Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


10. Chapter-10

Could you let go of everything you've known ? 
Every dream you have ever dreamt ?

Every hope you'll be shattering ?

No, I am not ready for any of these things to happen. I am a young soul with such a long life ahead, I can't just let these things go, not now, not ever.


None of them said anything for a while and I waited for them to either deny or to confirm what I've said. It was simple, they just had to say a 'yes' or a 'no' but even then they weren't doing it. Why drag the silence/pain when you can just end the misery of someone ? My accusations hung in the air around us, suffocating me while I waited for their answer. Nate, who I believe was not a part of their gang, too looked anxious for their answer, all the others were just pretty much in the same state of cold-expression-ed face.

I wonder if it's an epidemic here or something ? 

As I waited for their answer, the more the clock ticked, the more dread filled me. Along that awful feeling, also came an unpredicted feeling of peace. I was serene with the fact that I was finally going to be free from this place, that I will be able to breath with no fear of dying next minute.

Has this place worked its magic yet ?

Was I finally losing my mind ?

Or, you were already mad ?

"No, no , you are not going to die" The kind lady said to me.

"Why would you even ask such stupid question !" One of the boy's exclaimed. 

His words confused me... I am not going to die ? I got even more confused as I took in the outraged expressions of the people present, most of them at least. 

Is it not what criminals do ? Kill whoever is in their way ?

I mean, I am not necessarily in their way of doing something but you know, I have been causing problems in their gang. I am kinda proud of this actually, the problems.

You won't be for long if you keep the up.                                                                                                            
 Special emphasis on you, won't and long.

"You know what, I think Ella here looks in need of rest, we can have this ... discussion later" My kidnapper with too much enthusiasm for my liking. I know he doesn't want me to know whatever they were going to talk about.

"... or not at all" I hear Nate mutter, everyone does, but nobody bothers to reply, just Jack glaring at him. What's up with him today ?

As everyone scrambles on and about, I keep sitting at the seat on the sofa, I guess everyone has stuff to do, even Jack, who in my opinion is useless. I on the other hand, am clueless about what to do or where to go. I am a captive if my memory is sharp enough. Even Nate has left to tend to something and I am just sitting here as if star-struck with eyes wide open and mouth promptly closed, only thing missing is some crickets in the background. 

"Are you going to just sit there like Patrick or are you going to come ?"

I sharply turned towards The doorway leading to hallway, where my smirking kidnapper stood.

I could have replied but I did not bother to do so and silently stood up to follow him wherever he was planning to go. I, by now, know that it was of no use to be defiant to him, either I move by my own will or he would just do that forcefully, I prefer former one better, Also, mind you, I have not forgotten the Patrick comment. 

Did my kidnapper just really made a reference to Spongebob Squarepants ?

That comment was totally unexpected, I mean, it's not everyday that a criminal makes reference to a cartoon show, it's like a psychopath saying that he likes playing with Barbie, and I don't mean it in a dirty way. 

Was he trying to be funny ?

Was he just calling me stupid ?


Was he doing both ?

If I know my kidnapper, even a little, I would say that the second option would sound more like him but then how would I explain the glittering amusement in his eyes when he spoke the words ?

May be there is more to him ?

May be, this criminal thing is.....

"This is your room." I was interrupted before the thought could be completed. I realized that my kidnapper was standing inside a room while I stood at the doorway.

When did we reach here ?

I guess I was just too deep in my thoughts that I forgot about the reality of present around me.

Wait...did he just said, "my room" ?

"My room ?" I questioned him confusedly while apprehensively taking a step inside the room, waiting for a booby trap to latch onto my feet.

When the said thing did't happen, I sighed a air of relief.

"Yeah, like your rooom.." He said the words as if talking to an mentally disabled person and there was a smile on his face, not the sadistic kind either. 

What happened to him, he is in a awe-fully good mood today ?

Sensing that I still didn't understand what he meant, he explained a bit more.

"The room where you have to stay.." 

Queue the crickets in the picture, still confused.

"Damn it, this. is. the. room. where you. will. be. staying... do you get it now ?" He was frustrated, it was given and unknowingly, a smile took feature on my face ; which did not get unnoticed my my kidnapper. Guess who is irritated now, huh. 

