Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


11. Chapter-11



*Play the video or listen to "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey



" won't get it" He shook his head and laughed a breathy laugh, the anxious kind one, he actually was surprised, about what, that I don't now. I gave him a nod, not to pressurize him into answering as he was my only friend here- by friend I mean the only one I could really talk to.

"So, let's talk about something else" 
Nate and I sat and talked for what seemed like ages, but was merely hours. I told him about my family and so many things about different members. In return. he told me about his family- actually bother. He told me that his parents were killed when he was six-seven years old and that his brother took care of both of them. He acted as his father and his mother. I was so saddened by hearing this, someone like Nate doesn't deserve such despairing start in life. I didn't believe him in the start, I mean, just look at him, he is always cracking jokes and is always so joyous, so carefree. I asked him how could he be like this and he said, I quote-"Sad souls make everyone laugh."

"So, where is your brother now ?" I asked hesitantly, I sensed that I needed to change the topic of discussion -he looked a little distressed when I asked him about his parents.

"I don't know" He replied with a simple shrug, too nonchalantly. 

"What, you don't know ?" I was confused after his answer, either he didn't want to tell me or he seriously doesn't know about the whereabouts of his brother, both options are grave. I told him all about my family despite him being somewhat involved with this gang, if he still doesn't trust me enough to tell me about his personal life, then I shouldn't either and if he really doesn't know about his brother at the moment then that is so... I don't know.

The Underworld is so depressing. 

How is it possible that one doesn't know whereabouts of his own family ? I mean if they aren't kidnapped like me or something.

"Yes, Ella, I don't know, it has been a long time since I heard from him" He says unconcerned.

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to intrude or something, I was just.. you know...asking" I say, adding a casual shrug towards the end.

"So, you really don't know where he is or how he is or what he's doing these days ?" I asked putting special emphasis on 'really'.

"Yeah, who knows, he himself might have joined a gang or maybe he is doing marijuana in India right now" He is so apathetic in his answer. Does every family in this business suffer this kind of detachment ? 

" Marijuana ?..." 

"...Are drugs very..umm.. popular in gangs ?" I asked.

"Yup, it's like water at some places, at least you can survive seven days without water but not these people, some people can't survive a day without drugs" He said in matter-of-factually kind of tone. 

"Do you do drugs too ?" I asked him without a cover, he can do whatever he likes, I am not his mother and I am not a judgmental bitch either.

"Nah, not really into them, I have tried them once, my brother wasn't happy with me" He smiles fondly as he recalls some incident. I breathe a sigh of relief, I wouldn't have minded if he really did drugs but it sill is a relief that he doesn't.

"Oh, cool, you know, some of my friends use to do drugs too but alas, they were never meant for me" I smile at his surprised expressions.

"So you do drugs ?" He asks in shock. I shake my head and reply,

"No, my friends did them"

"And you said they were never meant for you- your friends ?" He asked confusedly.

"No, idiot, I was referring to drugs, not to my friends" I couldn't help but laugh a little at his foolishness.


I was full on laughing now as he kept on making more and more weird expressions on his face, adding hand gestures in the mix too.            

"Stop Nate" I said as I tried to control my breathing pattern but who am I for him to listen to.

"Looks like I am disturbing something" I voice said dryly from the doorway. I knew that voice well by know. Nate and I turned towards the doorway where my kidnapper stood with a pissed off expression, there was some other emotion swirling in eyes too which betrayed his angry expression- just a little but I couldn't quite decipher it. 

"Yes, you are" Nate said a little offensively and to add to it, he rolled his eyes too.

"Oh, am I now ?" He said rhetorically.

"From what I remember, you were supposed to give her lunch and come back" He emphasized the word 'back' to ...emphasize his point, of course.

"Yeah...but the thing is, you didn't specifically mention it" Nate answered back.

"May be you should have used your common sense for once..."

"...oh wait, forgive me, I forgot that you didn't have a brain, looks like it's my mistake after all" My kidnapper scoffed.

"Yes, it is" Nate snorted. I couldn't help but laugh at their childish argument and of course at Nate's stupidity, he only just proved that he doesn't have a brain by agreeing with my kidnapper. My kidnapper looked proud of something, making a fool out of Nate I guess and Nate looked at me in disbelief.

