Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


4. Chapter -4

His lips got closer to mine but I turned my head I'm order to not kiss him.  So instead he started assaulting my neck.  I whimpered at his touch not pleasured but disgusted at his actions and tears which I had forcefully stopped before entering this place,  again welled up in my eyes and started falling down my face.  I trashed under his force,  clawing at his arms and kicking his legs but he just won't budge. 

'' Jack,  where are you man?  '' , a familiar voice shouted from somewhere and the frame of time stopped before my eyes. 


I held my breath . In a weird turn of events , I had escaped and came back to this place , among these dreadful people . This guy , Jack as I'm assuming had caught me entering from back door and has been assaulting me ever since , I had tried to stop him but to no avail . But now someone , whom I'm familiar with here , has called for him. In an instance , Jack was off me and had fixed himself as to appear like nothing happened , which is far from truth , before calling out ,

" Back door " 

Sounds of different footsteps coming towards us could be heard from distance . May be I would have been anxious or scared but I was too much in shock to react and everything rushed before my eyes in the following moments . The guys , my kidnapper and those two other teenage boys appeared in front of my vision and ..they looked speechless  . In fact they were speechless , upon seeing my presence at their backdoor . The teenage girl , who had spoken up to my kidnapper for me , or the kind lady was nowhere to be seen , but I wish they were .

"What is she doing here ? " 

My kidnapper has hissed , questioning my presence here , not asking me , but instead talking to this Jack guy , just like he had done earlier this morning . I would have snapped at him like I had done in the morning , but ,  for once , I kept my mouth shut . Let me assure you that it was out of shock only and not my conscious minds' doing . You see , one thing I really don't like is being treated like a child because I am not one . But ,  I was still in shock from Jacks' assault and getting caught by my kidnapper , again . Ironic , isn't it , how I have came back here , only to be caught and the thing is I have not even thought about what they will do me if I am caught .

" She was trying to escape . " 

Jack had told them with a serious expressions and voice , which to me , were mockery , I could just see him laughing at me in his eyes , when he turned to give me a supposedly dirty look , he ,in fact was suppressing one . I doubt that he will them about me actually escaping first and then returning and I am sure that he will never tell them about his little stunt from just minutes ago . Upon hearing what I was supposedly doing , not that I deny it but I had come back  , my kidnapper turned towards me with a furious expression in his eyes . Other two boys also had a look of disbelief on their faces with eyes wide and lips slightly parted .

" What ! " , the one who had bought me clothes and breakfast earlier this morning exclaimed . Even between all the chaos , everyone turned to stare at him , like isn't it a bit obvious , I mean it doesn't take a neuro-scientist  to decode that I was escaping  or escaped-returned from my point of view . Realizing how stupid he sounded , he looked down for a moment , but only for a moment , then looked up and exploded .

" I am sorry ... "

My kidnapper moved his head as if dismissing  the matter , but the guy did not stop , oh no , he had only just begun .

" I don't know how she escaped ......."

" I swear I locked the door ....."

" I even gave you the key .. I .... " 

I think everyone had enough at this point and so did my kidnapper , because next thing I know , I am being pulled into a different room , roughly may I add , by my kidnapper  . I had tried to stop him , multiple times but he is just too strong and to add to it , this Jack guy was pushing me from behind and my kidnapper & the other teenage guy ignored his actions . How can you just allow this guy to manhandle me like this but then again , my kidnapper was doing the same thing . Within two minutes , we were in , what I assume , living room . My kidnapper , in an instant , had let go of my wrist and at that exact moment Jack decided to push me , resulting in me falling down , face first . I stretched my arms out in hopes that it will lessen the impact of fall but that didn't work out too well and I still fell face first . The younger teenage guy , my kidnapper and Jack burst out laughing at my expense . Sitting up , I groaned and rubbed my face a little with my palms . Calming down a little , my kidnapper took few deep breaths , wiping fake tears and said ,

