Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


9. Chapter-9

I let myself drown in the blissful oblivion of the drowsy chemicals.
''Stupid bitch'' I heard my kidnapper snicker and that is the moment my mind shuts down.

I think I should start a course . No , seriously , I feel like an expert in the matter of waking up with headaches - which tend to get worse with each new one oncoming - not to mention in fainting and getting myself in bad situations with every step I take. Sometimes I miss the days when I used to wake from blissful sleep with a peaceful mind, oh wait, I always miss those days. I am dreading what's going to happen next, I mean, my kidnapper is not just going to forgive and forget my actions -as if I need his forgiveness - I can bet a small -big- fortune that he is planning my torture or he might have already had it planned once he found that I was trying to escape him, that too, as soon as he found the information.

My inner turmoil almost balances out my physical pain, almost being the word in spotlight. I know my wrists are scraped and swelled, I just know and the cuts and bruises from my run of yesterday night are stinging on my skin, most of all, my headache is eating me alive, oh how I wish that I can just strangle this agony.

Really ?

So many intense emotions swirling and with such a raw physical painexcluding my headache because it simply is of another level, my mind is a little messed and jumbled up due the condition I am in.

The condition I put myself inif only I would have just accepted my fate.

No, none of this is my fault . How am I supposed to accept this kind of shit ? Getting kidnapped was never on my agenda but getting free from this place, getting free from my current situation is. I surely would have bumps in my path, I know it's not going to be easy but what choice do I have than to follow through, I can't stay here forever or wait for the day they decide to kill, I doubt they can have a change of heart regarding my situation in coming five to ten years. So that leaves me with only when choice, that is, to escape this place. Yes, I had to be extra careful from now on and actually plan my exit, I know cards won't always be on my plate. I have already escaped twice from this place and if that is not the indication for increasing security here than I don't know what is, I am sure my kidnapper had done the said thing already though. I also know that I can't make a rush plan this time and also that I can't execute whatever plan I will make in the near future, God knows my kidnapper and his minions will be on guard after my actions from last night.

I had almost believed that was I free from his grasp, that I had achieved my freedom, but the feeling didn't last long as my kidnapper captured me again. I can't understand how I could've been so, so stupid to let his words get to me, I mean my parents are searching for me.

Or are they ? 

Yes, of-course, they are. My father and my brother were supposedly not crying in that video-clip but I am sure that was nothing, males don't usually show their emotions, isn't it true and the pained expression -that I so clearly remember- are enough of a proof for me that I am missed.
I virtually can feel the hysterical state my mother was in, it was heart-breaking to see the women I admire and respect so much to be in such a state. To be honest, I have never seen her in so much pain in all the years I've known her. She is always so composed, not strict or anything harsh but I have never actually seen her cry, if you know what I mean. So, I am pretty sure they are searching for me.

Oh God, this headache is like an immortal bitch, it just doesn't go away. I had been up for around twenty minutes and it just keep getting worse. I'm in the basement again, that means torture, pure torture I am going to face today.

Yay !

The ropes keep scratching my wrists and ankles and I have a intuition they'll start bleeding anytime now, I actually could see some dried blood. I am going to barf at the sight of blood, I am telling you. I was wearing cotton shorts and only a t-shirt, they did little in protecting me from the branches and twigs from here and there in the forest last night. There were scratches on the length of my legs and arms, there was nothing serious but it still made a horrible sight to see.

I was in basement, tied to that damn chair and this time the ropes were so tight that they were burning my ankles and wrists. The room smelled even more foul than it did last day. It smelled of rotten flesh but then again, it's a basement- a high possibility of dead rats lying around here. A noise pulled me out of my thoughts and I could see someone standing at top of the stairs. Unfortunately, there wasn't much light around here as to help me in identifying this shadow and the way person wasn't even saying a word made me question if they know about me being awake at all. The person descended the stairs in that unusual silence and I could only point out that the person was a male from the lights -or lack thereof. 

The person was still silent as they made their way towards me and I still couldn't recognize who he was.

It annoyed me.

May be I had finally lost all my senses or something, surely this 'person' couldn't be out of this gang, right ..and I am sure I would have recognized any person from this gang right away, at least the ones I know anyways. Since the person wasn't aware that I was awake, I decided it was best to pretend that I sleeping ; I am still not ready to face the wrath of my kidnapper, not yet at least.

