Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


8. Chapter-8

"Um .. where is Ella ?" It made me hold my breath as the question Jack proposed silenced all the commotion between them .
The words were spoken with utter confusion but I was in no doubt that it cleared all of those from my kidnapper's mind and some of his minions .

"What do you mean where is she ."

"She was with you a minute ago ?"

"Now is no time for joking Jack."

" Can you all just fucking shut up !"

I think the whole scene around us actually froze for a second as my kidnapper's voice bellowed over the petty chattering of his gang members . It amazes how much power he holds over each one of them , well not really but it's still a shock nonetheless . Along everything else , my actions also freeze upon hearing his words . Since there is no sound to be heard anywhere around , I try to to hold my breath as my pulse starts beating in my ears.

"O.K. , lets not make any assumptions just yet .." Jack says almost pathetically and I right now just went to do a childish thing like air-fist bump or something like that because Jack can be scared too , oh , he is scared alright .

"Yeah , I mean where can she go anyway "

"Boss , don't worry , she is probably just within the ourselves right now and is keeping mum " 
The voice that quipped couldn't be more right , I actually was within their grasp if they made the effort , I mean I barely had just jogged over to here and it wasn't even that far if I still could hear their voices .

"Hey , I think I caught her !"

"Are you fucking stupid ! I am not that bitch "
I frowned upon hearing words whoever said , I get it I am not well-liked here , but hey , I did not ask you to kidnap me in the first place .

"Fucking Enough !" My kidnapper's voice roared in the surroundings and hung there loud and clear , it was obvious that he is fed up of their pathetic arguments . After some minutes , when he was sure that no one would start again with their stupid theories , he spoke again but with much more calmness than before .

"Are these torches gonna work ?", he asked with his tone indicating nothing else than composure , which he surely have gained after roaring like a fucking raging animal just moments before .

"We can try to do something but there is no guarantee "

" Okay , see if you can get them to work , Jack and you , come here ." He ordered and I imagine that Jack and the other guy he called must have distanced themselves so as to talk privately , for as the others , they all might be trying to get those torches to work or something through trial and error .

"Anything working ? " My kidnapper asks after some minutes .

"Not really boss " A grunt is all I hear after the reply , it is a loud one I suppose , seeing I heard it even from a good distance .

"You have your cellphones ?" A murmur of 'no' erupts to answer my kidnapper's question .

"Bloody idiots! "

"Okay , let's get back , there is no use in standing here all night ." A chorus of shuffling feet sounds towards my ear and I am confused but relieved nonetheless . Confused if my kidnapper had really called off their 'task' this easily and relieved for obvious reasons . I waited till I can't no longer hear them to release the breath I had been holding . After a while , when their aura of presence no longer surrounded the forest , I started walking, still careful and with baby steps . Better be safe than sorry .

I have been walking for around fifteen when I feel like someone is watching me . Just the thought of being watched alone places a feeling of dread inside me . I look around the forest nervously to deny rather than confirm my suspicion . Nothing seems out of place so I continue on with my journey . I still can't shake off the feeling that some person or another actually is following me . I try to look around discreetly , well , as discreetly as I can , to see a mere of one clue for my paranoia but I could fine none . Hurriedly walking now , I try to be subtle about my movements, if someone is actually following me just in-case . I hear a faint sound that in no-way possible could belong to forest .

Oh , my assumption is right again , how wonderful !

I want to turn around to see .. or not see , if someone is following me but I don't , for one , it will only slow down my pace and make it easier for my stalker to catch me and second , I am just not ready to face someone presuming that I am indeed being followed .

Doubt or not , I still had to do something about my paranoiac state . So in a logical way , I thought that taking a break would be a rational decision . Think about it , I am sleep-deprived and it should be around two or more in the morning , it is only right that I rest a little.  I quickly spot a tree with thick trunk and start towards it. Sitting on the ground with my back resting on tree trunk , I huff out a breath . This place and all this kidnapping shit had really started to mess with my brain now , I can't believe that not even a week here and I had started feeling like a person with psychogenic disease . There is always a certain fear in me that someone , at any time , could jump out of nowhere , a paranoia all the time . It doesn't help that I had been cooped-up with these horrendous people for last few days .

I stood up from my position in around ten minutes and looked around just to be sure .Phew .. no one is here , well , except for me of course .I shake off some dirt and start walking normally , normally my ass , watch your step boo ! So , I wasn't exactly walking normally , yes , I was walking like a thief just waiting to be caught . Well , you can't blame me for keep a watch for myself now , can you . Alas , my peace was short-lived as I felt someone's eyes on me . I looked around but not a single clue of someone's presence could be found . Okay Ella , take deep breathes , it is nothing .