"What ?" I asked defensively in a offending tone.

"Nothing" Nate sighed and then smiled a little while getting up from the bed.

"Much better" My kidnapper commented as Nate made his way out of this room. 

"Whatever" was the only childish reply from Nate. 

"Here, you can listen to some songs" My kidnapper said as he throw-ed something on the bed, which I might add, landed perfectly on one of the pillows. He was gone within a second after that. I got up to inspect the thing, only to find that it is a electronic device of some kind, a Sony Walkman to be specific. 

Was he really giving me a Walkman ?

To listen to music !

It was unbelievable at the best, I have never heard of a kidnapper providing entertainment for their captive. This is ridiculous, I can't comprehend this...action. I didn't suspect anything malicious in his eyes when he had propelled this device at the pillow but what I can't understand is the motive behind this kind act of his.

Should I be wary of whatever had happened or no ?

I didn't know the answer to my own question, so doing the only thing sensible at the moment, I started listening to the music; he had a nice collection though. 


I sat gazing out the window for hours while listening to tracks on the Walkman-the track list seemed endless- or rather stood, watching the forest and different activities of bustling lives of animals in there, contemplating about different aspects of life. Yes, I know it might sound boring but quite frankly, I had not much to do either.

"So...your food" A voice sounded from behind, it was not more than I whisper to me as the Walkman was still blasting music in my ears. I turned my head to see my kidnapper setting down a tray on the bedside table. I wish it was Nate, the one to bring me the dinner, we could have continued on our left off conversation but I guess my kidnapper didn't want a repeat of this afternoon when the two of them had a row... well, I wouldn't call it a row because it was too childish to be considered one... okay... they had an argument, maybe but whatever, it doesn't really matter. I gave him a subtle nod to indicate that I have heard him then I continued my gazing-out-the-window thing, the sunset was almost reaching towards its end and the sight was to behold, with all orange, yellow and purple scattered throughout the horizon.

"Hey...umm..are you okay" I turned my body as my kidnapper tapped on my shoulder. He was nearer than I expected and as I gasped in shock at his proximity, colour rose to my kidnapper's cheeks. Forget what I said about the beautiful sunset, this was a sight to behold, who would have thought that Mr. I-am-your-kidnapper-so-you-better-listen-to-me, the one who is always scowling or frowning at me for one reason or another could actually blush, not me. I thought I was going to com-bust, it was that hard to control my laughter. Then I remembered his question and a frown of my own took hold of my face. 

Am I okay ?

What a mocking question ! 

Was he really making fun of me ?

But his tone was sincere and not one of sarcasm. 
May be it was my own ears playing tricks on me ? 

I don't remember my ears ringing or something.

I don't think the Walkman was that loud.

Or was it ?

I am confused now.

"Why are you asking me this ?" I questioned him in a dry tone. Finally recovering from his blushing thoughts, he answered,

"Well, you looked very distraught" in a truthful voice.

"I wonder whose fault would that be" I said sarcastically while rolling my eyes. He narrowed his eye considerably at my comment and his steely self was back.

"Listen here you little bitch, I was just being polite but may be you are just not used to being respected, is it that ?" My eyes mirroring his actions from earlier, narrowed on their own accord, how dare he say that ? Does he has no respect for anyone ?

"Just stay in your limits you wench and don't think I don't know your intentions about Nate..." He said forcefully. 

My intentions about Nate... what ?

"Stay away from him" Hissed my kidnapper and left the room.

I couldn't really get what he meant, I mean, yes, I like talking to Nate but where the hell was he going with the 'intention' thing, I don't know and I am not going to dwell on it either. 


I ate dinner after a while, couldn't let the food get cold, now can we and then resumed gazing out the window. It was dark now but since moon was out, I was able to see most of the forest-I trembled at the remembrance of last night. It was nice to just look at the nightlife of forest and reflect at my life but then, I don't have much left of it now. I know I am going to die, sooner or later. What's the point of eating food or having a nice room to myself, I don't know the reason either.

I could feel the familiar cold creeping up on me again and I could feel the dread building up.

I don't have much time now, they are going to start anytime, any second now.

And to top that, I don't have any links of communication to my family or any hints how they are holding it. I don't want to die among these...strangers, I will die a miserable death if that happens, well that's going to happen either way anyway. My family will not know that I am dead when I die, they will not have a fucking clue that I am no longer breathing on earth in material form, they will go on living their lives in oblivion, in hope that one day I will be found.