"What a waste"

"I mean, you're sleeping, sleeping !"

"Even after your whole adventure last night, how could you just, just sleep"

I don't know man, may be I'm tired after all the running.
Wow, how hyper is he getting ..over my sleep ?

"Yeah, you're going to wish you never tried what you did last night"

"Just so you know, I have already planned your punishments"

"Oh how much fun we are going to have" He, whoever he was, sneered the last part.

"We could have just lived without your little actions but you did them anyways, sad really" The person's voice almost sounded sad as if they were sorry for what was going to happen to me.

"You, little bitch, you are going to pay for what you did" 

Well, if you insist.

The tone of the tone was full of regret and pity, I wouldn't have believed it if I, myself wouldn't have heard the person. I realized after the last words were said that the person talking was my kidnapper and I couldn't stop them before my eyes flew open. My kidnapper blinked once, twice... thrice but he obviously was in state of shock. I wasn't good either, I kept blinking too. Why you may ask, well may be the reason behind it is because the face of my kidnapper was way too close to mine, our noses only a inch apart and eyes were on the same level. Still in a state of shock, my kidnapper backed away and I also willed myself to break this cloudiness of confusion in my head.

I watched my kidnapper with a curious gaze as he paced around the basement for a good three to four times before he suddenly turned towards me with blazing eyes.

Uh-oh .

His amber eyes were darker with a malicious glint, to which I couldn't help but be intimidated by a little. He stalked towards me with powerful strides and I straightened in my chair. By now, my heart has already started pounding in my chest and it produced a ringing sound in my ears. He gripped my jaw and the my wince soon followed, the bruise was hurting me. I wonder if you could break someone's jaw just by gripping, if not, he is making a serious damage to my tissues in this particular area. I'm not sure if he has some kind fascination with my jaw but I don't think it's the right to think about it, yeah, I realized only when he squeezed it more, causing a painful twinge in my jaws and successfully breaking me out of my thoughts.

"You have been awake all this time, haven't you" I stayed silent, or more precisely, words were not willing to pour out of my mouth because one, it wasn't a question but rather a statement and two, I was scared.  When he realized I wasn't going to utter a word, he - I don't know how to word it- lost it, literally. One second, he is looking deep into my eyes with a piercing gaze and then the other second he is shouting at me.

"Answer me, bitch!" He roared into the damp air of basement. I am not going to lie, it shocked the wits out of me. The moment he shouted was the moment a breath lodged itself in my throat. Panic started bubbling beneath the surface of my skin. I was startled, yes and I was frozen. Earlier I was at least making some attempts to break out of the bondage of ropes but with a sharp intake of breath, I was stuck into a statue like position, no movement from my part whatsoever and I dare not break it while on the other hand, my kidnapper was moving around the room like a tiger on prowl . 

"You know what, let's take it slow, you are probably more stupid  than I first thought" He said with the most fake smile I had ever seen.

Woah ... bi-polar much....and ...was that sarcasm I detect ?

"I mean just look at you, either you argue for bringing the hell down or you are mute ass shit, like you are right now...." 

I kept watching him with an detached interest - seriously, he was making fun of me , would you take interest in that - as he stopped pacing and to stand in front of me. 

"And running away from this place... TWICE ! "

"Even a retard would know better than to come in my bad side, my fucking side !" 

Although I was getting a little worried for my well being now, it still wasn't enough to make me say anything, or was enough of it thereof to not make me say anything. It agitated him further only. 

"Don't you have anything to say" Ladies and Gentlemen, and we are back to jaw holding, while we are at it ... can I get one too ... oh wait, I am tied up, sorry, my bad. 

"Come on, use that pretty little mouth of yours" 

When I refused to do so as he said, he squeezed my jaw...hard. Tears came flooding back, it was like he was pricking a deep wound with a pin, again... and again. It did hurt, so bad but I was a mere a puppet in his hand, I was at his mercy and I knew that I couldn't anger him further ; if that is possible.

So I just chewed on my bottom lip to keep the sobs and pleas for pity in, all the while he kept squeezing my jaw with more and more force. At one point, the pain and pressure was too much to handle and my mouth popped open, a sob breaking loose in the air. I was choking and sobbing, a disgusting mixture, but I refused to let him see me in my weak state, so I clenched my hands into fists and chewed on my inner cheek to stop the sounds of sobs and trembling of my body, one sob was enough!

