Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


16. Valentine's Day Special (One shot)




Guys, this is not a chapter and is in no way related to the story.
It's just a one shot.
Alternate universe as to that of this story, just keep that in mind.
Happy belated Valentine's Day.


Jason's P.O.V. (Surprise, surprise!)

Oh God, I hope it goes as planned.

I hope she likes it.

Ella...such a sweetheart she is. Thank God that she agreed to be my valentine, I would have been so embarrassed and dejected if she didn't. 

More dejected than embarrassed because I have liked her for quite some time now.

We have been classmates for more than two years. It took me two years to ask her out.

Even when I am the designated, as older people say, 'cocky brat' or as the girls in my school say 'The Bad Boy' in our school. 

I don't know why they call me such things...

Leather Jacket - check

Black Boots - check

Bike aka 'Death Ride' - check

Gravity Defying Hair -check

Okay, so my look might have been prompting them but people are so stupid, looks can be deceiving. 

"Dude...not these ones, the Osiria ones" I groan as the flower guy puts wrong flowers together.

He looks at me questionably.

I guess he not that much of a flower guy after all.

"Half red and half white roses, yeah?" I gave a hint to poor guy.

He makes a 'O' face as realization hit him.

''Sorry, I just started working here, I'll get those flowers in a minute"

To: Ella

Outside your house right now.

From: Ella

Be there in five.

Oh fuck... Maybe I should have rung the bell and picked her from the doorstep. What will she think of me now?

I know she had been brought up in a rich household, being a daughter of business parents, much like me. What if she had been expecting a gentlemen and here I am looking like a damn criminal.



"Hey" I straighten up as soon as she comes out of the door.

"Hey" She greets me with a shy but cheerful smile and I am hit by the realization of how beautiful she is.

"You look beautiful" I kiss her right hand.

"Thanks, you too" She blushes as she replies and then blushes some more as she registers what she just said.

"Really? Thanks" I wink at her.


"Are we riding this?" She asks, her eyes wide.


"Are you scared of riding a bike?"

As soon as I ask the question, she starts shaking her head sideways.

"Not at all" She has a big smile on her face as she says that.

"Let's go then, what are you waiting for!" She is practically jumping and I can't help but chuckle at her behaviour, so unexpected and unique she is.

"Let's go..."


"Where are we going?" We are stopped at a red light right now and it's the fourth time that Ella has asked the same question.

"It's a surprise, Ella" I sigh.

"What surprise? Just tell me already!" Ella, in her naive ad childish way/ nature, blew against my ear and laughed.

If only she knew what she was doing...

"Stop doin that" I groaned just as the light turned green.

"You know what, Jason, you keep your secret and I'll keep having my share of fun" She smugly informed me from back.

Without replying I sped up through the almost empty road, I know she won't do shit while I'm still driving.

Ella knew I had called out her bluff.

"Oh come on!" She groaned and I had a feeling she was pouting on my back.

As much as I liked Ella, I had enough

of her 'tell me' bullshit.

I abruptly pushed the breaks, and due to momentum, Ella's hold slips from my shoulder and she is hugging me instead. I had planned to stop her from asking these questions but Ella clucthing me made me forgot almost everything for a second.

She is shaken, I can tell by her eratic breathing.

"What was that?" She whispers, still clutching to me.

God, does that feel good...

Her frail and delicate wrapped around me

Her chest pressing against my back.

Mhm, yeah...

I stop my train of thoughts before it goes into a tunnel full of dirty thoughts.

"Nothing" I say in, hopefully, a reassuring tone, but all I really wanna do is laugh.

I speed up again.

I realize Ella had stopped 'hugging' me and that her hands were back on my shoulders.

I push the breaks again and the whole bike of jerks forward, including Ella, whose hands again wrap around me.

Much better.

"Jason, is something wrong with your bike?" She asks, almost afraid to say anything at all.

Innocent Ella...

