Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


23. Chapter-19

Jack suddenly whips out a shot-gun from his back and aims it at me.

What would Mommy be thinking right now, whoring around your kidnappers?

Before anyone could anticipate anything, a small click is heard and then there is chaos all around.

My eyes slowly close and I drown in blackness.

* * * * *
"Is she okay?"

"Patricia, yes, she is, why do you all keep worrying about her?"

"She is a very sweet-girl"

"And that answers my question?"

"No...I think Jason-"

"Likes her, yes?"

"Yeah, something along that line"


"I don't think she is okay"

"I already told you that she is okay, stop worrying-"

"I meant mentally! I...I think there is something wr...wrong with her"



"-that girl doesn't just look okay to me, Maahir"

"Jason didn't tell you?"


"Fuck, this guy...the thing is when I ran tests on her, she had high amount of Thorazine in her blood"


"It means she is probably getting treated for some kind of disorder" 


"Jack, let's do this! Okay!" Nate clapped his hands in motion of preparation of the interrogation.

"So, why did you try to shoot Ella?"  Nate came closer to an bound-to-chair Jack. The scene might resemble a cop interrogating a suspect, only the surroundings were much shady and dangerous people surrounded the two of them, ready to snap Jack's neck at one indication from Nate.

"Because she's an annoying bitch," Jack spat out, still furious at how the events had played out, only if he could've helped it somehow. Nate laughed loudly at this, "That she is," he said controlling his breathing.

"But that doesn't give you a reason to kill her." Nate had known Jack  from the day he had joined the gang some 10 months ago, and although he been very unaccepting of Ella, he knew that he will never just want to kill her all of a sudden. It was really out of character for Jack too, not only the attempted killing but also his behavior towards Ella, because he usually is a very chill person and treats everyone with respect.

"Can I talk to you, privately?" Jack said after some minutes of subdued silence. Nate might have hesitated if it was some other person but since it was Jack, he waved a dismissive towards all the guards and they got out the door, some grumbling about how they didn't get to beat a ass.  

"So, what is it?" Nate asked Jack once room was cleared. 

"Nate, I know you have some weird friendship going on with her, but please stay away from her" Jack said in a rush. Nate questioned it, he already thought of Ella as a younger sister. 

"I'm just telling you man, she's dangerous," Was Jack's reply. As Nate still looked pretty unconvinced about the whole notion, Jack got desperate. 

"Look dude, I've got some information on her!" 

"What information?" Nate eyes narrowed, his eyebrows making a "V." 

"Some of her life-story" Jack gulped, he hadn't meant to mention it to anyone, what he had found, but there was no backing away from it now. Nate waited for Jack to elaborate. Ella was possibly the only person whose identity was mostly kept hidden from the gang, and only privileged knew any information about her, that too limited. So, it was only natural for him to be eager to know more about her. 

"She ran away from her home when she was 13, and she is mentally unstable" Jack's tone resigned, as if he didn't mean to divulge this information, which he in-fact didn't, but what's done is done.

"What!" Nate couldn't help but laugh.

"You think I'm fucking joking right now!" At the tone of seriousness in Jack's voice, Nate's laughter ceased.

"You are serious?"

"Yes, you need to stay away from her" Jack said.
"You are really serious." Nate finally understood what Jack meant and why he was warding him off Ella. 

"If what you are saying is true, then..."

"...she is potential danger to everyone here" Nate's eyes widened in realization. He had thought that the 
episodes she had were panic attacks or something along those lines, hell, everyone thought so.

"Why didn't you tell Jason?" Nate, whatever the matter was with Ella, has already formed a bond with her and he wouldn't let some damn rumors damage it, and he hadn't forgot the reason why he came here.

"I couldn't" Jack answered a little uneasily.

"Why?" Nate's eyes narrowed into slits.

"Because he likes her, damn it!" Nate was genuinely surprised at the sudden outburst of Jack.

"Don't you see, she has everyone wrapped around her fingers" Jack continued when Nate failed to form words.

"It's like you all are blinded by her innocence or something-" Jack laughed incredulously.

"-guess she isn't such a good girl as you all like to think." Jack spat.

Nate still shocked at all the information left the room without so much as a word.


Jason's P.O.V.

"Look Ella, Maahir ran many tests on you, a lot, and you had an large amount of drugs in you, what is that supposed mean, then?"