Or may be they won't ...

May be they had already forgotten about you, what do you think, haven't they ?

This is your biggest fear, isn't it ?

Being abandoned, left alone on your own and no one to care for you, you fear it, don't you ?

The voices in my head kept getting loud and a unwilling sob escaped my mouth, it sounded more like strangled cry for help.

May be they never loved you, it was all a pretense.

May be they felt obliged to love you, that's worse, isn't it ?

You poor, poor little girl. 

Mommy and daddy never loved you, did they ?

You are just a poor little girl, who nobody loves...

You are just a poor little girl, who nobody loves...

"NO" I screamed at top of my lungs, clutching my head with both of hands and fell to my knees.

You are just a poor little girl, who nobody loves...


...a poor little girl... 

A collective sound of many footsteps was heard in the distance.

...nobody loves...

"No, please stop" I sobbed, quietly, I was able to taste salt now.

...nobody loves...

 ...a poor little girl...

Through blurred eyesight I spotted some figures at the door.

You are just a poor little girl, who nobody loves...

You are just a poor little girl, who nobody loves...

"Make them stop" I shouted.

...a poor little girl...

...nobody loves...

"Hey, hey... calm down, I am here...we are here" Somebody cradled my head on their lap from my fetal position.  

...You are just a poor little girl...

...who nobody loves...

 ...a poor little girl...

...who nobody loves...

"Please make them stop...please" I whispered.

 ...a poor little girl...

"You are okay, don't are okay"

"Don't leave me" I looked up but couldn't recognize the face of the person.

You are just a poor little girl, who nobody loves...

I then fainted.


I could feel some kind of wet substance on surface of my face. I blinked as my mind woke up and my eyesight tried to adjust to light.

"Dim the light" A deep voice known to me spoke to someone and within a second the bright light was not so much bright anymore. As the gear in my brain started working, I realized that I was laying on something soft and fluffy and as my vision adjusted to new surroundings, I became aware of presence of many a people around me. I tried to keep calm but it was hard and soon my breathing accelerated and I jumped into frantic moves. Most of the people were covered in the shadows but it did nothing to reassure me, in fact-quite the opposite. 

"Oh my God, they are here..." I said in desperate voice, the words a heap of rushed sounds from my mouth.

Someone was holding my hand in a matter of seconds and their body heat appeased me, but without control on my irrational thoughts, I felt they were going to harm me. I yanked my hand away from the person's grip and crawled backwards until I hit something sturdy-headboard of the bed

"Please don't hurt me" I said jerking my head to every direction as I observe the dark and the shadows around me. 

Something-someone, tries reaching for me.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME" I went hysterical as I saw someone emerging from the dark. I couldn't help it, they were going to harm me, what was I supposed to do, let it happen ? 

You are just a poor little girl, who nobody loves...

There was a faint voice in my head, reminding me these words, taunting me. It was singing the words in a haunting melody. A sickening feeling of dread filled me. They were here...

But it's not possible, they are not real.

Anything's possible, my dear.

There it was again, that voice, it was frightening me. 

"It's okay, nobody's going to hurt you, it's okay" I didn't realize someone was hugging me, fiercely, until they have spoken and brought me out of my trance. Their voice calmed me, whoever the person was, and the haunting voice stopped playing in my head at once.

I also didn't realize that I was crying until I got out of my head and in the present, and heard myself sobbing as if someone had died.

You thought you were going to die, a sick voice snickered in my head but I shook it off.

I was more calm now, almost normal...

You can never be that, you freak I shook my way out of whoever's embrace I was in. 

I was sweating and breathless as if I had run a marathon but in reality I might have moved only a inch or two, may be more.

"Water" I whispered, now feeling exhausted all of a sudden -adrenaline spike.

"Pass me the water" The one sitting beside me spoke, I was yet to identify the person but he was definitely a male. His hands were still on my waist, but I didn't mind much and I didn't start any objection, I was feeling secure and comfortable in them. A moment later a glass was passed into my hands, but my hands were quivering so much that for a moment I thought I was going to drench myself in water, I was still shaken up. I didn't have to worry about spilling water for another instance as the person hugging me took the glass from my hands and brought it to my lips.

