The Miracle of Life | Drabble Series

Sometimes getting pregnant is inevitable. She is apart of the 2 to 15% Condom failure rate, 15% Emergency Contraceptive Failure rate and is now a Teen Statistic. Her life had been seemingly perfect, it only took 10 minutes to change the sands of time. Now she must decide to end an innocent life or bare through the  miracle  of  life


1. ♡ The  Miracle  of  Life

Since this is a drabble series each chapter is going to be fairly short under 700 words,
this story may be inappropriate for some readers and people who dislike realistic graphic literature.

Forewarned Ahead `ye be Monsters, Alcohol and Other Bad Things.

This story is Dedicated ♡  to all the girls who ended up deeper into the rabbit hole then i did.

Stay Safe - N E P T U N E


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