" Well , aren't you clumsy " , and again burst out laughing .I would have joined them obviously if I wasn't the person who had fell , I would have even joined them in whatever way  too but that wasn't the case as I am kidnapped and they are not my friends . They calmed down after a little while and I was still sitting on floor . My kidnapper , whose eyes were shining with pure amusement , put out his hand in sweet gesture of helping me but I know better than this , he is nowhere near sweet . My lack of action caused the amusement to disappear and his eyes turned a little darker but I couldn't care less . So , I instead , put my palms on the floor ans started standing up . Oh , did I tell you that I was sitting on a carpet , no .... , well , I also did not knew until Jack pulled it and I had fallen on floor this time . I glared at him with all the hatred which I had managed to accumulate within half an hour only . My kidnapper and the other teenage guy were doing the same , I mean they were also glaring at him . 

Okay ... aren't they supposed to join him in his laughing session , but their glares held different meaning than mine , it is like they didn't trust him or something . When Jack noticed my kidnapper's glare trained upon him , he immediately shut up , it was obvious to me now that my kidnapper was the leader or head of this ..uh ... group . I would have used the word gang but I'm not sure if they are a gang or just a bunch of thugs keeping up with each other . I watched as my kidnapper put out his hand for me to take , this time with so much authority that I didn't even took a second before to hold it and letting him help me up . The air was thick around all of us as we just kept standing at our positions , my eyes roaming around and looking at anything , not daring to look in someones' eyes , just in the moment .The teenage guy took Jack out in an instant , on the the motion of my kidnappers' eyes, I know this because I had took the chance of glancing at him at that exact moment .

We were left standing alone because I didn't knew what to do in this awkward situation . My kidnapper , he motioned with his hands , for me take a seat on the sofa . I obliged , as much as I did not want to , I was still very exhausted from my little run. He came to stand in front of me and I felt as intimidated as a child getting ready for a scolding by his mother . He sighed , not a defeated or a tired one , no , but the one you do when you are totally frustrated but are trying to control yourself from exploding . I glanced up at him as I was looking down beforehand , but only to look down a second later as soon as I realized that he was staring at me with such intensity in his eyes that I couldn't stand it . Thus , my reaction of looking back down . Again , he sighed but when I looked up , his head was turned and he was not staring at me with intensified emotion filled eyes anymore . He turned his head to look at me and , I , this time , didn't look down but held his gaze . He seemed a bit calmer than before or else , I think , I would be dead by now .

" So ..." , I started saying feeling nervous as he has not said a word ever since entering this room . You by now must know that I am not a fan of awkward silence .

He started ...laughing , not the one you do one when something is funny , it was a sinister laugh that got fear crawling under y skin and chills running down my spine . Up until now my posture was somewhat slacked but upon hearing his malevolent laugh , my whole body went tense .

"God knows how you got out of that goddamn room and was escaping ...and all you have got to say is 'so ' ... , really ! " , he seethed through his teeth . I was even more scared now , I think I took the possibility of them being serial criminal too lightly .

"Look at me " , he demanded since I was looking at my lap , too scared to glance up at him , even for a second . As he saw I was making no attempt of doing what he has asked me to do , he grabbed my chin and forcefully made me look at him . I winced at the action out of surprise and sudden pain that was exploring my jaw now .

" Now tell , why were you trying to escape "

I look at him dumbfounded . Is this guy stupid ?

" Seriously , you don't expect me to sit here and wait for my death now , do you ! " 

I know that I shouldn't snap at a possible killer , who can kill me in a heart beat , like this , but his stupid question and his death grip on my jaw was getting me frustrated . I can already feel a bruise coming , he is clutching my jaw that tightly .

" Oh , darling , but I do " , he said with a fake pout which soon turned into a wicked smile , mocking my misery .

I laughed , a non-comical one , shaking my head the best I could with his hands still holding my jaw . He looked at me with confusion on his face , wary of my actions .

