The 64th Hunger Games

It is the 64th Hunger Games.
Ten years Before Katniss Everdeen volunteered.
Ten years before District 12 Won.
Ten years before everything changed.
Or Was it?
Two Tributes, One from District 1 and the Other from 12 form a team.
Although rules can not be bent, Can they figure out a way for both of them to live?


1. Lunia

My name is Lunia Evans. I live in District 1, the district of luxury. Baisically, I'm really rich.

In District 1 it's a good thing to be a tribute for the Hunger Games and my parents want me to win it this year. There is one slight hitch in their plan...

I hate the capital, I hate the Hunger Games and I hate my district. Big whoops right? The worst thing is, everyday of my life I am dressed up and made over so I look like Barbie on steroids. I just want to be ordinary. I want to have a life.

Why can't I have black hair and olive skin? Why do I need a stupid blonde wig and make up to hide my freckles. To me that is not fashion, to me that's hell. And, I don't want to be super skinny, all I want to be is... normal.

Normality is a strange concept. No-one in my world has quite grasped it yet.

My life isn't all that bad though. I have my boyfriend, Parker Ivory. Parker understands me and my views, he's the only one. I hope that he will volunteer too this year, because that's what I have to do. Just to please my parents.

I don't want to kill. I don't want to die.


There is a knock at my door. In hope that it is Parker I rush down the stairs but am stopped by my mum. Her wig choice today is pink. Yuck!

"Your wig is wonky!" She says adjusting the itchy pile of grease on my head.

"Can I go now?" I plead. My mum steps away from the door and I unbolt it. Parker, with his dark hair and dark eyes, stands at my door with a... hamper?

"Surprise!" He shrugs and sees my mum standing in the corner. His whole manner changes. That's the power of my puny little mother. Parker straightens up and offers me his hand. I take it and "elegantly" step out of the house. The door shuts and Parker and I run.

There is a fence around our district and outside the fence are meadows and hills and farms. In the fence is a gap. Very few know about the gap, but we do. We go there often (we being Parker and I) with our friends Eagle and Diamond.  

We arrive at the gap. Eagle is waiting there for us. "Where's Diamond?" I ask. 

"Delayed." He says. I nod and sit down on the grown. I tear of my blonde wig and remove the pins keeping my hair in place. Black hair falls around my face. Parker kneels down next to me and brushes my hair out of my face. I smile and lean my head on Parker's shoulder. He puts his arm round me. 

I wish the Hunger Games didn't exist. Then, Parker and I could be safe together, and happy. 

Diamond runs up to us. "It's the reaping!" She says.

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