I had an intuition about why she had so much drugs in her body and my instincts are rarely wrong.

Goddamn it, but I hope what I am thinking is untrue. 

She denied it, of course.

She denies every fucking thing.


"We checked your belongings, there were lots and lots of drugs in there"

I say again, hoping to get a reaction out of her.




That's all she does.

This girl is so infuriating!

Jack suddenly barges in the room and spills some pills on the floor.

Fucking mess-making moron.

"How did you get them!" Ella suddenly screeches and I know I jerked from the shock along with Jack and Nate.

Ella and Jack start arguing like 5-year-olds.

I did NOT wake up for this, today. 

Jack is getting hysterical with each passing second.

What's up with him, today?

I don't know why I got surprised when he took out an gun.

Well, this sucks.

Shit, I can't even move, he's threatening  Ella. 

"Jack, calm down, there's no need to do this"

I am baiting on the fact that he looks like a out of control animal, so, he'll listen to me.

Yeah, what I said might not actually make much sense.

But just trust me on this. 

Jack fires before I could have approached him and coaxed him out of doing this.

The click is heard.

I am running full force at him.

Someone could have died.

Yes, I, Jason, just got hit be a bullet.

Well, this escalated quickly. 


Fuck, if I feel weak.


That shot, I had to give Jack some points, he has a nice aim, at least.


I hope nobody else is injured.


Like Ella.


Fuck yeah, she probably would have died, if it was not for me. But I remember seeing other people getting there before I blacked out.

And Nate was there too.


What the fuck?

When did I start calling that sucker by that bloody nickname.

  Call it Ella effect.

 And now I have started making lame jokes.

I need to fucking wake up.


Ella's P.O.V.

I blink thrice and then,


"Oh my fucking God" 

Nate's face was directly above me like a comic character from one of those sappy movies.

"Please," I wheeze,

"Please, let me wake up without a heart-attack" I said once I controlled my breathing.

"Or Nah" Nate chuckled.

"God, my head hurts" My head was fucking throbbing and I had no goddamn as to why.

But then I remembered. 

Shit, wasn't I supposed to be dead after getting hit by a bullet. 

Don't tell me I am a fucking mutant after all.

Although, it would be pretty cool.

And Wolverine is hot.

Now I recall that Jack had also spilled some of my pills, or as I call them, candies, on the floor.

Yes, I am not a delusional kid who believes that medical pills are candies.

I am crazy, but not  that crazy-

Look who's talking about being crazy.

A bit ironical, eh?

-I hope.

Well, nothing to worry about as I have plenty of pills in that bag of mine they had scoured through.

"Wait, didn't I get hit by that bullet?" 

I inspect myself, as best as I possibly could, but find no bandages or stitches of any sort.

"No" Nate simply answers.


"You didn't get hit by that bullet"

"Yeah, I got that part, you dipshit, what exactly happened, though? I remember Jack firing and then being surrounded by darkness"

"You fainted" Nate gave me a pointed look.

As if that's new.

"Not my fault if they aren't feeding me properly" I muttered looking away and I realized I was in a entirely new room this time.

Seriously, how many goddamn room did they have?!

Nate smirked,

"I liked that one."

"Of course, you did. What did you expect from the awesome little me" I smirked back at him.

"Don't be a smartass" I raised an eyebrow at him, ready to interrupt but he continued. 

"Anyways, the thing is, Jason took that bullet for you-"

"WHAT!" I all but screeched. 

"Calm yo' tits, Mama" He shot me an annoyed look.

Jason took the bullet for me?

What the actual fudigity fudge?!

When did that happen?

I know I was out of it after my interaction with the voices started-

You don't say. 

-but still.

"-it's nothing personal, obviously, that was the only way to save you"

My internal monologue had effectively cut-off Nate's explanation.

Great!/ What a wonderful world!

"Yeah, probably" 

Despite the fact that I had agreed with Nate on face, I couldn't help but disagree a little with Nate, internally.

I have heard thousands of empty promises from different people, for different people, including the infamous "I'd take a bullet for you" one. 

Promises relied on the people who made them, if they will be kept or not.

Most of the time, these promises were empty, just like the people who made them. 

But Jason did take a bullet for me.

Without a promise.

There must be something to it, right?

Why not let me be just killed?