I watched as his eyes shined with glint of sadistic pleasure he surely got from my sob but no, oh no, this wasn't enough, he still kept on squeezing my jaw. I wanted to scream, sob and cry all at the same time, let's not forget about killing him, shall we but before my mind could even project these reactions in my neurons, something happened or better yet..someone.

"What are you doing?" A voice came from top of the stairs and my kidnapper stopped squeezing my jaw but his hand was still on my jaw, like if he was frozen or something, can't really be sure though, as my head was snapped towards the source and I was frozen too.

"You are not torturing her, are you?" Still no response from the bottom of stairs, or more particularly from me and my kidnapper. 

"Nathan told me what happened, so don't you dare lay a hand on her" I now recognized the voice as of belonging to that old kind lady. I was still frozen, even after she had left and my kidnapper was not better either.

I was confused, she is not the leader of this gang, right and was I not supposed to be punished for my actions ? I thought my kidnapper was the head of this head, but then again, he is too young to lead it and where the hell was this lady when I was being brought back here.

What has Nate told her so as to not give me a punishment ? Why didn't she stop him when he first came in here to torture me and why the hell was my kidnapper listening to order given by that old lady ; I had clearly seen that he is the one to call all the shots in this place and gang ? Too many questions and so much confusion. I still had that soul-killing headache and this situation was not helping me get any better.

My kidnapper was still in state of shock, though a little too much shock for my liking. I guess he is scared for the punishment he is going to receive for not following through his orders but ..but the thing that is eating me is.. that he is the one supposed  to give orders, not the one to follow them. I had witnessed the power he holds in this gang only on my first day here when he ordered everyone to get out, this just doesn't add up !

Even after many a minutes have passed, my kidnapper was still in state of confused stupor and I watched in fascination as his jaw clenched- unclenched and how is free hand curled-uncurled into a fist, it was like he was fighting something... within him, like a inner battle in which sides were divided and  no one was winning but not loosing either way, it was a struggle on his part ! His hand was still on my jaw, he wasn't clutching it in as hard grip as before but not particularly comfortable either, it was still a pressure on my bruise ! This sudden realization was enough to bring me back from my state of confusion and shock, which in-turn made me jerk against his hands.

Finally my jerky movements snapped my kidnapper's attention to present and he was on his feet in an instant, straightening his posture from his somewhat kneeling position. His posture didn't give away any indication if he was anxious or scared of the possible outcomes of his actions; in fact, he still vibrated with that intimidating aura of his, with even more defiance than before. 

With that ego of his still intact in posture as I am assuming, he started untying the ropes. First he worked on my ankles and then on my wrists, I started rubbing the sore area in a heart-beat. The skin around my wrists and ankles were red, swollen and was itching with rope imprint on it, just how tight were they ! I shoot a glare towards mt kidnapper who is untying the rope that was tied over my stomach, apparently tying up my ankles and hands wasn't enough. With a forceful tug from my kidnapper I was on my feet, a little unstable though, I still tried to free my hand from that of my kidnapper but he wasn't letting go, what is his problem. 

I tugged and twisted my hand one way and other but it's like his hand was a stone, not one single reaction. I know screaming at him won't get me anywhere -I really didn't have any energy to do any screaming - and I have already tried physical power over him - not working- so I opted for a peaceful method.

"Can you please let go of my hand" I said as quietly as humanly possible without it being a incoherent mumble and it's not like I could actually put more power in my words. I could tell he was shocked, he was probably expecting a outburst but let's admit it, I don't have the energy nor the mind peace to be wasted at such nonsense. As he was staring at me with a passive expression, I could see the shock in his eyes... he let my hand slip from his own...slowly. Yanking my hand free I scoffed at his disbelief, I mean it's not that hard to believe that I was somewhat serene with my request .

"Are you going to move ...."

"Or let me pass through" 

My sarcasm broke the air of confusion from his mind and again the over-confidence occupied his aura and with that he started moving forward.   

We were sitting in the living room now, by we I meant the old lady, my kidnapper, Nate, Jack, those two teenage guys, that teen girl and of course, me. My kidnapper was standing beside the non-lit fireplace, teenage boys were sitting on bean bags, the old lady and Jack were sitting on two single sofa and since I was most comfortable with Nathan, I set between the teenage girl and him, with the girl being on my right side and him being on my left.

