Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


22. Chapter-18

Last thing I remember was seeing Jack shoot the not-stunned guy.    ​I fainted after that. * * * * *   "Is she going to be okay?"   "Yes, well-   Click click   - she should be because-"

"What if something happens to her while she's unconscious?"

"Jason, don't worry, I'm sure she's going to be fine"

"Chief will have my head if she doesn't"

"Are you sure that's why you're taking care of her? Because you are scared of Chief's reaction?"

"Yes. What do you mean?"

"You sure you haven't started liking her?"

"What? No! Doc,  I think you need help"

"Talk for yourself Young-man. I didn't mean to startle you but the way of have been doing so much for her well-being, anyone would think that"

"Yeah, she is my responsibility after all"

"Whatever you say Jason, whatever you say"


"I don't know why Chief would select such a wallflower, what do you think,  J?"

"I have no idea, but you're wrong about the wallflower part though, she's quite popular"

"Wow, really?"

"Yup, she had always tried to be in sidelines, you know, to blend into her surroundings, but that just draws more attention, ya feelin' me?"

"Mmhmm, pretty much. Just, how do you know so much about her?"

"Chief, Clara, obviously-"

"-What did you think?"



"Okay, geez, I thought maybe you had someone dig her past up"

"We don't do that to our subjects, Clara, and you know it"

"I just thought that because you're little more interested in her than all the others-"

"I'm...I'm not interested in her"

"It doesn't look like it and Jason, you don't need to hide something from me, you can tell me-"

"No goddamn person is special here!"


"Did you see the news today, Jason?"

"No, what's so special about today?"

"The news was about Ella"

"What did it say, Nate?"

"Hey! You just called me Nate!"

"Yeah, yeah, what was the news?"

"They said that the Police has found a lead in the
Ella Carter Case "

"They make it sound like a murder"

"It's kidnapping, so...same thing almost"

"Bullshit, they already know where she is"

"Only the agency, some police-men and some other selected people, not media, not public, and not her parents for sure"



"Jack, come in"

"Yeah,, I wanted to talk to you about something"

"Go ahead"

"When are you taking charge of the gang again?"

"The fuck, Jack, you high or some shit"

"Nah, not really into doing drugs in the morning"

"Then why are you asking me this stupid question?"

"What stupid question?"

"Of me taking charge back?"

"That's not stupid"

"I'm already leading this gang, you stupid shit, I never gave it up"

"Not officially, but ever since
she had fallen sick, you haven't been involved that much in the work-"

"-And as much as I like Patricia handling the business, the stupid cow doesn't know how to work this business!"

"First of all, you would NOT insult my mother, and second, she has been in this business even before your parents fucked to have you, so don't worry about HER fucking things up"

"Whatever, she is just a woman after all, doesn't matter how long she had been involved, women aren't as good as men"

"Almost every major gang here is operated by Women, need I remind you that? Learn to respect them, one gave birth to a asshole like you"

"And, it's not like I don't want to handle the gang anymore, I need to take care of her, do you think we'll get any ransom if she's dead?

"Yeah, what's up with that, huh? When are gonna demand a ransom?-"

"-It has been a week almost and I don't see you making any demands?"

"Jack, did you forget who she is? We need to determine a fitting ransom first. We can be partying in billions if we play this one right. Moreover, she's not some nobody, police is doing everything to get her back, we need the matter to cool down a little first"

"Stop making excuses, fucking loser!"

"Shut the fuck up, Jack! Come talk to me when you're not high anymore"

"It's because of her. It's all because of her!-"

"-Jason, get the fuck out of her trance, man, and see for real who she is, a fucking psycho!"

"Get out."

"Dude, don't you see-"


"Fine! But don't blame me when she fucking kills you!"


My body feels like I have died twice and came back from Hell in the form of a Zombie.

What a nice way to start you day!

And it feels so heavy as if I had competed in Weight Lifting Competition.

I feel so tired and exhausted too, so, so exhausted.

Why is it so cold, last I remember it was mid-summer.

I groan and try to sit up form what feels like bed.

It is of no use. My arms are gelatin.

Whatever half progress I made in sitting up fails and I unceremoniously fall back.

Wow, it hurt like a bitch.

"Oh fuck! Ella, are you okay?!"

Jason's voice perpetuates my brain. 

I wince and try to open my eyes.

My pulse is thudding in my brain and I suddenly have the urge to cry.

And my brain being a sadist chooses this moment to remind me what had happened before I fell asleep.

No, I had fainted.

I had fainted after Jack shot that...guy.

Oh God, he had killed that guy, hasn't he?

A shaky breath leaves my mouth.

How can he just kill that guy, so easily?

This seems so cruel.

And I bet he feels no remorse.