I hate to admit, but I am nothing but heaps of trouble for them.

That moment which passed between Jason and I before all this happened?

"There is something going on right now.
White hot.
Jason's hands are shaking as he brings them towards my face.

He held my face with his palms.
My heart lurches forward."

God, thinking about it right now is getting me worked up.

And I have a feeling that this/it is not all about a fucking ransom.


Okay, here we go.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

You can't do this, little girl, why bother.

Don't lose your Zen, Ella.

BIG L.O.L. shout-out to our girl Ella here, who is a major hoe by the way.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

You've got this.

"Jason?" I knock at the door. 

There's no reply.

I repeat this action twice again but there's still no answer, so I twist the knob and let myself in.

Wow, I must look star-struck right now. 

That's because I am. 

Jason's room is breath-taking.

The colour scheme, I think, is Matte Black and White. All the walls were blacks, along with ceiling, which appeared to be twinkling with the lights, and the floor was of blackened wood, with smooth finish and its sheen was almost reflecting the ceiling lights.

Different furniture of black and white were scattered around the room, along with the King-sized white-wood bed, on which Jason was sleeping.

Or passed out actually, from the loss of blood.

The reason that I'm here in this room is that I have decided to take care of Jason.

I know he kidnapped me and all but he saved me. He put his ass on line for me.

He put my life before his own.

He could have been dead, dead, right now, since he suddenly got the Hero Complex at that exact precise moment when Jack fired the gun. 

It's huge fore me. 

And this might mean nothing to him, he probably did it for ransom and some shit.


Life and Death, they have been major shit, at least in my life.

Even from my early childhood days-

Look at her, she's gonna whine now.

Boo hoo, I'm a little girl, look at me!

Ain't no one calling you an attention whore, darling.

Let's leave it, it's a boring story. 

So yes, I have decided to take care of him.

The bullet hit his left knee spot-on and the joint, well they de-joined. My sense of humour is too much for this planet.

It might take him months to heal and he has been advised to take bed rest for a week, lest he wants to hinder the healing pace. He will have to use a wheelchair until he can walk on crutches or he can always use the good old human support, which is going to be me, most of the times, except when he has to go to loo or something.

This is the price he had to pay for saving my life.

Yes, I know this is better than any of us being dead but imagine the change he will have to go through, from being an headstrong independent person to asking the person he possibly hates for help with just about everything.

Not amusing for him, I'm sure. 

Well, he's sleeping right now, so I might have to come back later.

"What are you doing here?" I croaky voice sounded from the bed and my eyes snapped to a confused Jason.

Maybe hold that thought.

"I came here to say thank you , Thank You," My eyes snapped to floor and I got beet red as I saw he was shirtless. 

"Okay" He sounded groggy. 

"I said 'okay', didn't you hear that" And angry.

"Someone doesn't like mornings," I muttered to myself.

"Whatcha say."


"Are you going to get out of the room."

I never knew he had it in him to be sassy. 

"Um, I wanted to tell you something too," I spoke up.


"Yeah, uh, Iamgoingtobeyourcaretaker" 


I had rushed the last sentence but I hoped he wouldn't question me on that.

Yeah, why would a sane person question it, it's ridiculous, right.

At least the one voice invading my head right is a not a bad one.

You flatter me darling, but maybe you should be more present in the Present. 

I had to blink to make the blackness recede from the front of my eyes.

When the confusion and haziness really broke off, I saw Jason waving his hands wildly. I was just about tp tell him to stop but I froze m id-thought.

He...he was making funny faces, funny faces.

The funny faces?

Yes, the funny faces.

The one we make to get a child laughing, those faces. I was...flabbergasted and amused.

I would have stopped him, I swear, but it was funny watching someone so uptight and rude and arrogant trying to do whatever he was aiming for. I was even struggling to keep the same blank face on, it slipped once or twice, but I think he was too engrossed in his task to notice.

Suddenly he heaved a sigh and moved the blanket off him. What was he doing?

I got my answer in a second as he started to stir towards the edge of the bed, but, of course, how can he with his injuries.

I flinched when he groaned in pain and I snapped out of whatever trance I was in. In the heat of moment, I ran towards the bed and flopped down beside him ungracefully, stopping him from moving by gripping his shoulders tightly.