"I don't think so"

"Let's keep moving forward, if it happens again, then I'll see to it" I say in a pretend-thoughtful voice.



"Okay, Jason, what is going on, huh?" Ella's tone is not meek anymore, she probably has guessed that I was upto no good.

It's I don't even know what time that I have pushed the breaks and the bike had lurched forward.

"Uh,'s just...uh" I knew I couldn't lie to her after being caught.

"What, Jason!" She almost shouts.

Damn, she is mad.

I keep quiet, not knowing what to say, I couldn't possibly admit to her that I like her arms around me.

"Either you tell me, or..." She searches for something to say.

"...or, I would go back this instant" She says, finality in her voice.

"No, you wouldn't" I scoff, like please, she won't just leave me in middle of nowhere.

"Oh, but I will. I will get down this bike and hail a lift, this fucking instant" Her tone was creepily calm.

I don't know why she was making such a fuss over a trivial thing like this, but it was the combined irritation of me not telling her where we were going and frustation that it is taking too long to get there.

I kept thinking that she won't be true to her words but how wrong was I.

The bike was parked along the footpath after Ella has asked me to park it.

Too deep in my thoughts, I didn't realize that Ella had already hopped off the bike, so when I turned my head to speak to her, I got very confused by her absence.

I looked around to find her a little distance back and flailing her hands like a drowning person on the sidewalk, probably her way of getting a lift.

That stealthy little...

Who would tell her that nobody is going to give a lift to a person who looked mentally unstable, that is Ella, with her arms going in weird angle at the speed of 140 km/h.

"Ella, hey! Get back here!" It felt weird to call her out like that but what other choice do I have.

I thought nobody would give a fuck about her but I was proven wrong when a Jeep full of teenage low-life douchebags slowed down towards her.

It was then that I felt my blood boiling.

The way they were looking at her, like she was a piece of meat, like they would devour her in a heartbeat, was enough for me to abandon my bike and run towards her.

"Hey, babygirl, you wanna go somewhere?" I heard the guy sitting in the passenger seat ask her.

Ella looked at my approaching form, deep in thought, for a second before turning back towards those fucking morons and shrugging.

"Sure" She said.

The guys in back started to pile out, 'making a comfortable seat' for Ella.

These guys could fool Ella but not me, they weren't making a comfortable seat for Ella, they were going to make Ella sit in the middle, so she wouldn't be able to leave whatsoever, her will or not.

"She is not going with you, you guys can go" I said curtly but politely, I think, as I came to stand beside Ella, who was waiting for those boys to empty a seat for her.

Those morons looked confusingly between me and Ella, but I made no effort to explain them anything, why should I even.

"No, I am" Ella said, defiantly meeting my glare.

"The lady wants to go, dude" The guy in the passenger seat said again, he seemed to be their 'main' guy.

"No, she doesn't" I said but without looking at him, my glare was reserved for Ella only.

"She fucking can and she fucking will" Ella replied with her nose up in air.

"You heard her" The main guy, again, he was smirking with his intentions clear on his face.

I gave them all a mock smile.

I grasped Ella's arms and started towing her towards my bike.

She started struggling in an instant.

Of fucking course, she did.

"Jason, what are you doing?! Leave my arm" She said but I wasn't having any of it.

"Hey! The lady said leave her" Again the guy shouted.

This was slowly turning into a scene.

This wasn't how I envisioned our Valentine's Day playing out.

I sighed and retracted my hand form Ella's arm. She huffed and started moving forward but this time, I barricaded her in my arms, my arms sneaking around her waist.

"What the fuck, Jason!" Ella shouted, struggling in my arms.

"Yeah, what the fuck, dude" Again that dude said as he came out the car with the door slamming shut behind him.

I know what was coming.

They were five guys in all and well, I was single person here.

Let's see how this one plays out.

No matter what, I can't let her leave with those guys.

These weren't your nice, sweet guys.