Even if that person was trying to kidnap you?

What difference does it make anyway, kidnapped by them or held captive by these, neither is better than other.


I again hear Jason's voice, softly calling my name.

I wonder if I had imagined it, Jason whispering my name! Nice trick, brain!

Okay, it doesn't look like I had imagined it after-all.

That is because I can hear someone whispering good wishes to me while running a hand through my hair.


Jason suddenly curses making me flinch because I had been pretending to be asleep whilst he was doing...what he was doing.

"Nathan, bring me a cold sponge! Quick!" Jason shouts.

Covering my ears with my hands feels tempting right about now, but of course, I don't do that.

"WTF Jason! Calm down yo' tits" I can hear Nate saying but he sounds breathless.

"She's burning, you idiot!"

"Oh shit! I'll fetch some more"

Nate says after I feel one other hand join Jasons' on my forehead, there's a difference, not sure how, but I can feel a obvious difference.

I feel something soft and cold touch my forehead and a little weight settle on it, before it is shifted downwards towards first my right arm and then left.

I open my eyes to find Jason's concentrated gaze onto my left arm.

My eyes are little teary but I can still see some perspiration forming on his forehead.

What is he doing? Why is being so caring?

Suddenly Jason's eyes flicker upwards and my gaze locks with his.

My breath hitches and I am held captive by his honey coloured peepers.

They widen in surprise but then a sombre expression flits his face and eyes.

There is something going on right now.


White hot.

My eyes are brimming with tears and a flick of unknown emotion in Jason's eyes had them falling from my eyes.

Something else is falling too.

Jason's hands are shaking as he brings them towards my face.

He held my face with his palms.

My heart lurches forward.

His thumbs start to wipe my tears away.



But then they are firm and my breathing turns into panting.

"God, you're hot"

He whispers, his voice a octave lower than usual.

"Th...thanks" I somehow spew it out.

A small smile flickers on his lips and his face lightens up a little.

"That's not what I meant" He bites his lower lip, a smirk on his face and his eyes alight with mischief.

I feel like pouting.

My cheeks feel hotter, like my body already wasn't on fire.

"You have flu" He explains.

"Oh, that's why I feel so hot" I try to lift my hand to fan myself, wanting to emphasize my point but am unable to do so.

"Maybe there's another reason for it" Jason whispers in that deep voice he used before, his hot breath blowing on my ear.

I can't help but shudder.

"Yeah?" Even to my own ears I sound breathless.

"Yeah, would you like me to tell you?" He again blows in my ear and I exhale a breath.


Before it can go any further, Nate breaks into the room.


Thank God.

Jason springs away from me as if I'm repulsive.


I don't know what was happening between Jason and I, but I don't even want to at this point.

This is all so messed up.

Jack killed that guy right in front of me.

But you aren't feeling any remorse, are you.

What happened to you, Ella? When did you change so much?

Am I changed?

He was probably just teasing me, I guess.

It suits his personality, you know, to tease people.

Wait. No, it doesn't!

Where is that rude ass criminal, who had threatened to kill me for answering him back.

He was probably laughing at me for what just happened, I was acting like  a stupid person. 

God! And why the hell was I stuttering?!

Nate is giving suspicious looks to me and Jason, but he doesn't comment on it. 

"So, how are you feeling?" Nate asks.

"I don't know, hot" 

And bothered. 

"I'm just gonna go now" 

Jason leaves the room in awkward silence. 

"What was that?" Nate asks as he comes to sit down on the chair previously occupied by Jason with a kind of tray in his hands, with soaked rags in it.

"What was what?" 

"You know what was what, but you're not telling me" 

"What what was what?" 

"What just happened, what what was what?!"

"What what what was what"

"WHHAAAT!!" Nate almost screamed at last and I was trying to keep my laughing in check. 

I failed and was laughing my ass off by the time Nate got his breathing in control, I could tell from his face that he was  so frustrated right now.

"I know you're trying to side-track me-"

I raised my eyebrow at him.

"You aren't that stupid, huh" 

"-And you succeeded, bitch" 

"But I will get my answer, remember that"

" Suure" I rolled my eyes at him.

"You know you have flu, right?"

"Yeah, why is everyone making such big deal about it though, I don't understand" I shrugged.

Like, it was just flu and yeah, most people get flu only in winters but I know for a fact that having flu in summers is not that uncommon. 

"Are you kidding me right now, you fuck"

"What, why would you...wait what?" I am confused.

Nate is not the person who has serious talks and his expression right now, so unexpected from him. 

"Were you just born stupid as fuck or did you take some kind of ratchet course, like I can't even-"

He began rambling in his oh-so- urbane language but I stopped him.