I could feel him stiffen from my touch. In response, I, myself stiffened and was reminded of the moment we had shared yesterday. I awkwardly tried to move my hands away to save both of ourselves from this uncomfortable situation. 

Tried is the key word here. Jason's hands came to rest on mine. As if to cage them, cage me.

The beginning of a panic attack started to brew in the pit of my stomach, I know my hands were trembling beneath his, he knew it too, so why wasn't he letting me go?

Two parts colliding....

Two memories fighting....

Two different people....

Two distinct scenarios.....

Shit, I didn't need this right now, stop, I don't want to see it, stop....

It had been eight days exactly. Eight days since I had run away. Now I wished I had run away in some other time rather than in Autumn. It was better option than Winters, but I had thoughts of going back very often feeling the cold biting my skin every chance it got. My money was at all time low, and the shelter kicked me out because they realized that I was a runway teenager. And here I was, sitting on a park bench with two-minute noodles in my hand. I didn't realize I had fallen asleep in a painfully awkward position until I heard a distant sound. Groggy as I was, my ears perked up when I heard some weird noises, which couldn't be a part of a dead park. Looking around the park, the streets surrounding it looked serene with some street lights and moon lighting it up, with not a single soul in sight. I followed the sound, as best as I could with the lack of light.On the other side of park now, unknown shadows that couldn't be of trees became more prominent, the whispered word 'help' turned into shouts and screeches, the sound echoing in the empty neighbourhood. 

I was stunned. It was unnerving to see what was happeneing before my eyes. Two men were struggling on the ground in front of me.

Leaves rustling.

Dirt flying.

The heavy one was gaining over the other guy and once he sat on top of him, he ripped the guy's shirts off, making the buttons fly all around. I knew what was going to happen now and I wanted to help him, believe me. But how can I when I myself was on the missing list. I backed up, I had to get away from now. Running far from the park and down the road, I was overwhelmed by what happened, sobs racking through my body, tears blurred my eyes.

I didn't see the car coming at me with full speed, headlights blinking at me in the dark until I felt the wind knocked out of me.

That's how my family found me, laying on a hospital bed, wrapped in bandages, with almost no account of what had happened because of partial amnesia....

"Don't touch me!!" I jerked into awareness as I heard a scream and realized it was my own self screaming and I could also feel tears drying on my cheeks. I saw Jason jerk and felt guilty, that must have hurt. 

Silence consumed us, until Nate came running through the door. I sometimes wonder if he is just waiting outside the door or something for the right opportunity. 

"Are you guys okay?" Nate sounded breathless, so I'm going to guess that he wasn't just waiting for a chance to come in. 

"Yes, we are, let's go" I stood up and made a bee-line towards the door. Nate looked confused but went out without any questions. Just as I was about to close the door, I peered in and said," Just think the whole thing over, okay." 

Jason seemed skeptical and gave a unsure nod, but that was good enough for me. 


"Why are Jason and you always all-over each other whenever I find you two alone in a room?" Nate asked. 

"Shut-up, as if" I scoffed. 

Nathan and I had found ourselves on the rooftop with Nate leading the way, and the view was gorgeous. The mansion was surrounded by forest, which seemed to stretch forever with a lake after a little forest, from the backside.

Yes, that's right.


"No, I'm serious here-" I rolled my eyes at that and Nate held up his hands in defence.

"It's like as if you guys are into each other?" 

"O.M.G., are you?!" He almost screamed when I stayed silent.

"I have no idea what is going on," Best be honest with him.

"No idea about what?" 

"I think I might like him but what about Jason, huh? He is an A-grade asshole"

"Are you fucking serious right now? You said you like him and then call him an asshole, way to go"  Nate started laughing and it was beyond irritating. 

"I said I might like him, that's the whole 'no idea' deal, idiot" I clarified but did he listen, oh no, he didn't. 

"Do you really like him though? He kidnapped you right? Oh my God, do you have Stockholm Syndrome? It's like impossible and-"


He shut his mouth immediately at my shout and calmly asked,"Yes?" 

"Listen, he saved my life okay, that maybe doesn't matter to you or anyone but I know what life is, I almost lost it once and I've seen some real shit, so if I come across messed up, that's because I fucking am! Okay! Cut me some fucking slack." 

