He has everything but me

He has everything but me - Niall and I were born in two different lives. He was rich and he had got all that he wanted. I was poor and I had to work to get somewhere. We had nothing in common and I wasn't the type who were attracted by his money, yet he wanted me and he was prepared to fight to get me.


19. Get moments

School was demanding and Christmas approached. This would be the first Christmas Eve when I was alone. My parents were dead and I hardly knew anyone to be with. Niall would certainly celebrate Christmas with his family, so they thought he had forgotten me. I didn't mind and I saw before me the way I read books, watched movies and just took it easy on the couch. I chose not to plan much, but I brought home a Christmas tree and I bought decorations. I decorated my apartment so that I would still have the Christmas spirit in the body.


The day before Christmas Eve, my phone rang. It was Niall and I was overjoyed. He however had dejected voice. 
"I must tell you something!" 
I sat down and I swallowed. 
"Tell me!" 
Niall took a deep breath. 
"I play theater and this has nothing to do with you." he whispered. "But I have a girlfriend here just because dad will be pleased. I don't love her and she's just my beard so that no one imagined that I'm with you."
I was about to yell out straight. 
"So you're having an affair?" 
He seemed sure of his cause. 
"No, I neither have sex with her or kiss her. I only with her ​​so that nobody thinks that I'm with you." he explained. "Dad was coming to that point when he understood that  I still meeting you and when the chance come, I took it."
I felt the tears coming. 
"Who's she?" 
Niall swallowed. 
"Dad's friend's daughter. She's wimpy, gray and dull., She's like a doll brought up and I have it boring when she's here. She only wants to talk politics and things I don't care about."
I looked down at my hands. I trusted him, but at the same time I was sad that I had no money, I wasn't rich, and that no approved that I was with him. 
"When do you come here again?" 
He sighed. 
"Not now, but a few days after Christmas!" 
I missed him and I felt small. 
"Will she come?" 
He laughed and he was almost amused by the question. 
"No, sweetheart. I come alone and you know that it's you I want." 
I nodded and I still believed in him. 
"I love you!" 
He sighed and I heard that he missed me. 
"I love you!"


When I was younger and watched movies about rich people, I was always mad at the girls who turned out to be mistresses. I thought that they should leave the men, because they would never get anything more than his body. Now I myself sat on my couch, like a mistress and nobody in his family knew that I existed. I felt the tears came and I realized I had to put a stop to this, but I loved Niall. I loved him so much that I couldn't say no. I didn't want him to walk away from me and I knew he loved me.




The day when Niall came to me, I was in heaven, I cleaned, I did all cozy and I was in heaven. Niall came in through the door and we immediately began to tear off our clothes. We ended up in bed and he took me by storm, as he always did. I couldn't stop loving him and I wanted more of him.


Niall landed on me and I felt his face against my chest. He was breathless and totally depleted in the body. I smiled and I held my arms around his body. 
"I missed you so much." I whispered hoarsely and smiled at him. He made ​​sure he ended up over my face and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"I know!" he whispered hoarsely and he pulled his hands through my hair. "I missed you and I want to be with you all the time." 
I sighed. 
"But you can't?" 
He nodded and he looked sad. 
"The day my father dies, I will marry you. Then I have no one who can put themselves up against us." 
I suffered. 
"So many years I have to wait?"
Niall agreed. 
"And in the meantime, we must continue like this." 
I frowned. 
"I don't like it?" 
He agreed. 
"But I have to continue like this, I have no choice. I can't live without you and you know it?" 
I had to nod. 
"But you have a girlfriend?" 
Niall laughed a little bit. 
"But she's pretty stupid. I said I can't have sex with her ​​until we are married and she believed in me."
Okay, it wasn't fun, but I giggled. I had never believed in those words, if Niall had said that to me, but she did. 
"And will you marry her?" 
He giggled and he shook his head. 
"No, absolutely not!" 
I was happy and I trusted him. I smiled and stroked his back. 
"And I don't want anyone but you." 
Niall kissed me softly. 
"I know honey, I know!"




One evening she called, Nialls girlfriend, and I heard how he whacked with her. He stood in the bedroom and I sat at my computer in the living room. I heard he sounded miserable and he wasn't happy. He then came out to me and he sighed. 
"She's just too much?" 
I looked up from the computer. 
"Who?" I'm silly just because he wouldn't know that I had understood. Niall stood beside me and he sighed. 
"She wanted me to say that I love her." 
I frowned. 
"And what did you say?" 
She sighed and he looked devastated. 
"What she wanted to hear. She threatened to break up and then I would lose the beard. I must have her and I have to get her to stay." 
I smiled a little bit. 
"Why her?" 
He looked at me and I saw that he didn't want to tell me everything. 
"Dad's happy with her ​​and his friend's happy with her. In rich families they trying to always get together the kids, so that they can pass on wealth."
It sounded like something out of an old movie. I laughed a little bit and I raised an eyebrow.
"And yet, she's not funny?" 
He smiled and he shook his head. 
"She's boring and I hate her almost, but if we two shall continue, I must have her." 
I took my arms around his waist and pulled him towards me. I smiled up at his face. 
"But you be mine?" 
He nodded and he took his hands around my head. 
"Yes, I'm only yours and nobody else's!"

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