After some really strained deep breaths , I forced myself to keep walking , it was of no use ,whatever pint of energy I have , to waste in being paranoid . Slowly but surely , my pace strengthened with every step as I forced myself to get over my sluggish movements , until I was somewhat jogging . Nothing could have prepared me for what was to come in oncoming minutes . Pacing through the thick tree trunks and low branches , I was very lost in my own world .

"So you jog , yeah." A voice , almost like a whisper , sounded from beside me . I slowly turned my head , wondering if the voice was just an hallucination , all my mind's doing but the thought died as soon as it arrived . Keeping up with my pace , the kidnapper was jogging with ease as if this was a normal stroll in the park . My eyes widened and before I can help it , I cried out an yelp with much intensity than I could have mustered any other time . Shock lasted for only a fraction of second though , for him and for me too . Mine lasted a little bit less than that of my kidnapper and taking that as an advantage , I darted through the parted trees . He must be more in shock than I thought because he snapped out of it in about ten seconds , more or less , before he shouted an exasperated 'fuck' . I knew he'll be chasing me now and God knows I can't outrun him , given my almost fragile state , it was almost impossible to escape . 

I heard him before I saw him , filling me with more dread . Cocking my head to the side , I could see that he was mere four or less trees behind me and catching up quickly , might I add . I turned my head back around just in time to see a low hanging branch and dodging it with just a little edge. I knew I had to work an plan and fast, if I wanted to actually escape . This mouse and cat game had been dragged far too and I know all this 'chasing' me was just my kidnapper playing the game , enjoying it with a sadistic pleasure . Luckily for me , my kidnapper actually ran into the the branch I had just dodged , slowing him down . I quickly darted onto my left side before he opens his eyes . Slowing down my speed into a moderate pace , I managed to control my labored breathing and walked along the shadows . He had completely stopped I can tell you , no crunching sound of leaves can be heard now .

"Two can play a game , princess" I cringed at the use of nick-name and fought the urge to shout at him 'I am nobody's princess' , the deranged way he said the word , moved something inside me , it was a lick to my spine in anything but a haunting way , goosebumps arose on my neck and arms . It felt like someone creeping up on you and just for the sake of it , I nervously turned my head to asses if he actually was right behind me . He wasn't , but his words were still ricocheting around my head . I shook my head in a meek attempt to get his voice out of my head , it was futile though . With a creeping feeling of apprehension in my heart , I pushed myself for the plan . I had to escape , getting caught was not an option now , not when I finally felt the taste of total freedom , not when I had finally found an escape . The feeling I had felt, before this gang caught me earlier today , over-powered all the other feelings , it drowned all my limbs with a sense of liberty and overwhelmed my nervous system , enchanting me with an unpredicted calm . I , in my coming life , will never take the sense of liberty and freedom granted , not when I had so closely felt the loss of it .

I saw an group of oak trees and it felt like an blessing from above . Their branches were literally sprawled on the ground and made a perfect place for my hiding . I chose a tree from the far-right corner , after all , the center would be quite an easy guess . I was so sure that he had been somewhere lost in the forest , the forest really is dense , but I could not have been more wrong .

"Aw princess , come out now , you know you won't last long" His voice was near than expected and I nearly yelped if not for my palm against the mouth . He is in the circle of oak trees , oh God ! I can try to run but that would only give away my place of hiding . Moreover , who guarantees that his minion are not around , I mean , I haven't heard or seen anyone yet but still . My eyes were frantic as I searched for him in my surroundings but I couldn't find any hint to give away his position , even when I crouched and looked around on both side of my near-by trees .

"Seems like you won the game ,aye!" After several minutes of his last shout , he made this announcement . He was bloody mocking me , that bastard ! I sucked in a deep breath , even after his punishment and many of his glarings , my stubborn nature and pride were still intact and it was hard for me to just let him mock me . It was quiet after the words were spoken , a little too quiet in my opinion and I wondered if he had quit this quest. It didn't take a genius to guess that he had not actually ended the task but rather was following a old trick . Ha ! but I wasn't falling for the old one , it is really over-used in psycho-drama  movies . I stilled my body as stiff as I can and for much long I can manage , when in following minutes , no doubtful activity happened , I mumbled a 'thank God' with a staggering sigh.

Mistake .

"Heya , princess ! " The tone he used was awfully cheery and mocking . Oh , definitely mocking ! My cry of surprise disrupted the entire forest as it cut through our surroundings , damaging the perfect silence which had settled after his departure from here . What was more chilling is that he laughed at my reaction , he laughed ! That sardonic laugh of his that can give any psychopath complex. My ears were wide in ear and my my pulse was thrumming in my ears . I looked around my self for an possible escape but my kidnapper , who was seemingly watching me closely, put his arms on both sides of me , effortlessly trapping me .