"Woah, calm down, I was just joking you know, you have every right to be thankful to him, you know me, I'm a goofball"


"So what messed up shit are we talking about here-" I sighed, "-you don't have to tell if you don't want to!"

"I ran away at 15, saw a man getting raped by a priest, had an life-ending accident, oh and I have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder" 

"Are you serious?" Nate, for once, actually looked serious and concerned. 

"Yes and you don't even know the worst yet" I gave him an easy smile.

He probably is terrified right  now, who wouldn't be?

"And that is?" 

"Like I'm going to tell you!" I flipped him the bird. 

"Okay, so I got only one question for you" 

"Go ahead"

"Why weren't you emotional when you told me that?" 

"Sometimes I cannot stop the tears and I am shaking and trembling with fear and nerves and sometimes I am just very laid back about it, I don't know why but that's how it is" I shrugged. 

Without saying a word, Nate hugged me. Even though I think it was unnecessary, it still made me feel better.


"So, did you think about it?" I asked as soon as I entered the door.

"You bet"



"Have you decided something yet?" 

"Have you decided something yet" He mocked me like Khalessi mocks everyone. 

"Are you drunk?" I noticed a whiskey bottle on the side table, and damn, it was half-empty. 

"Noooo" He drawled out, hiccuping to give the sentence a final touch.

"Oh my God" 

“Come on, let’s put you to bed,” I said, now sitting on the other end of bed than to him.
“No, no, no -hiccup- I don’t want to sleep.”
“What are you, five?!” This was a disaster! Who gave him Whiskey anyways, he surely couldn’t have got it himself?!
“I am nineteen -hiccup- I am a man, a man!” He thumped his chest like a freaking King-Kong.
“Wasted!” I looked at the guy standing in the doorway.
“Who are you?” We both spoke at the same time. I raised my eyebrow at that and lo-and-behold, he did the same thing! Although I must admit that his arch was way better than mine, his eyebrows were shaped too, almost as if gotten done professionally.
“You go first” My eyes were narrowed on his, and no surprise, his were too. Can he stop being a copy-cat for once!
I could hear Jason whining and making other weird ass noises, but I was too engrossed with this new stranger to pay him any attention. Not to mention that we really good-looking, like really good-looking. His face was a mix between Ian Somerhalder and Chace Crawford, those baby blue eyes and raven black hair completely captivating my attention
“Why should I go first” He smirked at me.
And he was cocky too! Perfect, absolutely perfect! Totally suited his face!
Before he could’ve counter-attacked that bomb answer, Jason’s screech interrupted our conversation. To my utter horror, I looked down to see Jason’s body caught in comforter, his body twisted painfully, throw in a pillow or two in the mix too.
“Help me” I looked up at the hottie with worry clear in my voice.
He was beside the bed in a second, wordlessly starting to help me. He plucked the pillows and I somehow pulled the comforter off the Jason without causing him much pain, at least I hope so. Straightening Jason proved to be the hardest task, with him groaning and whining, his heavy body and state of almost passing out were not of much help either.
“Not going to thank me, are you?” His baby-blue eyes were shining with amusement.
“Thank you” I threw in a smile too, in-case he thought I was being insincere from my dull tone.
“So, your name?” He arched that perfect eyebrow. I eyed him up and down, there was something about him.
“Ella, caretaker” I nodded towards Jason slightly. He looked surprised but thankfully didn’t ask any questions.
“I’m Chance, new member” As if there was a shortage of members in this gang.
“You kids have fun, I’m going now” He waved once at me and was out of the door before I could say anything. Although he was nice enough, there was something about him that didn’t sit well with me, something just wasn’t right about him, and his sudden appearance and exit just aided my suspicion.
“Let’s get this over with” I muttered to myself and snatched the comforter to cover Jason with it. I had stepped up from bed and was standing on his side.
“Come on, Jason, let me just…” Jason was being difficult. As soon as I started putting comforter over him, he started twisting and turning his body, not letting me do my task. And once I was able to cover his lower body, he started trashing wildly, his arms flying in different directions. What the fuck! Why in the fucking world was he acting this way?! He was acting like a fucking child on sugar. Where did he even get all this energy, wasn't he just about to pass out, like five minutes ago?

“Jason be a good-boy, okay, you need to sleep and so do I” He stopped his bucking at once and let me cover his body mid-chest with the comforter. Thank fuck. I was exhausted from the stuff that had happened yesterday.

