Ron and Harry's twins

Scarlet the only Wesley without red hair meets Brie Harry's twin. . . As it turns out their more evil its not only Voldemort you know. . . But no one believes them so they take matters in their own hands. Come into the adventure with Scarlet and Brie!


1. My letter finally comes!

.     Scarlet's P.O.V


    I wake up to mum yelling and Ginny shaking me. I get up and walk downstairs still in my p.j's. We all start to eat and I talk to the older twins about pranks when Errol flies through the window and land face first on the table. I shake my head and get the letters. I see one for Fred,George,Percy,Ron, and Me!!!! I smile as I rip it open and see written inside


       Dear Ms.Wesley

             You have been accepted to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.


   I stop reading and grin widely as I look at Ron. He has the same smile on his face. Ok I should tell you this. . .I'm not a red head like the other Weasley's I have white hair with dark blue eyes. I hear mum saying that we should go get stuff for Hogwarts tomorrow before I run into my room and start to think.


      Brie's P.O.V


            I sigh as I help Harry with making breakfast and everything else. Harry tells me "Brie can you go get the mail?" I nod and go get the mail when I see a letter addressed to me and Harry I put it in my pocket and finish helping Harry out.

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