Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


6. Chapter -6



 I closed my eyes and sunk into blackness that had been calling out to me for a long time . 

 It was when a commotion made its way into my ears that I woke up .  I started getting up , groaning all the while . It feels like all my limbs were ripped apart , then sewed back together all the while my body was burning in fire, yes , I do feel like shit right now if to put simply . I don't know if it is day-time or night , because I just have lost my sense of time basically .. lights were still on but that doesn't mean it couldn't be day time but the curtains were drawn in , so I couldn't know that way either . Maybe I was unconscious or may be I was deprived of sleep , I don't what is the reason but the next thing I know , I am heading towards the direction from where the sound aka lots of noise was coming . I should be scared to go there right , seeing that my kidnapper had already punished me once and it ended very very badly for me but I think .. I can't think actually , that is the problem here  . In front of me  , two boys were fighting , my kidnapper and his guest , wow .. this boy was already stupid enough to come here and now he has the stupidity to fight a criminal , talk abut idiocy .. but right now as I'm standing looking at them , I can't help but think.. am I not being more stupid than this boy here ? 
I glare at them for a moment as they did not even notice my presence there . What are they even talking ... okay .. shouting about to each other , don't they even have the courtesy to let someone sleep , like I do know that I'm kidnapped , it's not pleasant at all but the least they could do is let me sleep peacefully .. even for some hours may be .. but still .

" Will you two just up ! " , I yelled at last . Both of them stopped in an instant , completely baffled by my yelling or it could be because they were not even aware I was standing there . Seeing I had shut them up for good , I turn on my heels .. and then stop dead in my tracks . Not because I'm scared of my kidnapper's temperament or because his guest finds my yelling amusing .. no , because as I turn  , I find myself staring at a girl with torn clothes , bloods on some spots , tear-stained cheeks and mess all in all . She looks so fragile , so sad and I can't help but wonder , when did I become this weak . Surely , the girl I see in the mirror in front of me .. is me but something is changed . I check myself from head toe in mirror ...... bruise on my jaw, brutal one , scratches and other bruises all over my body .. clothes torn-ed from some places , mostly with little dried blood around them , my wrist are swollen and they are scraped and of course , my bandaged head .. it too have some blood stains on it . Shocked thoroughly to the core , my head starts spinning at my appearance and from lack of food in my system and that is when I faint ... but not before catching my kidnapper's eyes on me .


I don't think I'll ever get used to headaches but seeing I am getting one too many these days , I might as well try to get accustomed to them . Groaning , I roll and open my eyes .. and I'm surprised to find myself on the bed I had woken up earlier on but this time I'm not alone in the room ... my kidnapper is sleeping on the sofa beside the bed , looks like he had fallen asleep while doing something because of his
almost-sitting-but-laying down-a-little position . I sit up a little and see I'm still in my old , bloodied clothes . I have no idea what I want to do right now because I'm sure if I even did make a movement , he will be up like an bad-ass ninja and I don't even want to think what he will do once he realizes my actions . I shudder at the thought . I stay sitting on the bed , not knowing what to do . Yes , I was in pain and yes I was in need of food but can I do something about it .. answer to that is pretty obvious ... no .

I had always wondered why people in movies never try to escape when their kidnapper is sleeping or something .. but now I know , there is fear in you and in air around you . This guy , who looks so peaceful sleeping right now , people can never guess that he indeed is an kidnapper , if I would have seen him somewhere , I probably wouldn't guess but as the words say , looks can be deceiving . I had already felt his wrath when he decided to punish me by pushing me down the stairs , suffice to say , it was painful , very , very painful . I had this paranoia now that even the smallest movement will break his slumber and he again would punish me in a torturous way . I wasn't scared about if to tell the truth , I'm not scared even for my life but there is this who I came back for , that person is my mother if you don't remember . My mother is as close to me as she can , she had done so much to me , it is only fair that I repay her in some sort of way , guess this is my mode of repaying . I wish I could find my mother and just get the hell away from this place . Oh wait ... how stupid of me ! Kidnappings always have a motive behind them right ? Can't believe I am this unobservant ! So , this means my kidnapper wants something in exchange for my freedom ... but what ?

This place , although I haven't seen much , looked luxurious with all its fancy furniture and such , so let's cross out the possibility of ransom money as this guy doesn't look like one in need of that . Is this some conspiracy to get something I own or possess , I doubt that a guy would be interested in all the girly stuff because otherwise , I'm just a high-school student , or used to be . A dull ache appeared in my heart as I start remembering all my friends and the stuff we used to do , hell I would trade anything to just go back and live those times again ... but , it is impossible ... just like it is impossible for me escape this place without proper information about my mother's well being . Escaping this place does not look like a big of a trouble as I had already did it once but under the circumstances I had to come back .