"Aw Princess , don't be cold to me " He said in a fake hurt voice , pouting a little just to put on a edge . I kept my mouth shut , I didn't need to aggravate him further if I can't escape from here now .Not getting bothered from his intense stare , I turned my head right to stare into the undefined depth of the forest , apparently he didn't like my nonchalant behavior .

"Answer me " His voice boomed all around me and I cringed a little despite my best efforts . Even though my heart was beating with rapid pace , I put on a cool facade , I can't let him see my fear , leeches like him feed on it after all . I kept staring at him for a long time with not one expression crossing my face , I just hope my eyes were not showing my frantic inside .

"Well ?" He prompted .

"You haven't asked me a question " I said with nonchalance , praying that my voice wouldn't crack mid-sentence . I could tell that my answer wasn't the one he expected but he was still amused with it though , because one end of his lips turned up into that stupid smirk of his .

"Oh , I see , putting on a brave heart , yeah" He says in a amused tone ,darkly .

"But darling , it is of no use..." I get the feeling that he meant 'pain in the ass' by 'darling'

"You know why ?" I knew he would have continued even if I don't answer , so I didn't .

"Because I know how you are , a pathetic little bitch ."

"No one wants you know , why do you think there has been only one news reported of you being missing"

"I'll tell you why , because no one bloody misses , if anything , they are grateful that you are gone from their lives " I know what he is saying is total and utter bullshit but that doesn't stop the words from hurting me . He is just saying all these things to make me lose hope , to make me feel dejected and the worst part is , he is succeeding , he is making me feel vulnerable with his every word and the way he says them with so much conviction only lead me to believe likewise .

"I saw that video-clip too the other day " I know he is mentioning the video-clip of my mother , my father and my brother in the hospital , the memory makes pin stab behind my eyes but I refuse to let him see that he got to me with his stupid made-up things ...yet .

"I saw how they were a complete family ...without you ." He should have stopped him , I should have but I didn't , I couldn't .

"You know , it is rather weird how none of them were crying , well of course except your mother , a mother is a mother after-all but your dad and your brother looked like they can't be bothered to give two shits about your kidnapping , weird right !" His words were slowly biting away any lost pieces of hope that were left in my heart . I felt so stupid and insignificant at the moment for I knew that he was telling lies but I still couldn't stop them to get to me , even though I knew these words were fabrication of truth but I was still allowing them to hurt me and leaving me vulnerable . I couldn't keep looking at his face , maintaining eye contact when my eyes started to sting but I resisted the pain , I resisted the hurt , I couldn't let him get to me .

"We both know you are lying , so please do me a favor and shut up" I coughed a little towards the end to cover my obvious cracking of voice .

"Oh , am I now ?" He asked with an eyebrow raised at me in amusement .

"Yeah , you are , you can try all you want , but I know the truth , your shitty lies won't make a different " My voice came out more confident than the chaos I felt inside.

"Hmm , that is what you think " He said smoothly through his teeth .

"Why do you think nobody had found you yet ?"

"Well , it surely will take them some time to find me " I scoffed a little to feign nonchalant .

"You actually have a point for one but ..." I waited for him to continue his sentence because he was taking longer than necessary , I assume for the dramatic effect .

"How can you explain that news of you being missing has been reported only once  ?" My stance of defiant posture immediately slumped at his question because I haven't thought about it once,  they are surely reporting about my kidnapping right,  I mean my dad is a known person.

''You don't have any answer for it, princess! '' I knew he was mocking me but what could I possibly say to him when my whole mind is jumbled up from his previous words.

''Not so mouthy, are you now ?'' I wanted to hurt him,  be it physically or mentally but I couldn't,  he can physically over -power me easily and I didn't knew any of his emotional weaknesses,  he didn't look like a man who had one anyway.  Instead I turned my head , just a bit, to hide my insecurities and tears, which is most possibly the stupidest thing I could have done at the moment.

The second I turned my head,  my face came into a forced contact with a cloth, which I'm sure was filed with chemicals. The shock at the sudden action drove me to take in a sharp breath and my mind started getting foggy within seconds. My eyelids dipped lower and my eyesight became hazy. I knew I was going to faint soon but too tired and exhausted to fight the urge , I let myself drown in the blissful oblivion of the drowsy chemicals.

''Stupid bitch'' I heard my kidnapper snicker and that is the moment my mind shuts down.
Shorter than usual , but please bear with me . Please , please , please.... give me feedback , in dire need here !


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