Tension in air was thick and prominent like fog on a cold day in winters and no one was even  trying to break it, in fear of something or other. I wasn't much different, I hadn't moved a muscle since I first came to sit in here for one, I too was fearful of the feasible results and two, I wasn't really sure why we all were sitting here.

The kind lady looked very angry and her normally hazel eyes were darker due to the anger, it looked like a storm was brewing in them. My kidnapper looked in the same state and it made me realize for the first the similarities between, are they related... I have no idea about it. Everyone except these two were in the similar state of nervousness, I on the other hand was just plain confused. Whole atmosphere was just adding more to my confusion and to other's anxiety because no one was uttering a word about anything.

"Oh my God, can you just start with whatever this is about, God !" One of the teenage boy groaned as the silence stretched too far for his liking, everybody's liking for that matter, I know that because everybody nodded their head in agreement ; including me.

"Yeah, get to the point" Nate added. 

We all waited for my kidnapper or for the kind lady to say something but kept being silent. I could guarantee that it has been around half an hour since we have been sitting here. I don't why they were not saying anything. Are they waiting for a invitation of some sort or something to start talking?

"Is any of you going to say something " I commented while picking at my nails, yeah, classic girly move, believe me, I know. I did it to feign disinterest, you know, but it was obvious that I was bored.

"Wouldn't you like to know" Jack scoffed from his seat while rolling his eyes, it was more than obvious to me that the discussion wasn't taking place because, but before I can even reply, somebody took the task in his own hand. 

"Shut it, Jack" My kidnapper spoke up in my defense and we were all amazed in that moment, everybody's jaw went slack at his comment. Since my kidnapper was the head of this gang and Jack couldn't really say something to him, he decided to just glare at  me. What is even  my fault in whatever my kidnapper said, Jack had no reason to glare at me like he was doing. Seeing our dumbstruck expressions, my kidnapper went on to say something, but as he opened his mouth, I interrupted him just like he had interrupted me before.

"Seriously, if you guys aren't able to talk because of me, then I can go"

"Honestly, I wouldn't mind... at all... just let me go" Last bit was mumbled on my part but I wouldn't be surprised if they all heard me, after all, there  was that much silence.

"No honey, it's not like that" The old lady spoke to comfort me with kind words when everybody else failed to come up with something to break silence caused due to my words. 

"Oh, then what is it like, please enlighten me" I couldn't stop the words before they were out of my mouth and in the open. They were dripping pure venom and I felt a little bad for saying to them to her, since she had been nothing but kind to me, but on the other hand, she shouldn't have spoken what she did, she was practically asking for the insult.

The hurt was clear on her face and everyone of the them were flabbergasted at my outspoken way, but I couldn't change my words or take them back and she shouldn't have prompted me in this way. It felt like someone stabbed me but instead of ending my life in a moment, they kept twisting and turning the blade until I died of agony, I knew there were angry tears in my eyes at the moment.  

My kidnapper opened his mouth to tell me off or insult me or curse me for that matter but with a shake of head from kind lady, he clamped his mouth shut with anger. I felt one tear slipping as I watched the silent exchange between them, she was still protecting me, even when I had belittled her in such a way. I feel a disgusting twinge in my stomach and I knew that I should have thought before saying those words out loud. How could I forget that she was the one who stopped me from getting tortured by my kidnapper and she has always been soft spoken to me for the little time I had been here.

"Ah.. I'm s..orry" I spoke with my voice breaking in between the sentence and I sensed the oncoming of tears and I knew that I was going to break down at any moment, I was going to be surprised in the next minutes.

"Why bother" My kidnapper said, his voice full of sarcasm but the worst thing was, he was right and that's what hurt me the most, I couldn't even find any fault in his words! I blinked once, twice and to my astonishment, the tears were actually stopped from dripping down my eyes. For the first time in my life, I actually  fucking contained my emotions. I don't know if it was a good thing or not. Living in this place, only for a few days, had this kind of effect of me, this place had hardened in a matter of days, some credit goes to the people here too, around eighty percent to my kidnapper of it all. 

"Can we please discuss whatever you wanted, it's getting boring now" Nate whined from beside me and I gave him an grateful nod, whispering a 'thank you' in-between. He had noticed my desperate state and decided to change the subject for my sake, I was thankful for it. 

"Yeah, let's just get on with it" For once, Jack sided with something rational, even if it meant to  not be able to bully me anymore. 