Earlier this sleeping guy had told me that he did not kidnap my mother , when I had asked him that question. We were bickering over the possibility if he was telling the truth or not but we were interrupted by arrival of his guest . The said guest looked like an amusing lad to me because he was doing all the wrong things to get on my kidnapper's nerve , like flirting with me etc and his work payed pretty well if I say so myself . He had asked me if I was o.k. when his host just pretty much dumped me on the sofa and I was touched by his concern which did not look fake to me . Yes , the teenage girl and the kind lady were ... kind to me but that was before my kidnapper pushed me down the stairs , so I couldn't know if they were genuinely concerned about me or not .

" Hey , is she up yet ? " , this sound breaks my train of thought and I look up to find the my kidnapper's guest standing in the doorway . I keep looking up at him and he looks between his sleeping host and me for a few times with some kind of weird expression . He looks surprised .... oh well .

" Hi , so you are up " , he says and comes to sit on the end of the bed ...okay ...

" Yeah.... " , I thought me being awake was pretty obvious .. like duh !

'' So,  he's sleeping '' , he says.

'' Obviously '' , I snort... like c'mon,  he seriously didn't need to ask... or rather state the obvious and I'm already irritated as it is. Uh-Oh , he got the same mischievous look  on his face that he had while he was teasing his host aka my infamous kidnapper . I do not like his expressions right now .... not one bit . He shakes his head a little but a smile is still there ...okay ... he looks less threatening . He moves up from the bed and goes towards the sofa where me kidnapper is sleeping peacefully ...a little too peacefully if you ask me for a criminal . This boy , my kidnapper's guest looks at the sleeping figure for a moment , while I look curiously at the scene , trying to figure out what is going to happen next ans just like that ... he falls down on his host , not very lightly either , in a way that would squeeze the person underneath you ... purposely . I am baffled by his actions and a gasp escapes my mouth . I mean , yes his host and my kidnapper is an criminal  and all but but he surely get squished from the weight of his guest and he was sleeping . Okay ..this person is seriously weird .

My kidnapper wakes up from sudden movement , sudden weight on his body but groans and pushes off the weight when he notices that it is only his guest being amateur . I am not sure how I should feel about this whole ordeal but I can't  deny that I am slightly amused by it , slightly being the understatement here .

" Fuck 0ff " , my kidnapper moans , not in that way and this time I can't help but chuckle along with his guest at the reaction my kidnapper has just delivered . His guest turns his head towards me and wiggles his eyebrows in a suggestive manner . Ah .. he did this thing in concern on me , with the purpose of ... making me fell better ?  I am still very present with the fact of being kidnapped and my missing mother but his actions surely feel less crappy about it in whole ... well at least for now . I have him a short nod and a little smile , surely the boy deserved it 

" You better now ? " , he asks as he resumes his seat on the end of the bed from-before his mischievous actions .

" Yeah " , I say , a little throaty from just waking up and obvious dehydration but with a little smile . He frowns a little .. and then gets up from the bed . I look at him confused .. is this how they end a conversation here ?

" Wait here " , he says as he edges near the entrance door of this room , yeah , like I can go somewhere , I thought sarcastically to myself . He notices the confusion settled on my features and gives me a reassuring smile , suggesting everything is fine . I smile back at him , even if everything is far from o.k. for me . The smile I gave back was a weird one but he was satisfied with it since he is out of the door once he sees the smile . After few minutes , the door is being opened again and the guest of my kidnapper is back with a glass of water .

" Drink up " , he says standing beside me and I do as I am told . His this action surprises me . I mean he was not responsible for taking care of me , for my well being but here he is .. bringing up water for me and cheering me up . So me being me  , I look at him skeptically .... no , the water did not have any drug in it or anything but please .. you are not supposed to trust a criminal's guest , are you now ? He took a seat , again at the end of the bed as I drank the glass of water . I keep looking at him as he looks around the room . the boy looks younger my kidnapper but looks around the same age as me , may be one year younger OT one year elder than me . He is your typical American pretty boy with blonde hair and blue eyes , I did not pay attention to this before .

" So , how are you ? " , he asks casually and I start choking on the water . He is at my side in a instant and starts rubbing my back . After a while I get hold of my breathing  and I drink left-over water from the glass .

" What happened ? " , he asks , concerned this time , well pretty boy , you should have been concerned before asking previous question . I look at him with disbelief , Is. He . For . Real ? Like seriously .... who asks a kidnapped - how are they .... on e should not be this heartless . It's like pouring salt on a already deep wound , it hurts . Then again , may be he is not aware of the fact that I am kidnapped but I am pretty sure that physical appearance is a dead giveaway . He looks like he wants to say something but he does not as I shake me head when he opens his mouth .

