Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


25. Chapter-21

One, his father has purposely kidnapped his cousin. 

Two, and he was going to use her as a bait in the upcoming gang-war.
And third, Ella hasn't recognized him. 

Also, he somehow has to get Ella out of this mess.

Third Person P.O.V.

"Samantha, why are you here so early?" Jason asked once they were inside the safety of his room, and away from the prying eyes of...Ella. He hadn't liked the exchange of smiles between Samantha and Ella because it felt cruel to deceive Ella more when they already were using her for their ulterior motives. Samantha didn't reply to his question, she was too busy observing the room they were in. 

"So, you get to live like a king while the rest of us bunk in sewers for a night," Samantha's tone was one of jealousy and bitter disapproval, but Jason knew she was just taking a piss at him. 

"Besides the point, I asked you a question Samantha," He watched with mild scowl when she perched herself on a seat, as if she owned the place.

"Oh calm down, and need I remind you that you aren't my leader," She replied, never the one backing down. 

"God, just tell me!" He was at verge of fuming now, and he worked hard to keep him temper in control. 

"Are you quite done?" She raised one eyebrow at him but continued without a reply. "I had no say in the matter, Chief wanted me to come here, so I did."

Jason groaned and fell on his back on the bed. This was a nightmare if Chief was on his trail, he was screwed. He hadn't got even a single bit of information out of Ella which might be of any use to them. 

"So, what's the progress," Though Samantha was fiddling with the things on that desk, he knew she was serious. 

When he didn't reply, Samantha turned her head to him and pinned him with those unnerving eyes of her.

"Jason?" Her eyes seemed able to look right into his soul and he faltered.


He groaned before saying," I haven't been able to get anything from her."

"Really?" She didn't seem too surprised by this and that surprised Jason.

"Why aren't screaming at you?" Jason eyes her suspiciously.

"First, I am not you ring leader for the time being-" She laughed when Jason scowled at the word 'ring leader' "- and second, it's been only like 4 days, and that girl is schizophrenic, I didn't really expect you to find anything important."

Jason seemed to accept that answer as he relaxed onto the bed.

"Chief on the other hand isn't of the same opinion," Samantha said," He wants to know at least something." 

"So, what happened to you?" Samantha asked referring to his injuries, when he didn't reply for a while.

"Nothing, it's just to get information out of Ella" Jason replied absently. 

"Oh, to get close to her and gain her sympathy, nice plan."

"I don't want to get close to her." 

"You can lie to yourself but not to me, I have known you since you were a kid" Samantha was about seven years older to Jason, and as she has said, she has known him since he was born. 

"Yeah, okay, I might have grown a little protective of her but that's nothing," Jason clarified.

"And it should be nothing," She said sternly. She sympathized with Jason, who indicated any interest, romantic interest, for the first time, but nothing is bigger than their duty.

"I know how important this mission is for you, to find the killer of your father." Just as Samantha mentioned his father, Jason's jaw clenched tight, and there was a sudden shift in air around Jason. 

"I will find the killer, no matter what the cost is!" Jason spoke through grinding teeth, as he sat and tightly clenched the sheet beneath him, his knuckles were white with force. 

"Exactly, don't let a girl mess this up for you, not now when you're so close to truth."

"What do you mean?"

"The other thing Chief wanted me to tell you is that the Red Eye gang is preparing to start a gang war with you and this fake gang." 

"Well, this gang might be fake but our training isn't."

"True as it is, just take care that only the people who actually think they are in a real gang with you don't get any truth out of it, and find a fake motive to fight upcoming war." 


"This briefcase contains some intel about Red Eye gang, read it"

As Samantha moved towards the door to take leave, Jason stopped her," Wait, even though I don't have any information about Ella, I think someone else might." 

"Who?" Samantha asked curiously.


"Your weird cousin, man I like that guy."

"What, he's funny," Samantha said when Jason gave her a questioning look.

Samantha followed Jason throughout the house, but to their great surprise, they couldn't find any of the important members of the gang. 

"Where is everyone, Jason?"

"I am wondering the same thing, Samantha."

They did a more thorough search, this time, especially searching for Nathan, they still couldn't find anyone.

"Fuck, where the fuck is that loser!" Jason was exasperated.

"I know! Quick, let's go to Ella's room, I'm sure he'll be there." Jason said, and Samantha followed him without a question. 