"Wait, stop, just get to the point already, as much as I love your sophisticated language, it's mind numbing" I nodded sympathetically at him.

"Wow, rude much" 

"I am pretty sure that I have only seen  hoes talk like that, do you like...know?" I did some hand gestures which got me an eye-rolling Nate.

"You need to keep those titties calm, bitch, or Imma 'Bye Felicia' you" He snapped his fingers while doing some kind of weird ass hip moment, he tried, actually.

"Wow, okay" At loss of words, as you can see. 

The tone he used, wow.

"Okay, so I was saying-" Nate began saying, in a normal tone.

"-Were you just born stupid as fuc-" 

"Nate,  please, I am already ill, and you're not helping one bit here" I whined in the most pathetic tone I can muster up.

"Okay, okay,  dayum, you just get more ratchet everyday"

" Naate" I groaned.

"Okay, sorry" He put up his hands to show he was done and I nodded for him to continue but I am sure he must have seen the skepticism on my face because when he began speaking he kept his voice, well, normal.

"Don't panic, but you have been unconscious for past four days-" 

"WHAT!!" My eyes were bulging out of my face, I am sure they would have fallen off if that was humanly possible.

How could I be unconscious for four days? That makes no sense!!


"I told you not to panic but-"


"Maahir told me this might happen-"

"Who the fuck is Maahir now? IS HE YOUR FUCKING DRUG-DEALER?! HUH! Did he told you that I might freak out if you give me GODDAMN UNKNOWN DRUGS?!!"

I was more than hysterical at this point.

I wanted to... I wanted to...

My vision blurred before I could complete that thought. 


Headache. A big headache, what I was experiencing right now. 

I swear to God, the number of headaches I have experienced in the last few days are more than all  of the headaches in my entire life before, combined. 

What happened this time?

Oh yeah, I was shouting at Nate for...for


Oh God, are they really giving me drugs?

It would certainly explain all the headaches and fainting, and the increasing number of attacks I have been getting these days.

I try to sit up.

I feel really cold but I can feel the cold sweat on my forehead.

I  remember feeling cold one minute and really hot second minute when I woke up earlier.

Jason said I had flu.

It seems plausible enough but I still have a sneaky suspicion about them feeding me drugs.

"Are you gonna just roll around and groan, or you gonna get up from the freaking bed!"

I can imagine Nate and the distasteful expression on his face.

I tried to sit up and I was genuinely surprised to see that I succeeded.

Opening my eyes, I turned my head to find Nate on the same spot he was on earlier, before I had fainted, again.

"Nice to see you alive" He smirked.


He just laughed off my comment.

"Are you feeling any better than before?" Nate had a scowl on his face, as if he was stressed about this whole fiasco.

"Yeah" I adjusted a little on the bed until I was comfortable.

"So, tell me what happened" I commanded rather than asking politely.

"I sure would if you don't freak out like the last time" He rolled his eyes.

"I will try not to" I fake smiled at him.

"Okay, here we go" He drew in a long breath before sighing.

"Dude, you're acting like I'm dying or something, chill"

I hit his shoulder lightly with my fist, but even I can see how pathetic it was, plus, with my flu, the punch looked lifeless, which it was.

"Ella, listen, this is serious shit, okay"

Nate is tense as he says that.

I nod in assurance because he was serious.

"When you fainted four days back, Ella, it was a shock to everyone. Maahir decided to run some-"



I nod for him to continue.

"So, Maahir decided to-"

Nate is again cut-off, but this time by someone barging in the room.

"So you're awake" Jason says as comes to stand beside the bed.

"Pretty much"

Jason looks like he wants to comment on my sarcasm but instead clenches his jaw.

This is a first.

"You didn't feel the need to inform me?" Jason asks Nate.

"I just wanted to ask her something" Nate shrugs.

Jason's eyes narrow but he doesn't probe him for more explanation.

"Ella, I'm gonna ask you some questions and I want you to think them thoroughly, and then answer to me honestly"

Jason was serious.

"Okay" I barely managed to whisper.

My throat has suddenly gone dry.

Whatever it was, it was not good.

"Tell me what had happened on the day you fainted?"

I was locked in the room all day when Nate had suggested we go for a swim and then it had started raining.

I remember those intruders too.

"Uh, I was in the room most of the day and then Nate had taken me for a swim. When it started raining, you took me back to that room and I had fallen asleep. I woke up to some chatting around me and had found two guys hovering on either side of the bed, they had tried to grab me but you and Jack saved me from those two" I omitted the part about my prank, because honestly, nobody needed to be reminded of that, although it was amusing to me.

Jason nodded.

"Okay, good, anything else you might have felt that day or maybe you might have seen somebody?"He asked.