" What's your name ? " , I ask with a bit of hesitation after a moment of silence .

" Nathan " , he answers and I just nod ...and here comes the silence again .

" What's yours ? " , Nathan questions . I am a bit relieved after knowing his name , you know , calling him my kidnapper's guest can get quite annoying after some time .

" Huh ? "

" Your name ? " , he says after chuckling at my inattentiveness . I have a habit of getting lost in my thoughts , I think . I hesitate before answering him . I mean , what more harm can they do to me , I am already a victim of kidnapping ! The most they can do is kill me and quite frankly , I am not scared of death ... since my mom is not here . There is still a little doubt in me about her being here but there is no reason for my kidnapper to lie to me , the  on the other hand , there is no reason for him to tell me truth either .

" Ella " , I say to him once I realize that I am taking much too long to reply . I was contemplating my answer , if to tell him my real name or not while he watched me with intense concentration , it was over-bearing really , so I just gave him the truth .

" So Ell , tell me why you are here ? " , he said as a grin broke out on his cute face . Wow , I know this guy for like what ... one day .. and he has already given me a nick-name . I chuckle at his boyish antics but then sadness takes over as I answer his question .

" I was kidnapped " , I say to him and my voice can barely be considered over a whisper .

" Aw shit , sorry " , he says ans scratches his neck a little , obviously at loss of words . I shrug , I mean I can't really say it is o.k. because it is not but also I can't blame the poor fellow either , he was not the one to kidnap me .

" Getting a little familiar , are we ? " . a familiar voice , in a raspy tone , breaks the silence that was settled between me and Nathan . WE both immediately look towards the sofa , where my formerly-sleeping kidnapper was sitting and rubbing his eyes now . Once he was fully awake , his eyes darted between me and Nathan  and then finally zeroed on Nathan.

" What are you doing here ? " , he asks , obviously to Nathan . Much to his dismay , Nate didn't give any verbal response and just shrugs in reply..and yes , I just gave a pet-name to Nathan , that too mentally .

" Just came to check-up " , Nate at last says when he notices my kidnapper's soul-wrenching stare on him  . His tone could not be classified as of one in fear .. actually far from it .. like he is not scared of my kidnapper , not even one ounce .

" Of course " , my kidnapper exclaims to himself with a sick grin on his face , the menacing grin I have only witnessed once till now and that ended badly for me appearing on his face .

" Why don't you just go down , yeah " , my kidnapper orders Nathan .

" Um .... how about no " , Nathan challenges his host through his words . I haven't been here for much long time , but still long enough to know not to question the authority of my kidnapper . There is nothing than the absolute tension in the air and I know I have to interfere before something bad occurs between the two of them , I rack my brain for a way to dissolve the tension or to at least put it on hold momentarily .

" Uh .. what time is it Nate ? " , I speak up the most absurd question that I can muster at the moment  but thank God it worked as they both stop glaring at each other .

" Around 8-9 in the morning " , he answers , a little amused though . My kidnapper was also amused but not in the same context as Nate .

" I should get going now  , come down for breakfast soon " , Nate says and is out the room as soon as he finishes his sentence .

" Nate ? " , my kidnapper questions , in one word , but I easily grasp the whole meaning behind it .

" His name is Nathan ? " , I say in kind of a questioning tone , bit unsure of myself , that guy could have easily lied to me .

" You gave him a nick-name ? " , he asks in a darkly-amused tone . Okay ...what is going on ?

" Yeah .... " , I answer him , dragging the word in the end . He let out an humorless chuckle , stood up from the sofa and started coming towards the bed , as for me , I held my breath .

" Why ? " , he growled , his face just inches away from mine , his eyes becoming darker and his breath fanning my face .

" Wh... what ? " , I questioned , I was literally at loss of words right now , I don't even remember what we were talking about ! What amazing timing my female hormones have right ? He was breathing heavy and his breath , as I mentioned before , was fanning over my features with cold air , giving rise to goosebumps on my neck and arms . I am damn sure my breathing was just as heavy as his .

" Why do you have a pet-name for him ? ''

" Because his name is long ... ? "

Silence , that was the only thing present in the room . No words exchanging between the two of us , only heavy breathing , from both the parties , i.e. , from him and me . His breaths on my face  was enough of a reason for my hormones to get worked up and I was having a hard in stopping myself from grabbing and just kissing the life out of him .

