" he whispered hoarsely and he dropped me on the ground. "I come home to you at seven?"
I nodded and I shook all over. Talk about that he influenced me. I felt weak all over and I didn't want to leave him, but the evening came to an end and he drove me home.

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