They started worrying as they couldn't even find Ella in Ella's room, let alone Nathan. 

Noticing Jason's distress, Samantha asked," Are you okay?"

"Fuck, where is she!"

"Jason, calm down, we haven't looked in all the rooms yet."

"I hope she hasn't tried to run away again. Of course, she would notice the lack of people in the house and take advantage of it-" Jason groans, "-that girl is-". He is cut off from his mumbling monologue by Samantha.

"What do you mean 'again'?" Samantha's eyes were narrowed, and now her work was the priority over consoling Jason.

Scratching his head, Jason said," Um, she has like...tried to run away from here, twice."


"And, she succeeded both the times, we had to catch her from the forest once, at night," He admitted after a sigh. 

"How come none of us knows about this?"

"Because Chief would've taken me off the mission." Jason's hands were curled on his sides, 'he won't know what to do if he was slacked off this mission', he thought to himself. 

"Leave it, let's just see if we can find anyone in this bloody house.' Samantha waved a hand and went out the room, but not before adding, "But be sure that Chief will hear about this," her index finger pointed at Jason.

"What now?" Jason asks following Samantha to the hallway. 

"Let's just look around the house, see if we find anyone."

Samantha points to a black object beside the ceiling bulb and asks, "What's that?"


"You have them all through the house?"


Samantha smacks Jason on the head," Then let's go see the footage of last few hours, idiot."


"You have a library in this place?!" Samantha gasped dramatically, but Jason knew she was only kidding around. 

"Mhmm. Why would she go in the library anyway?" 

Samantha and Jason watch the screen intently and after a few minutes, they are surprised by what they see.

"Really, she went there to sleep?! To sleep," Jason throws his hands in the air in exasperation.


"She isn't even doing anything!" 

"Well, duh! She's sleeping, what else is she supposed to do," Samantha without taking her eyes off the monitor. 

"I think we should fast-forward it a bit."

"Okay," Jason said, already fiddling with different buttons on the keyboard. 

"Hey, hey! Stop it!" Samantha exclaimed suddenly, almost jumping in her chair. 

Jason stopped the footage, and the frame showed a masked guy towering over Ella's sleeping form and suffocating her with a white handkerchief. Both Samantha and Jason knew what that action entailed. 

Leaving Ella's now fainted form on the sofa, he moved directly in the vision of security camera, as if he knew all along that a camera was there. When the guy stood directly in front of camera, Jason could point out the mark of Red Eye gang on the person's mask to Samantha.

"McCann, the war is on," Spoke the masked person. 

"She's a pretty little thing, isn't she-"chuckle-" if you wanna save her, move fast because time is ticking." With that the masked flipped the bird to camera and then they saw his hand moving towards the screen, and there was a lurch on screen, followed by static sound and white screen. He had ripped out the camera.

Jason visibly shook in his chair beside Samantha, but before she can utter a single word, he shot out of his chair and tore through the door of the room.

Samantha followed after Jason and saw him going straight for the library. 'This cannot be good' she thought to herself and after leaving a message for Jason on the desk of his room, left the house to go report to their Chief. 



Memory has stricken her up at a peculiar time, she was aware that the guy in front of her was snapping his fingers at her, but she was too absorbed in her thoughts.

Many a things were going through her mind. 'Why does this guy look like Uncle Vincent?', 'Where am I?" and most repeated one was, "Am I really kidnapped, again!"

The guy felt a little helpless, he tried gaining her attention but even with her eyes open, it felt as if she wasn't looking at him at all.
The only thing he could think of to do next had Ella gasping.

He threw water at her face.

This worked as Ella did came out of her trance, and for the first time properly looked at the guy in front of him.

"Hey," he said. When Ella didn't reply for a long time, he continued, "Don't worry, nothing is going to happen to you here," he mistook Ella's frown for the fear of being at an unknown place but Ella on the other hand was frowning because of her gut feeling that she has met this guy before somewhere.

"Where am I?" She questioned him, wanting to know where she was so that she could devise a plan to escape. 

"You're safe, don't worry," Repeated words gave her a bit of calm and the conviction with which the guy has spoken made her want to believe him and in her still hazy state, she did.

Before she could come out of her haze and question him, he made her stand up and within a few minutes, through a flurry of hallways and antique pieces, they were both in a different room.