These guys were trouble, it was clearly wriiten on their faces. All of them looked drunk off their faces, the driver guy a little less drunk than all the others, but drunk nonetheless.

"Ella..." I said and pushed her gently, so that she can be in back and sidelines and not into the middle of what was about to heaven.

She was going to protest, I know she was, but before she could, the guy walked, almost staggered towards me and tried taking a swing at me.

Ella's gasp was loud and clear.

But before his knuckles can touch me, graze even, I threw a punch at him so hard that immediately blood poured out his nose.

He looked confused and baffled, no doubt because of the alcohol in his system.

"Jason!" Ella screamed but it was un-heard.

The guy tried to come at me again but I punched him out cold before he can even as much as form a punch.

His so called 'crew' scurried away like rats, even though it could have been possible for them to over-power me if they tried correctly. They left their friend in the middle of the path with providing no help for him, such friends.

I shook the blood away from my knuckles and hailed a cab.

"Take this guy to the nearest hospital" I said to the driver, throwing a couple doller hundreds at him, they would be sufficient.

He nodded and got out to drag the out-cold body in his cab. He drove away instantly.

I finally looked at Ella, who was still where I had pushed her.

Her eyes and mouth were wide and she was gaping like fish, it was almost comical to watch but my sour mood didn't allow humour in my system.

You know what?

Fuck this shit.

Fuck this romantic day.

Fuck this date...with Ella.

I passed her without a second look and moved towards my bike, I want to be far away from her.

"Jason! Wait!" Ella was over her shock but was now jogging towards the bike, seeing as I was already there.

I gave her a blank look.

"I..." She struggled to say something but her eyes fell onto my knuckles as she thought of something to say.

"Oh my God..." She whispered in horror.

"Oh my God, Jason, your knuckles are bleeding" She frantically looked between my face and knuckles but I kept my blank look on face. She started rummaging through her handbag and took out an handkercheif from it.

She took hold of my hand and gently started cleaning it.

Yes, she didn't even ask me for my permission or something.

"Here, it looks much better now" She said finally looking up to my face, only to find blank look still in place.

"Jason..." Her stance flatered as she got no reply from me.

"Just go Ella" I sighed.

"Okay" She looked down and quickly turned away, starting to walk away.

What...? Is she for real?

How can she just walk away?

Well, I did her ask her to but she was supposed to request me or question me.

Where was her defiance when needed?

I thought she would have apologized or demanded me to take her back but here she was, looking dejected, eyes on ground, only looking up for a taxi.

"Ella" I said, my voice monotone. Since the roads were almost empty, she heard me and turned to face me right away.

Her eyes were red due to unshed tears, I guess but other than that she almost looked fine, almost.

"Come, I'll drop you" I sighed, as if it was task given to me but in reality I just wanted to make sure that she got home safely. I know she won't be asking anybody for a lift because of the incident, but still.

"You don't have to" She said as she came towards me again.

"Get on the bike"

She obliged, not arguing for whatever reason.

"So, to your home?" I asked once we both were seated on the bike. I so badly wanted to continue our date but, I know that I shouldn't.

"No, just leave me here" She started to get off the bike but I stopped her movements.

I gave her a questioning look.

"Well, nobody's going to be home and I don't wanna be..."

"...alone today" She sighed.

"Okay" I said and turned the bike on.

Well, I didn't want to alone too, so that left me with one option.

Not option, it was what I really wanted.

I am going to take her to our date and I was going to make sure that we both enjoy it.


Ella didn't say much during the ride, nothing actually, not even asking where I was taking her.

Probably thinking it was best to keep her mouth shut, I thought so for first five seconds of the ride but then I started missing her nagging.

We reached the destination much quicker now, seeing we almost were halfway when the incident took place. It took us around ten minutes but it felt so much longer because Ella was silent during it all.

Ella was surprised to see the lake in front of her as I stopped the bike.

Her face was a mixture of emotions and I watched it all like a creep.

Her face turned sad towards the end.