" Oh , I won't stop you from dreaming , but just know that I will escape and when I do , I will make sure that you live miserable life in  a stupid
jail " , I said using the same mocking tone he has just used on me . I don't know why or how I got this sudden confidence but I'm not at all grateful for it . I do not have a death wish , I realized it as soon as his already strong hold on my jaw grew tighter into vice-like grip , deepening the bruise which I am sure is formed by now , after the mentioned words left my mouth and I struggled to not break out in pleas at the moment .

"Sweetheart , sorry to say , but you are delusional " .

I am sure he is not at all sorry . He let go of my chin and my palms , which , up until now were silently trying to pry his hands off my jaw in the background , started rubbing bruised and tender skin of my jaw .

" Now , as for your punishment....... "

My eyes widened as I took in his words . Is he really going to punish me ..... or is he just saying this to get me scared . If second case is the matter , then someone please tell him that I'm already scared . If just by holding my jaw , he can give me a bruise ........ just imagine what will happen when he actually punishes me . The mere thought is horrifying  enough .

" What ! " , I squeaked in surprise  , personally I am a person who likes surprises but when I am talking about liking surprises , these kind of surprises are not included .

He again laughed that rancorous laugh of his that filled me with a feeling of consternation .

" Princess , what do you think , it's not some kind of vacation , you live under me and my rules now and if they are broken , you get punished " , 
he said in that malicious tone of his that had me believing that he was in no way joking . Tears were quickly moving to my eyes , ready to rush out of them at any given moment. 

" Now tell me , which do you prefer , slow yet painful or fast but deep " , he said with a taunting smile .

My heart had started beating in an erratic manner at his words ......... is he going to make me choose my own punishment , is this guy stable , mentally I mean . Isn't it bad enough to punish someone as in itself that you had to make them choose their punishment .

" No , please no , I am sorry , I ... " , I started pleading with him , tears that were pooled in the corner of my eyes finally finding their escape and dripping down my face like a waterfall . I am not a person to back down from standing up for the decisions I make , I have too much of a self-pride to do that but I do value my life more than my ego . He turned his head away upon arrival of my tears but I took hold of his hand and tugged at them . He was reluctant but turned towards me as I kept tugging at his hands .

" Please forgive me , I .... I would not try any thing like this from now , please just ... please just forgive me this one time " i said , wiping my tears , my hands leaving his hands as I held  his full attention now . He stayed silent for few moments , pondering over the matter and I was stupid enough to get my hopes up .

" Oh , I know you are not going to try anything ... because I am going to make sure of it " , he said and then chuckled darkly. In an instant  , he grabbed my wrist roughly and was pulling me somewhere . We stopped in front of a door , which he unlocked and pushed me in . Since I was pushed , it had caused me to loose my balance and thus I tripped ....down a staircase . As soon I registered I was falling down the stairs , I braced my arms around my body but it did little to lessen the impact of the fall .I lay there limp , not daring to even move a muscle . I could hear the sound of footsteps of my kidnapper walking down the stairs . He has reached the end but soon sound of his footsteps started getting distant . I lay, where I was , in confusion at his sudden disappearance but that confusion only lasted for some time as the sound of his footsteps coming towards me approached my ears . I was on high alert now , chary of his actions , the guy had already pushed me down a flight of stairs , God knows what he is up to next . 

His footsteps faltered when he reached me . He pulled me up and then resumed his walk to wherever . I staggered behind him , unable to keep up with his pace with my bruised and battered body . He dumped me onto a chair I didn't knew was there since there was virtually no light in here. He pulled my arms forward and tied them to respective arm rests on both sides,  then my legs to respective stands of the chair,  with ropes he was carrying with him,  which I also have not noticed,  again,  because of the dark. 
You know how your eyes get adjusted to different surroundings and can see things in the absolute darkness,  yes,  my eyes did too.  My kidnapper was stood before me, admiring his 'piece of art ' with an devious smirk. He chuckled darkly before moving out of the room and leaving me alone in the heart-wrenching darkness.
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