"Here, let me"  Says the person.

As the person moves a bit forward to put glass on tip of my lips, just at the edge, I open my mouth and swallow the cool liquid which finally opens up my constricted throat and gives life to my tounge so it doesn't feel as heavy. The tender fluid glided effortlessly down my throat and into my esophagus and soothed the burn around it in its wake. The glass was almost empty as I kept on drinking water, as the glass was on verge of emptying, the person who was holding the glass moved forward to urge the left water in my mouth and I saw that it was my kidnapper. For some reason, I didn't mind it, it didn't upset me and I wasn't startled to find him so near me. May be because I was still in shock or may be because I had simply grown used to his presence. I observed with a absent mind that his left was sprawled on my upper back and the evident concern in his eyes.

Something is wrong.

Why does he look concerned -about me ?

Who would he be concerned about you ? The loathsome voice has surfaced again. 

...a poor little girl....

...nobody loves...

The voice was still there in the background, lurking into the pitch-black shadowy depths of my mind, waiting for a opportunity to trip me and make me fall into the realms of unreality but I won't let it happen again.

"Are you okay ?" The kind lady sits in front of me, onto the bed, slowly, as if scared that I would lash out at her or something. I realize that the shadows around me were not harmful people but just the members of this gang, who all look anxious right now. I spot Nate and leap from my spot and onto him, the only person I truly am I comfortable in this place. May be I am comfortable with my kidnapper on some level as I remember the tickling from earlier in the day. The thought is disturbing in itself- a captive comfortable with their kidnapper... sounds very stupid to me, but ironically, I am the comfortable captive in the situation. 

He catches me and hugs me tightly. I think he was worried for me due to some reason.

I wonder what that reason could be ? The same voice-reappearing-sneered.

"Hey, Ella" He murmurs while smoothing my hair in caress.

"Hi" I say and feel a sudden compulsion to break down again but I settle for some silent tears at the point in time. 

"How are you feeling now ?" Nate asks in a soft tone, distressed that I will again lose my self-control.

"Better" is the only word I can muster up the energy to speak and will to say and it's true, I do feel better, than those brief moments of torture, so much better and less frantic than those fleeting moments mere seconds ago. 

"Good" He says, still in that soft tone and I hug him tighter.

Nate advances to make me properly sit at bed and following suit, he sits alongside me on bed now as beforehand he was standing while I was kneeling on bed. Nestled between the pillows and sheets, I look thoroughly around me to find that each and every being present in here are relived-of what I don't know- if a little pale. Atmosphere in this room is much calmer now and I too, feel more calmer, more coherent, almost at peace, a little more-than-little stress on the word almost

As I move to lay down and may be get some rest, I see that everyone is still here...what the hell. 

Why are they still here ? 

Don't they need to sleep, I am sure it's quite late in the evening. Well, not sure about them but I really need to sort out the mess that is my head.

Oh, really ?

They all are still hovering over and around, somewhat awkwardly, what are they waiting for- a dismissal ? They all look anxious standing here, looking at one and another then at me. I feel embarrassed, I made Nate worrisome,in-fact, I made everyone worry about me and I feel guilty because of it, although they have kidnapped and I really shouldn't care for their reactions, it is a little surprising if confusing. I really am sorry for all the upheaval I have caused. I mean, it's wasn't intentional on my part..but still. 

Couldn't have them hating you now, can we ? The dark voice is back, I don't like it.
"You guys can leave" I say in disdain and with nonchalant attitude.

They still linger for while, looking unsure and-from what I understand- anxious of and for me, but then one by one, they depart from the room. Please people just get away from me, ever heard of solitude.

Nate stays back with me for a while, he doesn't say much, just like me and we sit in silence.

"You too can go now" I say finally after some minutes, it really is time for him to get sleep and I don't want to keep him, besides, it's not like we are going to talk anytime soon.

"Yeah, I should go" He says and moves away from the bed to leave the room.

"Stay better" I knew what he meant by this.

He did a wave-to which I replied with a wave of my own, he could tell it was sarcastic, and proceeded to leave the room while closing the door behind him, he switched the light off in the process and plunged me into the awaiting depths of dark unknown.
Not going to say much.
Read and hopefully tell me your thoughts about it.



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