"Jason, why are..." She started saying.

"Shh..." I gently 'tsked' her, putting a finger on my lips. She immediately shut up.

I gingerly took hold of her hand and started moving forward.

We quietly walked towards the deck where a old man was waiting for us.

He nodded towards both of us in acknowledgment.

I nodded back and I saw Ella smiling towards him.

In silence, he helped us down the deck and into the small rowing-boat.

First Ella and then me. We didn't needed those life-saving vest because the lake was not deep, you can't drown even if you tried to, but it was enough to row, without the rowing sticks scraping the bottom of the lake.

I started rowing us and both of us were still silent.

It was early afternoon and sun was out and cheery.

The sunlights reflected from the water surface and danced across Ella's face, casting hundreds of colour on her face.

God, was she beautiful.

She was so serene right now, so calm and quiet, as if trying to become part of the calm lake.

But I could tell that it wasn't because she was sad, actually, quite the opposite.

She was happy and in awe of the nature around us.

I could tell by the soft, peaceful smile on her face as she looked from one place to another.

Whatever grudge or anger that was still present in little amount evaporated as I saw her smile.

I would have enjoyed the beautiful nature around us too, but I had a more beautiful view to watch.

All too soon we were at the destination I planned.

Ella looked up at me in confusion as she must have felt the boat coming to a halt.

This was the first time in whole of the boat ride that she had looked at me.

I was taken aback by her beauty once again.

I didn't say anything. I just towed the boat to its rightful place and helped Ella out of the boat.

Before she could move forward, I stopped her.

"Ella...I am sorry" I said with hundrend percent genuineness.

"I am sorry, too" She said with a little smile.

We didn't need to explain what we were sorry for because we both knew the reason already.

I was thankful that she was okay with it all, okay as in general.

"Let's continue our date then!" I said loudly and happily.

She giggled at my outspoken behavior and we both broke out into grins.

We were okay.


'' Oh my God, Jason, this is beautiful" She squeals as she sees the picnic set up perfectly in the middle of the forest, looking out at the lake.

"Glad you like it" I grin at her.

"Wait a second" I tell her.

I am back with the bouquet concealed behind me.

I see Ella just walking around the forest.

I quietly make my way towards her and gently tap on her shoulder. She whirls around instantly.

"These are for you" I say and gently hand her the bouquet.

I watch Ella's face as she wonders about the beauty of the flowers.


"So, you and Nate?"  I ask Ella.

It had been hours that we had been here.

We just sat and talk...and eat. Just like everything else, it was...awesome.

"We are good friends" She says happily.

"Just friends, huh?" I prompt her.

"Yup, have been for a long time" 

"Cool" I say clearing my throat.

"Wait, what did you think?" She turns to look away from the lake and towards me.

"Nothing" I obviously lie.

"Oh, tell me" She pouts.

"Uh...well, I thought you two were dating" I awkwardly scratch my neck.

"What? Why would you think that?" She is smiling confusedly.

"You guys are always hanging and such" 

"No! Dude, eww...I would never date him and I actually can't" She giggles and then makes a puking face.


"I know too many things about him...wayyyy too many" She replies.


"And if I would have been dating him, don't you think I wouldn't have accepted to be your valentine?" She asks.

"I guess not" I answer sheepishly.

Way to go, Jason.


"I had fun" Ella says as she turns to me with a soft smile on her face.

"I had fun, too" I whisper back to her.

"I guess it's time to go now" She whispers.

"I guess" 

"Goodnight, Jason"

"Goodnight, Ella"

I turn around, ready to leave Ella at her door.

"And Jason" I hear Ella say and turn back to ask 'what is it' but before I can do that, something happens.

Just as I turn around, her lips come in contact with me and I am stunned shock.

"Bye Jason" She quickly slips inside her door but left there standing in shock.

Did that really just happen?


I think I like where this is going.
La La La...
What's up?
So, unexpected right?


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