Why Can't You Love Me?

Alex is a sophmore at a new high school. His crush John ignores him until one day when they have to pair up on a project. What happens when John and Alex becomes friends and start hanging out.


3. A Day Well Spent

John has been texting me all day. Ever since I woke up. I woke up at 12 and he started telling me how mad he made Mrs. Baxter. She was our Biology teacher. I hated that bitch with a passion. My friend Cara and I drove her nuts until Cara moved in with her dad and had to switch schools. Now I did it alone. So much happened at the beginning of this school year.

I get up and walk into my bathroom. I strip to just my boxers and look in the mirror. no wonder I'm single. I have no abs. Nothing. My body looks like a little kids. It's pale an white. I look hideous. I look away and take of my boxers and turn the water on in the shower.

A few minutes later I figure that the water is warmed up so I step in. I let the water rush over me for a few minutes and pour shampoo into my hand and begin to wash my hair. After that I condition my hair then wash my body. As the soap washes over my body I tense because of the pain some of the cuts. I stand in the shower for a few more minutes letting the water rush over me waiting for the pain to stop. Once the pain stops I turn the water of and get out wrapping a towel around my waste. As I walk out of the bathroom I look around making sure no one is there even though I know my parents aren't home.

I check my phone as I walk into my room to see if John has texted me. He hasn't but it's 2:55 which means he'll be out of school in five minutes and then on his way here. I need to get ready. Just then my went off and I had a text from John.

From: John

Look outside your front door. XD

I looked at the text confused. What did he mean. I walked outside my room and to the door. I opened and peaked my head out and was startled by John standing there. "Hi," he told me casually. In that moment I remember that I am only in a towel. John looks me up an down and blushes. Wait why did he just blush? "I didn't mean to um... Interrupt your shower."

"Uh you didn't. I just got out," I tell him and he walks into the house. "Wait, it's not 3:00 why are you hear?" I ask closing the door behind him.

"I kinda sorta skipped the last block of the day." He laughs.

"Wow John. Someone is bad boy," I laugh.

"Feels weird coming in this way," John jokes and I laugh. "I'll give you time to change if you want?"

"Um yeah, thanks," I answer walking into my room shutting the door. I can't wrap my head around why he blushed when he saw that I was in nothing but a towel. I blush when I a guy takes his shirt off in front of me. Why did he blush though?

As I though about this I looked for clothes. I found some Calvin Klein boxers and slipped them on. Put on red gym shorts that allowed the hem of my boxers peak out. I walked to the door and let John in the room. I opened the door and walked back to the closet to find a shirt. I hear him shut the door.

"Shit." I turn around to see John staring at me. He is staring at my bruises around my body. "I saw you shirtless a few minutes ago but I didn't notice the bruises." John takes a step towards me and wraps me in a hug. "I am sorry for what the did to you."

At that moment I was scared, I didn't know what to do. I was stand there shirtless in John arms as he was hugging me. I wanted to pull away before I became attached to John but another part of me wanted to stay there and let it happen. So that's what I did I stood there until he pulled away.

John goes over and slides in the bed like it's totally casual. I continue looking for a shirt. "Why are you looking for a shirt? We're friends. It's fine." I blush and sit down. John climbs of the bed an walks to the entertainment center and got my xbox controllers. He smiled and walked back to the bed. "Let's play xbox."

We turned on the xbox and waited for the home screen to load. Need for Speed was in. "I am going to kick your ass in this game," John said with a mischievous smile.

"Hey there Mr. Popular I am a pro racer!" I reply clicking the game to start. We go through the cars carefully analyzing each of them. I pick my car quickly knowing which one is the fastest. We sit there for an hour and a half racing and screaming competitive curses at each other. We both won many races but in the end I game out on top. "Looks like you better stick to Football cuz you can't touch me in the virtual world!"

John starts laughing and I join in. I hear the front door slam and I know my Mother is home. I listening as the padding of her feet making it's way to my door. "Are you feeling better tod-" she stops noticing John, "Oh hi I didn't know you had a friend over."

"Yeah this is John from school."

"Hi Mrs. Edwards," he tells my mom. And I realize he called her by my last name not knowing she got remarried last year.

"It's Mrs. Warren actually. I got remarried last year."

"Oh sorry ma'am"

"Would you boys like something to eat?"

"Oh my god! Yes! I'm starving!" I chant out grateful my mom asked.

"Actually I have to head home. My dad told me to that I have to be home for dinner because it's family night." I turned and looked at John in surprise. He didn't tell me he had to leave this soon. It's only 5:30. I expected him to stay for dinner.

"Oh alright. well, it was nice to meet you, John. Alex I'll start cooking dinner soon." She told us and walked away.

"Do you really have to go?" I ask looking over at John.

"Yeah, like I said it's family night and my dad wants me home." He says with a sad look. He's started getting up and putting his shoes on to leave, "but I have a surprise for you tomorrow at school."

I smiled. I wonder what the surprise was. I stare at him for a few seconds pondering it.

"And then I have another one on Saturday. So I'll see you tomorrow" he says walking out of my door. I'm so excited for tomorrow. I don't even know what's gonna happen but I'm excited. Tomorrow I have to tell Shayna everything about today and yesterday.

After dinner I lie in bed still thinking about tomorrow. I'm estatic. The guy I have been crushing on since I moved here is now my friend and hangs out with me. And he has a surprise for me at school. My life is great. I mean John might be straight but I can't change that. I'm going to take what I was given and be happy with. I hear my phone ring saying I have a message and I look over to my nightstand and pick it up to unlock it.

From: John

Btw I'm gonna pick you up in the morning. Nighy night xD

Now I have a ride to school. This is awesome. John doesn't even have is driver's license but he still drives to school. As I lay there staring at the ceiling I slowly drift of to sleep.

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