"Wait, why are you smiling, no, don't tell me.." I only nodded my head and started laughing.

"You little... why would you act stupid then... when you already understood what I meant"

I shrugged and said,

"It was fun ."

After a little pause,

"Hmm, really now.." He said slowly as an mischievous smirk took place on his face... I knew it was time to run.

Taking the opportunity and without a thought, I flung myself onto the bed, I have somehow walked towards it in-between the conversation. I was stupid to think that it was going to act as some kind of barrier between me and my kidnapper, who was half a second ago on other side of room, but was now stalking towards the bed.

"Aw, kitten" I shivered at his words, I don't think that I will like what is to happen now.

Taking advantage of my utterly shocked and confused expressions, he fell on top of me, while efficiently pinning down my hands and legs with his own. He sat on my thighs, he still was able to cover my upper body with his though, damn he's long, and took both of my wrists into his one hand, pinning them over my head. This current position felt uncomfortable and a little too intimate to me, I flushed immediately, but that did not last long. 

The moment my wrists were secured in hand, he started tickling me at my sides. 

I shrieked at the sudden and unanticipated contact, laughter bubbling in my throat and forcing its way out as my kidnapper kept on tickling me. A lightness of delight filled me as I laughed my head off after a long time, I can't remember the last time I had actually laughed.

"P..ple..please, thi..s" My mouth was parted as big as it could but only thing coming out of it was my laughter and giggles, I was desperate to get free from his hold but no words would come out. 

"Ooo, who is a smart-ass now, hmm" 

"You think you are all cheeky by acting and being all stupid, but look at you, you are at my mercy now" His eyes definitely went a little darker after he said that. 

He laughed a laugh, which I felt was truly psychotic, before succeeding it with deep throaty chuckles.

"So I was thinking that may be you could help me out with..." 

My kidnapper and I both turned towards the doorway, where a gaping Nate stood. My cheeks turned red as his eyes followed my kidnapper's and mine's body; from my wrists held in his hand, to the hand still on my side and finally to him sitting on my hip bones. This, the scene, the posture between the two of us would look compromising to anyone and Nate was no exception. He looked flabbergasted to be honest but he didn't bother to comment and just went away silently with a blush, just a little and half-hidden smirk on his face.

My kidnapper awkwardly got up from me and I tried not to stare at his bulging biceps or at his muscular chest, turning to my head to look at nothing in particular. We didn't even realize what kind of position we were in, o.k. I did but that is beside the point, or how it would look to anyone else ?

Like you were dry humping each other ?

He cleared his throat and I looked up to find him standing almost at the doorway of the room. He gestured towards the room with open arms and said,

"Your room" then dropped his arms and left the room. 

All I can think is,

What just happened ?


I wish I could say that I had a interesting day or that I had done something nice, or productive even, but no, that would be a total lie. 

After he had left, my kidnapper I mean, I took a look around the room, to find something of entertainment quotient per say, I couldn't find one, no but once I was done with inspection, a proper one, I realized that the room was... pleasant. 

One would expect for these criminals to put you in a filthy chamber.

Or basement for that matter.

I shuddered at the thought, I was tied-up there just hours ago. Not to mention, the horrible incident I relate with it.

Anyways, on with the room.

It was an old-fashioned room, with wooden floor, bed made from wood, wooden dresser and a wooden chair to go with it. A wooden book-rack stood beside an vintage type window, which was covered in with blue-lace curtains. Now, I could have r,ead a book but I am not the most-interested-in-literature person. I certainly don't hate literature and yes, I have read a book or two, loved them even, but I just could not bring myself to do it, even when I was yawning like crazy and my mind was screaming Bored! at me. 

So, for a long time, I stood and gazed from the window, like a princess in a fairy tale, the thought itself was ironical with my situation and thought process, because I know there's a little possibility that a prince will rescue and save me.

Whenever I had tried to escape, either I was in too much hurry or it was dark, I had not really seen the beauty that this forest was. Line after line, proud trees stood, with different vegetation of flora all around them, it was endless, the forest went on for forever, and so-so breathtaking. Since it was an fine summer day, I could easily see sunlight shining trough the canopy of trees and onto the ground, highlighting leaves and bark in that heart-warming kind of way.