"Okay" The lady began with a exasperated sigh.

"I'll do it" My kidnapper says, cutting off the lady effectively as she was going to start explaining. 

"We all know that Ella here.." He gestured towards me and everyone turned to me, making me nervous. 

".. is kidnapped and .." Everyone visibly winced at the word 'kidnapped' but my  kidnapper wasn't effected in the slightest and he continued normally with his sentence, not at all noticing the reaction he had caused in people, except Jack, who was just looking smug.

".. is our captive from the robbing, we last did. She had tried to run away from here twice and nearly succeeded both the times." Now I was the one feeling smug and a smirk was on full display on my face. I noticed that Nate looked like he was proud of me and my kidnapper's fists were clenched as if he was trying to control his anger.

"She is a captive of ours and you know what that means in the underworld" I glanced at all the people in the room, only to get confused at their  expressions were full of understanding, that meant they knew exactly what he was talking about, whereas I on the other hand knew nothing of what he was talking about.

"We can't let that happen, if she ever manages to get away from here, she'll go running straight to the cops, we can't let that happen! How could you all be this careless ?" His emotions got a little out of control towards the end but he controlled it by taking deep breaths.

"Relax" The lady commented from her seat.

"Whatever that had been happened is done, you can't change it, let's just focus on what we are to do now. First of all, she will  not be punished " She shot a furious look towards my kidnapper, then proceeded to continue.

"We have to be extra careful from now on, yes, but that doesn't mean that we couldn't do it by  not giving more grief to her, she is already facing many a problems as it is."
"Wait... you guys are worried that I'll rat you out to cops ?" I was thankful for what the lady has said for me, believe me, but my mind was only reeling on one point. 

"You know what, you've my word, I will not say anything to anyone, just ..just please let me go" My emotions got the best of me and I suddenly felt the urge to cry.

"It's not that easy, sweetheart" I cringed at the nickname, not because I didn't want the old lady to title me with that, no, but because this was what my mother used to call me, whom I have no idea when I will meet, if ever. Suddenly an horrifying idea stuck me,

"Are you planning to kill me  ?" I looked at their cold expressions and understood what it meant. 

"You guys are going to kill me now, aren't you, only because I was able to run from here." It was a question no more but a statement they were yet to deny. I haven't considered death as an option but I have learned that nothing is impossible in this place, if they decide- or they have already decided- to kill me, they would do so in a heart-beat, without so much as a second thought. I  do not want to die, not just yet, I still have so many things to achieve, there are so many things I want to accomplish. Can I let go of all the things I am yet to get ? 

If they kill me one will know, nobody will know about my death. Not my relatives, not my friends and certainly not my family. They all would live their lives in oblivion of hope that I  will return someday, not knowing that I was dead all along. Who will help ma in all the decorations during festive ? Who will remind dad that blue print tie couldn't be wore with black suit ? Who will give advice to my brother when it came to girls ? Who will help my friends with maths homework ? 

The answer to all these questions was simple and all clear to me, no one, but the thing I am forgetting is that they all are struggling with my absence... right now. There is no assurance that I will come back but I am sure they are hoping I'll be home soon, with all smiles and shine like I wasn't even kidnapped in first place. The point being, they are waiting for my return and they still will be waiting after five or may be ten years without the knowledge that I am no more. Nobody will inform them about my death and I will just become one report in missing people's file, that just eat dust for years. I will be forgotten among a thousands of missing beings but they will be waiting and hoping for my return but I will not be there, I will never be there.

If these criminals decide to end my life, there is nothing I can say or do, that will change their mind. They could kill me in a second and they won't even bother for my dead body, I will just become dust ! The silence, nobody tried to break it and my statement hung in the air like a dead weight. I was getting more and more agitated with the minute, why don't they just give me a bloody answer ! 

But are you ready to here their answer ?

If they answer yes, I don't know what I will do, I mean I don't want to die yet. If they say no, I wouldn't know if to be grateful for the pity granted or be angry to live among them.

Could you let go of everything you've known ? 
Every dream you have ever dreamt ?

Every hope you'll be shattering ?

No, I am not ready for any of these things to happen. I am a young soul with such a long life ahead, I can't just let these things go, not now, not ever.
* * *
Ta-da, here's your chapter..after a month ..eep ..sorry for the wait. I am ill, if you believe me. Hope you enjoy it.
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