"I remember being very tired and very cold, that's about it"

"Okay, okay" Jason was whispering to himself, obviously getting ready to break the big news to me.

"Ella, I need you to be utterly honest here, do you-"

He exhaled a long breath.

"-do you do drugs?" His shoulders sagged suggesting he felt relieved after asking me that question.

Relieved as he might be, the question did the opposite for me.

My heart started beating faster, my pulse going crazy.

My vision went in and out for a second before I could see clearly again.

"What?" My voice was meek, it barely grazed my ears.

I wasn't sure if either of Nate or Jason had heard me but it cleared up that they indeed had when Jason repeated his question.

The reason behind my reaction is that that they weren't not asking me if I did drugs like Marijuana, Cocaine- the recreational drugs, if only, but whether I had ever used medicinal drugs, the heavy stuff.

It felt I had been punched in the gut.

My breath was knocked out of me.

They didn't know, did they?

How could they? It wasn't possible!

Composing myself as much as I was able to, I answered-


-thankfully none of them seemed to have noticed my inner freakout.

"No? But Maahir said..." A kind of realization dawned on Nate as he made an 'oh' sound.

"Are you sure?" Jason spoke slowly as if talking to wild-out-of-control-animal.

"Yes" I stared at my nails, not wanting to meet their gaze.

"Look Ella, Doctor Maahir ran many tests on you, a lot, and you had an large amount of drugs in you, what is that supposed to mean, then?" Jason had a knowing look on his face, a look saying that he knew all my secrets.

It can't actually happen, he cannot know my secret.

"What is that supposed to mean? It's supposed to mean that you people have been feeding me drugs ever since you kidnapped me, that's all" I chuckled humorlessly.

"No, no, Ella, we haven't fed you any drug" Nate shook his sideways.

"Yeah, right"

"We checked your belongings, there were lots and lots of drugs in there" Jason looked pointedly at me.

"There's no proof that those drugs are mine"

"Oh, I have the goddamn proof!"

Jack entered the room with a furious stance and threw a pill box at floor, spilling its content everywhere.

My eyes widened in surprise. They were my candies.

"How did you get them!" I shouted at Jack, everyone looked a little taken aback by my sudden outburst but Jack quickly composed himself.

"I found them in your bag, little miss innocent" He spat out.

"Yes, they are mine-"

"Really? You said you didn't do drugs? You lied to me?" Nate butts in, hurt and confused, but seeing there was much bigger argument going on here, I settled for a short response,

"I didn't lie to you," and gave him this answer.

"-but these are my nutritional supplement" I said to Jack.

"They are not nutritional supplement, they are drugs!"

"Well, technically yes, they are drugs but as I said-"

"You fucking psycho bitch! You are going to pay!"

"First you are crazy and doing weird fucking shit, and now you do drugs? Oh, I am not taking the chances!"

"Is he okay?" I ask Nate and Jason, who looked just as baffled as me at Jack's behaviour.

I know he doesn't like me and all, but never has he behaved like this before, definitely never calling me out on my occasional attacks.

Jack suddenly whips out a shot-gun from his back and aims it at me.

Everything slows down in front of my eyes from this point on.

I'm surprised to the extent that I can't even scream.

I watch as Jason slowly starts approaching Jack but halts in his step when Jack jerks his gun in my general direction with more intent behind his movement. I can also see Nate approaching Jack, being unnoticed by the later.

"Jack, calm down, there's no need to do this" Jason is using the same 'talking to a feral animal' tone he was using on me earlier to get close to Jack.

"I am not waiting around for her to kill me!"

Before anyone could anticipate anything, a small click is heard and then there is chaos all around.

Immediately the room is flooded by lot of presences, making it look incredibly small if compared to before.

People are screaming, people are running around.

I feel like my heart is palpitating, my breath coming out in short spurts.

My vision gets blurred and there is an kind buzzing sound in my head.

My ears feel stuffed and the sound of chaos drowns immediately in front of me.

I don't know being shot was painless, I only felt a numb sensation throughout my body for the most part.

You want to be dead, don't you?

The coldest one of them decided to grace me with his presence right at this moment.

Me? The coldest?! Darling, why would you say something like that!

His cold laugh rang throughout my head, making it even more difficult to process what was happening all around me.

You haven't answered my question yet, that's bad manners. Didn't Mommy and Daddy teach you manners?

I tried to ignore the voice, like I have done time and time again, but it was persistent and soon others had joined him.

Reply to him!

Bad girl.

Fucking stupid girl!

What would Mommy be thinking right now, whoring around your kidnappers?

Is THAT what Mommy taught you? What a whore!

Everything is fuzzy inside my head and outside my head.

I blink but to no avail.

My eyes slowly close and I drown in blackness.
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