I stood there for a long-while, hours may be, just gazing out and thinking what my life had been before. There was knock. It broke me out of my stupor. I was not expecting to see anyone, like I had any control over it anyway, I thought they would keep me locked up and starve me until I die. 

How assumptutious !

I had checked the door, okay...but alas, it was locked from outside. My kidnapper made sure that I would not find any way to escape this time, while the room does have a window, a classic, big one, the room, from what I calculated, was on second floor and it does have a sil, where may be you could sit, or not, but jump, you definitely cannot.

And no ivy-ropes this time.

First time's a fluke.

Yes, the knock...well, it was Nate, with tray of food in his hands. It was lunch.

"So..." He started, obviously finding it awkward after our last encounter. I was still in the state of calm and tranquility, and with dazed mind from just staring and thinking for a long time. He probably wasn't expecting a kind of passive gaze from me, so when I looked back at him with such expressions, he got startled and it was obvious from his face. I, myself would have been startled if someone looked at me with a distant gaze like mine but he just have to deal with it. After he cleared his thoughts, he continued what he was meaning to say before.

"So, what were you guys doing ?" He genuinely looked interested for the answer, so I gave him an honest one.

"He was tickling me" At least the most honest answer I could find with my rational reasoning, the outcome was this.

"What ?" He seemed confused.

"He was tickling me" Was my reply, as I said before, I was also confused from what had happened hours ago.

"Why ?" Came his question.

"Well..." I started since the cover of daze was lifted from my mind as of now.

"...I don't really know ." I ended my sentence there with being more confused than before, now that I think it over.

"Huh.. ?"

"I mean, I am not sure how it happened or who started what" I explained a little more, hoping that I'll get my point across.

"So, what you basically mean is, that he started tickling you out of nowhere, just like that !" He snapped his fingers at the end, putting more emphasis on his ending words.

"Yeah" I nodded slowly, starting to grow more and more confused about what had took place.

"Hmm" He nodded in state of concentration, making me wonder what he was thinking. We drifted into silence from there on for a few minutes. 

"Oh, I completely forgot about this." He gestured towards his hands, in which he was holding the forgotten tray of food. 

"Your lunch" He announced with a sheepish smile. I sit on bed with the tray on my lap and divulge into food, which looked divine to me, sorry, you too would have said the same thing, believe me; the breakfast I had was horrible, I think it was intentional on my kidnapper's part.

"You want to share it ?" I questioned Nate because he was looking at the food.

"No, no" He replied while looking at me in a funny way.

"Have some, no ?" I pestered. 

"No really, Ella, I am not hungry." He said.

"So, you already had lunch ?" I tried my hand at small-talk. 

"Yes, Ella, now please finish your food" 

"Okay..dude..." I said while rolling my eyes,

I feel like old Ella whenever Nate is around, the one I was before this...happening.

"Now that you're done...tell me what was happening when I walked in, on you two" Nate was sitting on my previous spot as I returned from the bathroom after washing my hand- I didn't knew there was en-suite attached to this room until Nate pointed it out, in my defense it was covered by a curtain. He makes it sound like me and my kidnapper were doing something sexual when the awkward encounter occurred. 

Which you guys were doing !

So, I old him what had happened and how it happened, at least the things which made rational sense to me. He was surprised, just a little, for which I must give him credit because I was way more than surprised but he spoke a little on it. He did not make any unnecessary comments or asked stupid questions. He just wanted to know about the incident and as I told him, he was content with it.

"Wow, okay..." He breathed after contemplating my explanation. 

"Surprised ?" I asked.

"Very.." He said.

"It's a lot to get my around" 

"What is a lot to get your head around ?" I questioned.

" won't gt it" He shook his head and laughed a breathy laugh, the anxious kind one, he actually was surprised, about what, that I don't now. I gave him a nod, not to pressurize him into answering as he was my only friend here- by friend I mean the only one I could really talk to.

"So, let's talk about something else" 
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How have you been ?
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