A bedroom, with much better air and also clean.

Ella decided she liked it better than the room she was in before.

The guy, Ella's cousin, Daniel was nervous and Ella noticed it right away, even through the fog in her mind, that was clearing away as the minutes ticked.

"Are you okay?" Ella asked and it induced a morbid chuckle from Daniel, to which Ella merely raised a eyebrow.

"I should be the one asking you that."

After a minute of awkward silence Ella asked, "Who are you and where am I?"

"You don't recognize me?" Daniel said breezily.

"No," Ella's answered, a little uneasy knowing he expected a different answer.

As more time passed and confusion on Ella's face only got worse, Daniel became serious.

"You aren't kidding, are you?"

"You look kind of familiar, but.." She left the sentence unfinished.

Daniel sighed and dragged a hand on his face.

"We have met before," Daniel smiled. Ella felt a connection to him, inexpiable connection, and smiled in return but that didn't dim her fear.

"I guessed." Her unspoken question hung in the air between them.

Who are you?

"Just know I'll protect you till my last breath," Daniel breathed hard, he wanted to protect his little sister, the one he never got the chance to know, to tease, to grow with and to step forward with having each others back in every possible situation. He was given one chance and by God, he'll take it with open hands and embrace it till his death.

Growing up in a house where your father is bastard, and a gang leader and knowing your mother got killed because of your father makes you lonely and miserable.

Daniel never called the place his home, because it wasn't home, a repulsive imitation at best. Though he never got to grow up with Ella, he still remembered the few times he got be with her. As any older brother, he has grown affectionate and protective over her, only he never got to show it till now, and she has forgotten him. He did too, forgot her and their childhood together, but once he got through the farce his father had created and spoon-fed him, he had remembered her. He cherished those memories a little too much, because he remembers his mother being at her happiest before the dark days had fallen on her. Ella was the only link he had to his mother's happy days.

"Why, is something going to happen?" Ella's fear has intensified, something was going to happen and she hated not knowing anything about it. Ella knew she wasn't in the house of Jason's gang anymore, because no matter how fast this guy has taken her to this room, she has looked around enough to know she was at a different place.

Throwing her a sad little smile, Daniel left without a word.


Daniel was sturdily walking the corridor towards his Dad's office when he saw people busily bustling in and around their Arsenal room.


The war going to take place a lot sooner than he thought. 

He was going to kill his father when he sees him, he was sure of it. After seeing Ella and realizing that his father has intentionally kidnapped her, the memories of his mother being tormented beyond her endurance in her last days has resurfaced in his brain , and so did the grief and anger that always came with it. It was time that his father and he has a much delayed father to son heart-to-heart.


Jason was pacing around the living room, when Nathan and some other members of the gang came in.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" Jason exploded as soon as he saw Nathan. Everyone that were coming in stilled at the booming voice and so did Nathan, but he soon composed himself, used to little tantrums of Jason. Every member but Nathan looked scared at the glare Jason was giving them.

"Chill, we were in a meeting"

"Do you have any idea what has happened here?" He was breathing like a bull on fire at this point. Nathan shook his head as a answer.

"Of course you don't! Whenever something happens, you're not here! You're never here!"

Nathan breathed out angrily out of his nose, "Stop, okay, we were in the meeting with Chief, covering for you! Because your sorry ass hasn't done anything yet." That statement drained Jason's anger and he looked at Nathan with wide eyes. Jason looked at the people that came in with Nathan and they all were part of the real team not the fake gang.

"Now, tell me what has happened," Nathan asked in a firm tone. 

Jason, eyes narrowed and with mouth set in a thin line, said, "Ella has been kidnapped." Nathan's serious attitude vanished into thin air upon hearing this, and Nathan started in a frenzy, "What! You couldn't have told me that sooner?! You had the time to argue with me but not to tell me this!" 

"Shut him up, please," Jason indicated to the group behind Nathan. One of them nodded and sucker punched Nathan in the stomach.

"What the hell as that for!" Nathan shouted.​

Without bothering to reply to Nathan, Jason faced the members behind him instead.

"What did Chief say?"

"Oh, so now you're not talking to me! Well good, because I'm going anyway, I will not be at a place where I am not respected," With a huff, Nathan left the room.

