Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


24. Chapter-20

"I see you both are having a good morning."


My eyes widen.


I push myself off from Jason. 


My heart is beating in my ears. 


My eyes slowly meets Blue irises.

"Nate!" I groaned.

"Yope, that's me" I could almost hear the laugh in his voice.

That bastard.

"Are you trying to give me a heart-attack!" I snapped. My heart was beating erratically inside my chest, and my blood was singing melodies about things I'd rather not discuss. I was startled, but this wasn't the reason why my body was going crazy. I glanced towards my left and found Jason breathing harshly to meet my pace. But as soon as our eyes met, he glances away. Almost in a manner as if he was embarrassed that what happened between us actually happened.

Yeah, why would a sane person be embarrassed for making out with a insane slut.

I can't believe this guy, he could've stopped me before it got more heated.

"I am sure Jason had fun" I said with venom so blatant that I knew Nate's eyes had widened. I pushed myself up from Jason's chest, making sure to dig my elbows in his ribs. As I had anticipated, he winced. I should've felt bad, but that fuckboy deserved it.


The breakfast had been an quiet affair between Nate and I.

Till now.

"Jason likes you, then?" I nearly choked on the soggy cereal I was eating. Talk about being straight to the cut.


"Pray tell, how did you come to this conclusion?" I asked Nate after having a sip from the orange juice.

"You guys were making out, duh!"

"Wait, that's not it. You guys were making out like your lives depended on it and actually doing more than just making out" I could feel my ears getting warmer at Nate's word. Damn, we must have looked desperate.

You mean, you must have looked desperate.

"We were not making out as if our lives depended on it," I scoffed to make my sentence more powerful, but even to myself the comeback sounded weak.

"Bitch please" Nate's reply was instant.

"You were and you know that"

I sighed, there was no getting out of it.

"Admit it bitch, I'm right"

"Okay, okay..." I put my hands up in a defeated manner.

"Say it!" He demanded like a child asks for ice-cream.

He looked more like a demon asking for your soul though.

"You are right"

"No, say that you and Jason were making out like your life depended on it."

"You and Jason were making out like your lives depended on it," I tried to keep a poker face but I knew a smile was slipping through it.

"What..what the fuck!" 

"What, you asked me to say that."

"Stop...just stop this shit"


"You did not win, okay," I gave Nate a bored look.

"Oh but I did"

"No, you didn't,"

We had been in a room full of board games and had just finished playing a match of carom, which according to Nate he has won. Indeed he has, but I have an inkling that he had cheated. Hence the argument.

"Yes I did"

"Yes, you did-" He started smiling, thinking I finally conceded defeat. 


I started running after that, Nate chasing me, and me shrieking in laughter. But we skidded to a stop around the door of Jason's room. The reason for it was standing in front of us. There, in front of Jason's door was Drake with a beautiful lady along with him, not much older than me, in...skimpy clothing, if to put simply.

Look who's passing around judgments nowadays, smh.

She was carrying a brown briefcase with her, but when she noticed I was looking, she moved it to other side of her. When the two of them saw us, Drake just shook his head at us, while the lady gave me a sincere smile. Unsurely I gave her a smile back. I just about managed it before Nate towed me away from them.

"Hey!" My protests were apparently unheard by Nate. He stopped only when we reached the living room, the normal one.

"Why did you do that?!"

"Did what?"

"Absolutely nothing" The sarcasm was un-noticeable in my tone.

"Oh, good then," Nate tried to feign ignorance to my temper but it didn't fare him well.

I punched his face.

Not really, I just thought about it.

But I did give him an back slap on the head.

Which resulted in him hitting is head on the marble and dying instantly.

I am just kidding, he didn't die.

"Ouch!" I am sure if I didn't kill him in near future, he's going to die because of over-reacting. Just imagine a news anchor saying, "And in the news today, another teen has fallen pray to overreacting"

"Are you gonna tell me who that was?"



"Look, I can't tell you because I don't know her either" I looked at him minutely, he looked sincere, so I let him be.


I had been wandering around the house for half an hour and couldn't one person. After bumping in to that lady and Drake, we had continued our game of carom, until a guy had come to collect Nate and I was left alone. Just now I had found a library with a very cozy sofa and since it was raining pretty heavily, sleep came easy to me this time. 

A little girl is trying to sleep but sleep doesn't come to her. Her room is dark, a little shine of moonlight here and there, but too many shadows around the room for it to effective. She gets of the bed and takes a teddy bear with her, you can tell that she is anxious, by looking at her body language. It looks she is going to burst out crying at any given second. She is going through a dimly lit hallway and stops only when she reaches a kind of office, only a women is blocking the path and due to so much darkness, it's almost impossible to look inside the room. Few seconds of her standing there, there's a gunshot and the women falls to the ground, dead. She has been shot in the heart. Peering in the room, trough the lack of light, moonlight shone through the moving curtains and a man's face was visible. He looked in his late 30's or early 40's. He had dark curly hair, probably black and hazel eyes. He looked horrified for whatever reason. He looked like a statue, with his body frozen and same horrified expression stuck to his face, and a gun hanging from his hands limply. A this moment, the little girl started to shout for her parents, but no one came. She ran back to her room and jumped on her bed, sobbing hysterically.