" Lets go " , he mumbled after a few minutes of pure torture but still absolute bliss for me , grabbing my right wrist in the process . We were in, what I assume is , their kitchen before any words could have gotten out of my mouth . There were not many people in the kitchen , only Nathan , that kind lady and Jack . The moment I saw Jack , I started glaring at him , mind you , I haven't forgotten the little stunt he pulled yesterday .

" Honey , don't you think she should freshen up a bit before ? " , the kind lady says to my kidnapper . I feel that acknowledging someone without including them in the conversation is the favorite past-time activity in the house . I look down at my clothes and remember my appearance from before , I cringe at the image but I don't have any problem with how I appear right now . Come on , these people are criminals , as I have pointed out countless times before , I do not care for their opinion about me and I am sure they have seen far worse than me . My kidnapper takes me in from head to toe and I raise my eyebrow at him , lets see what decision hew is going to make .

" I will take her " , Nat says as everyone was waiting for some words from my kidnapper , I smile at Nate and he smiles back , I think this guy might be trustworthy .

" On , I'll take her " , my kidnapper grumbles once Nat offer his words . Before I can mutter a word , we are in the bedroom from before and my kidnapper is pushing a towel in my hands . I look at him confused .

" Go freshen up " he grumbles .

" Jeez , someone woke up on the wrong side of bed .. actually sofa " , I mumble to myself , taking the towel and start walking towards the bathroom which I'm quite familiar with .

" Wait , what did you say ? " , he asks getting hold of my wrist and turning me around to face him .

" Nothing " , I squeak quickly , I do not wish to face any more of his punishments . He says nothing and so I glance , that was a fatal mistake . The moment I look into his eyes , my breath gets stuck into my throat and I am captured in his eyes . Oh crap , I do not know what to do in these kind cliche moment , usually the here makes a move , occasionally by heroine but I am not going to make one and I hope he doesn't too, you really do not need to ask reason behind it , now do you ? I clear my throat and opening hearing it , he lets go of my wrist , with that I basically sprint towards the bathroom .


Right now I am sitting in the living room with my kidnapper . After the incident in the morning he had avoided talking to me but now we are all alone in the living room because he wanted to ask me some questions and I had agreed to him , not like I had any other choice .

" So lets start with basic " he says after a couple of minutes of awkward silence . I nod for him so that he can continue with his questionnaire .

" What is your name ? " , he asks after my nod .

" Ella " , I answer him quietly .

" Full name " , he presses on .

" Ella Victoria Carter " , I answer him .

" Wait .. you didn't knew my name ? " , I question him . All this time I was facing forward and not look at him but turn to him now as I question him .

" Yeah ... " , he answer , kind of confused . Confused my ass , he is totally playing me right now .

" So , you are telling me that you kidnapped me without any motive ? " , I question him in disbelief , every crime has been done with a motive , it is a universal truth ! May be this guy is some kind of psychopath that kidnaps people for his amusement , unconsciously a move a little further away from him .

" Uh-ah , you had seen my face darling , so in order to not get caught , I had to kidnap you " , he replied in a stern voice .

" What happened to all the other people " , I dare to ask him , by this question I was indirectly asking him about my mother . Call me selfish , but I didn't knew any person there , only one that mattered to me was my mom , so I had to know about her .

" We are not talking about that " , he says and switches on the television so as to indicate the end of this conversation . I huff but look towards television as my kidnapper has exited the room right after switching on the television . News channel is on and there is some news about crashing plane playing on it . Oh God , help the people in need . Then some other news started playing and I can't help but be interested in it.
The news was related to bank robbery so it obviously drew curiosity from me .

" Two days ago , a news of robbery was reported from THE CITY BANK . Police suspects McCann gang for it . Almost all the money has been reported to be robbed . Not only this but there was also a bombing on the site of robbing . According to reports , first the bank was robbed and then these people placed bomb in the center of the bank before escaping . Only 15 people are reported to survive , seven of them under critical conditions in hospital . A high-school student is also reported to be missing from the robbing site , authorities suspect her to be kidnapped . Ella Victoria Carter , an local student and daughter of influential business man Mr. Stephen Carter was in the bank with her mother two days ago . A interview with Mrs. Carter who is one of the lucky survivors talks about her missing daughter ."

" Ella baby , wherever you are , just know that we all are missing you and remember that the authorities are searching for you . Stay safe baby girl "

" That was Mrs. Carter giving message to her missing daughter . Ella hold on to hope , police are searching for you and will find you soon . That is all in today's AFTERNOON DAILY . Our sympathies with all the families in need . "

That was my mother talking on a video while laying on hospital bed , while my father and brother were sitting on either side of her , holding her hands. The moment the video ended I burst into tears.
Woot woot , longest chapter till now . Sorry I've been ..... ENJOY !!!

P.S. Sorry for grammatical mistakes.


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