Daughter of who?


3. Chapter One

"Claire! Wake up, it's here!" I moan and turn over, looking at my best friend Felicity, who's standing in the doorway, brushing her blonde hair. "Claire, seriously get up." Putting her brush on the floor, she walks over to my bed and starts shaking the bed I'm laying in.

"Licity stop it!" I say, and pull the blanket over my head. It's nice and soft, so I try and fall asleep again. She pulls the blanket completely off my bed and I can't reach it because I'm on my top bunk. The sudden cold air kisses my skin, and I get up so I can get ready quickly so the air will stop bothering me. Felicity gets her brush from the floor and walks out, yelling to her Nana about breakfast or something. I yelp as my feet touch the cold floor, and I walk across it to my dresser. I open it and pull out my favorite pair of capris, their light grey with faded pink stars on them. I grab my undergarments and walk over to my closet, opening it. I pull out a light pink shirt, and my cream Aeropostale sweatshirt. I put my pants and shirt on, then put my sweatshirt on. Walking into the hallway, Felicity calls up the stairs.

"Claire, hurry up! The bus leaves in 12!" As I walk by the stairs I shake my head at her and see that it's still dark out. No wonder I didn't want to get up. It's winter, and we're on winter break. Walking into the bathroom, I turn the light on and look at my hair in the mirror. It's pink and purple and really fricking messy. I take out the hairbrush and brush out all the knots then take my grey headband/ bandana and put it into my hair. I walk out of the bathroom and hop down the stairs, causing Thumper, Felicity's rabbit to hop away from the stairs. Turning to the left, I walk into the kitchen, where Felicity, her brother, and her Nana are sitting. Nana points to the chair next to Tyler, Felicity's brother.

"Sit down Claire, we need to talk." I gulp, and take a seat.

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