"Ella, what are you doing here?" Stephen Carter was shocked to see his 6 year old daughter, playing by herself in a empty and dark room.
Ella didn't react to his voice, not one sign showing that she has at least heard him.
"Ella, baby..." He moved inside the room, only to find that she was mumbling to herself.
"Mommy loves me, mommy loves Ella, mommy loves tea, mommy will have tea with me"
She kept repeating the words in a loop, as if a chant. Stephen was getting worried for his little girl now.
"Ella, what are you doing, baby?" Stephen has touched her shoulder and only then she turned to look at him.
"Daddy, mommy says that she loves the tea I made her, do you want to try it?" She had a big dopey smile and held out a empty hand towards Stephen. In fact, she had none of her play-toys with her, just her teddy bear. He had went rigid at hearing those words. His wife, Ella's mother had been dead for several months now. At this point, he snatched up Ella and carried her out of the room. It was the room of his dead wife. 


Everyone has accepted the death of Viviene, everyone but her and Stephen's daughter Ella. She had become more distant and isolated as time has passed, often locking herself in her dead mother's room for hours. This caused Stephen to be really concerned about her and at last finding nothing to help him help her, admitted his daughter in a institute for mentally ill, with a heavy heart. Of course he only knew about the surface of the things that went inside the institute and took it only from face value. He didn't know that for the following year his daughter, his only 6 and a half year old daughter, would be electrocuted, kept hungry, beaten and bullied, and given wrong medicines on purpose, multiple times. Obviously authorities there didn't give a shit about any kind of treatment she might have needed. It was no wonder she had come back even more distant and that she barely talked to anyone, if ever. Stephen even more worried than before admitted her to a different institute this time. This led to a circle, with Ella being admitted to different institutes until she was about 10 and her father had found a wonderful lady to marry, and who would in future will help her get better.

*** "Princess, wake up" Someone was swaying me gently. I saw a masked guy through my sleep blurred eyes, but before I could have opened my mouth to scream or react in anyway, a white handkerchief smelling strongly of different chemicals was put on my mouth with brutal force, I gasped sharply and in a instant I fell back into the dark oblivion that came most of times from sleep.
A sudden contact of freezing cold liquid on my face jolted me awake from oblivion. In all honesty, I was grateful for pulling for being pulled out of oblivion, it was getting rather dark in my head.

The relief was but for a moment. As my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room, I could see that the place was borderline dingy and my nose could smell a horrible smell that immediately made me nauseous. I did not like it one bit.

Something was... something was extremely off about this place. 

Of course I missed the shadow right in front of me. In my defense that particular spot didn't have one ounce of light, as if the light couldn't penetrate the shield of dark around the person.

"You look a little startled, darling" It was a guy's voice and he emerged fully from the shadows towards the end of his sentence.

Third Person P.O.V.

She was startled. The reason being him suddenly appearing in front of her. Another reason being his striking resemblance to a person she knew very, very well and didn't like much. 

The boy was not better than her, and was startled as well. The girl which they have abducted from the McCann's seemed to resemble his cousin Elizabeth a lot. She had the same hair and the same eyes and the same everything. Th dots connected in his brain faster than he could spell 'father'. The girl in front of him, his cousin, was terrified.

'Obviously,' he thought, ' Who wouldn't be in this rotten place.' He was oblivious to the fact that Ella was having flashbacks.
  "It has been a year since Ella has been in the third institution for mentally ill. She was doing what she always did to pass her time, mathematics- she got tutioned of course in these institutions and maths has quickly caught her fancy- when she was called by a nurse, whom she followed to the visitor's room. In the room sat a lone figure, with some difficulty she recognized the figure and she wasn't all too pleased about it. There on the black sofa sat her uncle- she always found it weird that the person sitting in front of her had no resemblance to her late mother, while being siblings. Even more striking was the contrast of nature between the two siblings, one was soft, kind-hearted and humble, her uncle on the other hand was rude, arrogant and conceited. Nevertheless, she  smiled politely upon making a eye-contact with him, only to be met with a blank stare, and she refrained from rolling her eyes. She sat and waited for him to initiate a conversation, hell, just acknowledgment of her presence there would have sufficed, only he just kept staring at her boredly. 'Hello Uncle,' she has said and she wished it back after a second. Just within a few minutes he has created a ruckus and all the blame was put on her, she couldn't even defend her case because she was so dazed and confused about the things hat has been said by her uncle and how the situation has played out in his favour. He even got away from slapping her! She couldn't help it, it was instinctive, she has tried to scratch him but the guards has caught her at that exact time and has dragged her away. She was the only person who saw the menacing smirk on her uncle and she had at that moment realized that it was a planned thing. Her uncle was after her."

Snapping fingers before her face broke the memory playing in her face and she concentrated on a second-hand look-alike of her demonic uncle, well, that was how she at least, saw her uncle.

The boy relaxed when he saw focus returning to his cousin's eyes. The clogs in his brain has turned fast and he realized a few thing. 

One, his father has purposely kidnapped his cousin. 
Two, and he was going to use her as a bait in the upcoming gang-war.
And third, Ella hasn't recognized him. 

Also, he somehow has to get Ella out of this mess.
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