Almost everyone rolled their eyes at the dramatic exit of Nathan.

"Well?" Jason prodded them.

"The Chief talked to only Nathan, in private, so we have no idea," One of them said and the rest of them agreed with it.

"Then what were you guys doing there?"

"We were, um, bulking on the ammo, we were called for this by Chief," The guy indicated to a dozen bags lying beside the front door.

"Okay" Without saying a word more, Jason left them to find Nathan.

He had some questioning to do after-all.


"Nathan, open the damn door!" Jason knocked, rattled, the door for the third time and still got no answer. He decided to just kick down the door, that way he'll get hold of that idiot faster and he won't even be able to run away from him.

"One, two, three, here I come" He muttered under his breath and poised his leg to kick and then delivered a powerful kick to the door.

"SON OF A BITCH!" He shouted upon feeling the painful throb in his foot, realizing all too late that the door was made of heavy oak-wood.

"Uh, what are you doing?" Jason was startled from his awkward hopping on one leg as he heard Nathan beside him.

"I had to talk to you."

"I don't"

As Nathan made to move, Jason reached out to his shoulder.

"Wait." Jason set his foot down unknowingly but winced as soon as he did.

Nathan noticed it with shrewd eyes.

Nathan nodded his head towards to his room and followed after his stumbling cousin.

"Are you okay, brother" Jason winced again, this time from the scathing tone Nathan has used. It's true that he has never treated Nathan like a younger brother or a cousin, and he felt guilty, but it's also true that he didn't knew how to as he never had any siblings. He did gave him lea-ways when he made mistakes, more than any other gang member, so maybe that could be his saving grace. 

"Look Nathan-" Nathan interrupted him mid-sentence. 

"No, you look Jason, after we get Ella back, I'm going to quit this shitty gang and that even shittier team, so just till then, try to respect me." Nathan finished and sat by the window.

Jason was shocked to find how much this reminded him of Ella. So maybe they had some similarities and that's why she got along better with Nathan, not
because of personal preferences.

"What? You're quitting the team?"

"Yes, were you even listening to what I just said?"

"But why?"

"Because-" Nathan took in a deep breath, "-because I'm not respected around here."

"That's it? That's your silly reason for quitting the team? I guess quitting the gang doesn't really matter but do you think that Chief will let you leave the team just like that?"

"Jason, since Ella came here, I realized something okay." Jason watched with mild interest as his cousin shrunk into himself.

But then Nathan unfurled again. Nathan sat up straight but still not looking at Jason, stated.

"I saw how much a person can suffer, how much any person can suffer and I...there's just too much darkness here and I want to help people, not...not socialize with gangsters! I guess what I'm really saying is that I want to make something good out of my life and we both know how this life can waste you into nothingness." Jason saw as the straight posture of Nathan turned to a hunched posture and how his face calmed down into a peaceful expression.

"You can help people here, you know," Jason said, but cringed at his own words, for he knew the difference between helping people in the underworld, and in the real, too big of a gap to even count. 

"My parents are dead! I have nobody in this world, only you and your mom! I don't want to live a life like this, running from one enemy to another, or completing one task after the other for this stupid secret agency! So yes, I am going to quit."

"I understand," And he did, numerous times he had sat and fantasized about having a different life and to run away from this, but he couldn't. 

"And I talked to Chief today about it and he agreed after giving some tasks to do."

Jason was curious to know what these tasks entailed but didn't prod.

"What did Chief say about the 'Ella kidnapping'?"

"Okay, get this, the raid that happened to your barn eleven years ago?"

"Ah-huh, how can I forget that night." That night that changed everything in his life.

That night that killed his father.

"Well, the gang that did the raid and Red Eye gang are involved with each other. The core team is still trying to find all the links between them and stuff, but there's definite proof that both the gangs are involved. Chief thinks that your father's killer might be one of Red Eye's member." Jason hands clenched at the mention of his father's killer. Oh how would love to choke that bastard.

"Now, onto the bad part, since there has been no ransom demands till now, the core team has also found some evidence suggesting that they might kill Ella. So, we need to work quickly for a rescue plan."
Three fucking months and you still get a chapter with typos. Sorry! How are you all, dears. Hope you enjoy the chapter! Bye!
And I know his chapter is a bit boring, but luckily you all wouldn't mind that!

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