Oh, that impromptu Confession session was really surprising to me, too, I am not very forward-kind of person, if you haven't realized by now.

I had just turned away from Jason, just, and he interrupted my steps.

"Tuck me in!" I was a bit taken-aback. When I turned, Jason was giving me a toothy smile and had a child-like glow to him, he was rather adorable. In that moment, I could feel my heart-breaking. I sound stupid, I probably am a idiot for saying this, but, I feel pity for Jason, unbelievable? Yes. Impossible? No. Who knows if this life was his choice or something that was forced down his throat, probably the first, but still. Not having a carefree life of an average teenager must be frustrating and it’s hard to explain, but being caged is not the best feeling you get to experience.

I wonder if he too has some childhood issues.

What, like you? Lol. 
I was about to stand up and get out of this room.
About to.
“Ella?” I turned back towards Jason.
“It’s not a real gang”
My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and my mind was going haywire.
“What?” What did this little fucker just say?!

“What do you mean, Jason?! Answer me, you stupid shit!” I was a little late in asking and Jason has already passed out.

I woke up from one of the most peaceful sleep I ever had. I was woken by the wonderful feeling of someone running their hand through my hair in a soothing manner, it was massage-like really. I felt so serene and content at the moment.
Opening my eyes, I found myself staring in the warm honey eyes of Jason, with his shaggy hair just brushing my forehead. I couldn’t see past his profile, because sunlight was shadowing it and because of the slight haziness of just being woken up, the whole scene looked surreal.
I would be lying if I say I didn’t compare him to an angel at that moment. He fit the profile perfectly.
He pushed himself away from me and lay on his back after few seconds of waking me up.
I don’t know what came over me, this sudden burst of confidence coming out of blue, but I pushed my body up and leaned into Jason, keeping in mind his knee, it helped that I had fallen asleep on his right side. If he was startled by my advances, he didn’t show.
For a flick of moment, I hesitated, unsure of my actions and their consequences, but, then I looked into the clear eyes of Jason, too clear eyes, he almost looked in a trance, a void, but I didn’t let that phase me, my decision already made.
I closed my eyes and leaned my face over his.
My lips slightly brushed his, an electrifying shock jolting my nerves awake. I gained more courage from it and dove in, making the kiss a bit deeper.
The groan that slipped from Jason only helped me push further.
We got lost in each other.
Little tongue play, a nip here and there was turning this make-out session into a very hot one.
The warmth was seeping from Jason’s hands on my lower back and when he pushed them inside my top, he ignited another fire entirely. Without much thought, my hands copied his actions and I was sliding my right hand over his rock-hard abs, his stomach clenching with every glide.
We came up for air, a second only, and then dove-in into each other right back. His right hand worked into my hair, tightly wounding my hair in his fist and making me arch into him, and his left  hand kept moving upwards with every stroke of his tongue on mine, finally resting on the place a bra would end if I would’ve wore one. I could tell he was surprised by this bit of knowledge from the slight increase in his breathing. Taking the opportunity fully, he started trailing his fingers over my spine, from the top to the bottom, making me shiver. Never the one to back down, I retaliated by running my fingers slightly on the edge of his waistband, just brushing, barely touching him.
Ha! Who’s shivering now, huh!
I could feel a smirk forming on his oh-so-perfect lips, he was well into the game now.
Making a brave move, he trailed his hand from my back to my stomach, nearly touching my boobs, I gasped into his mouth. His smirk was even bigger now, I couldn’t counter-attack him, not when both of his hands were resting just beneath my boobs and his thumbs making little lazy circles. But I guess his strategy back-fired a little as he groaned when he felt my nips tighten and press against his chest, only separated by two clothing items. It was my turn to smirk and just to make sure that the ball remained in my court, I slightly dipped hand under his boxers and trailed my fingers on his warm skin in the same way I had done before, just a feather touch and I pulled my hand out after that. As I had expected, his reaction was instant and he holding me tightly. His hands were on my back, in the safe zone.
The victory was something to be celebrated and I pulled my lips away from his, gave him a full smirk and went on the suck on his neck. My left hand was bended enough to grip his hair tightly and my whole weight rested on my elbow. I continued this for a while, sucking with just the right pressure to give him a hickey and then went back to kiss him again.

"I see you both are having a good morning."

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