He has everything but me

He has everything but me - Niall and I were born in two different lives. He was rich and he had got all that he wanted. I was poor and I had to work to get somewhere. We had nothing in common and I wasn't the type who were attracted by his money, yet he wanted me and he was prepared to fight to get me.


26. D-day

Harry sat in my apartment and we went through the different wedding fixes. I felt like a princess and Harry was my prince. 
"Should it be a normal wedding?" he asked hoarsely. I nodded and I smiled at him. 
"I'm tired of money and I want to have more romance and what's normal." 
Harry kissed me and he smiled big. 
"Mom will take you and choose wedding dress tomorrow." 
I sighed. 
"I don't want to look like a cake?" 
He laughed and he had his arm around my waist. 
"I just want to see you as you are. We can be naked?" 
I giggled and I knew he was joking with me. 
"No thanks," I mumbled quickly. "But I want something more normal, simple." 
Harry agreed. 
"Should we have white?" 
I smiled at him. 
"Why no other color?" 
He grinning. 
"Or any color?"


Harry's mother took me to an upscale shop and I immediately saw how the price of dresses went up. She laughed a little bit and she hugged me lightly. 
"I'll pay." she whispered. "You will marry my son and I'm so grateful for that." 
I blushed. 
"But I don't want to look like a cake or a dress that only contains fabric." 
She released me and the clerk came toward us. 
"So what do you seek for?" 
Harry's mother smiled. 
"Something simple with style!"


She chose a dress, along with me, that was tight. It was absolutely wonderful and it contained sparse fabric. Yet it was the best dress I could find. It was like I planned before the perfect wedding ever and it would just be perfect between me and Harry.




Church was wonderful. 
"Mom and Dad were married here!" Harry said cheerfully, and he smiled at me. "And now it's our turn?" 
I nodded and I was happy. We walked along the canal and the priest came towards us. 
Harry smiled and he held my hand tightly. 
"We want a simple wedding and not too many words." 
The priest laughed. 
"Well, that do you decide?" 
Harry smiled at me. 
"Good, huh?" 
I laughed, 
"Yes, Darling!"




I ended up pretty soon in the midst of the planning. Who would come? Where would the party be held and what food would be served? Everything was in front of me and everyone asked me for advice. That's why Des give me vacation, which he didn't mind. Instead, he came sometimes to me and asked various questions. 

"Her share?" 
"His or her shares?" 
I was like a self-propelled machine, and in a way I loved it. I got to be everywhere and everyone trusted me. 
"Will the ice be an angel, a dove or what?" 
I hesitated. 
"Let the ice be a bank!" 
The girl laughed. 
I smiled. 
"Angel sounds good!"




In the morning before the wedding, Harry awoke next to me and he kissed my neck. 
"Last night we sleep together ..." 
I smiled. 
"It's just one night, Darling?" 
He smiled and made ​​sure I ended up on my back against the bed. 
"No, it's an eternity?" 
I smiled and I spread my legs so that he fell down on me. I immediately felt what he wanted to do and I grinned. 
"You're crazy!" 
Harry smiled and he mooned easy. 
"You're crazy, because you make me crazy?" 
He kissed me and I felt how he pulled off all my clothes. Harry was good at that part. He could just wave with his hand and right as it was where all the clothes away.


I felt  how he penetrated. I took my legs around his waist and I returned his kisses. I loved having sex with Harry and he took me to the limit, all the time.


Afterwards we lay in bed tired and just laughed. 
"Tomorrow is it?" Harry mumbled happily. I nodded and I looked at him. I pulled away his bangs and I looked into his green eyes. 
"Does it feel right?" 
He nodded with his whole face. 
"I don't want anyone but you." 
I blushed. 
"Even the most perfect girl?" 
He shook his head again. 
"No, because no one is as perfect as you are."




In the evening I got to sleep in Des houses. Harry couldn't see the bride before the wedding and they were careful with the part. I lay in bed and I looked up at the ceiling. I had finally found the man of my life? Yet slides my thoughts over at Niall. I still remembered his smile and he wonderful laughter. I remembered all the times he had come to me and we made love the whole night. I didn't remind me of a single fights, but I knew they existed. Maybe that Niall was the love of my life, and Harry was the man in my life? I didn't know how I would separate them. I loved that Harry wanted me and he loved all of my bad habits. Niall was completely different and he made me shake. Niall made ​​me always wanting more, but in a different way.




In the morning I awoke to Harry's mother came into the room. 
"Rise and shine!" 
I wanted to linger, but she did not give up. 
"We're must put on make up, do order the hair, put on the dress and then you have to get to church on time. Come on!"


I was in a fog. I got it all done for me and I needed to just sit and smile. I felt like a doll and everyone wanted the doll to look good. They had to make up me three times before we was finding the right face. My hair had a different story and they had to work to get my hair to be perfect. I didn't care. I knew I would still get Harry and everything else was just a facade.




Outside the church stayed Des beside me and he smiled at me. 
"I will lead you to the altar if you want?" 
I shook my head and I smiled at him. 
"No, I go alone to honor my father." 
Des smiled. 
I nodded and he disappeared. I saw all the cars outside the church and I realized that there were many guests. I wasn't aware about all that would come and I had no idea if it was a hundred or five hundred guests.


The church bells rang and I heard all sat down. I took a deep breath and I kept the roses tightly in my hand. Harry had wanted that the bridal bouquet would include roses, as it was the first he gave to me. I knew he was a romantic, and he was ready to fight for my cause. He wanted me and he didn't take no for an answer.


The doors opened and I slowly began to walk towards the altar. I saw Harry, but I also saw all the guests. I noticed that there were all kinds and I realized how big circle their family had. I saw Stanford standing in the middle of a row and Tess stood by and she jumped for joy. I smiled at her and I smiled at my cousins ​​who had come. Right as it was I was about to stop. Niall Horan showed up and he was standing among other people. I saw his eyes, his face and I saw that he was as surprised as I was.

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