Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


3. Chapter -3

Grumpily I asked ,

"What's so funny ? " , with arms folded over my chest .

"You are too cute " , he replied with an teasing smile and them waltzed out the room , closing the door behind but not before throwing me an wink over his shoulders . His actions confuse me , one second he is in my face shouting at me like an true kidnapper and then he is teasing me with winks and smiles like an long lost friend .


I had sat in this bedroom by myself for quite some time before my kidnapper sent someone for me . That someone was actually one of the teenage boys who I had seen earlier twice , after me waking up . He actually was carrying clothes and necessities like tooth brush , comb etc for my use . Although I had not been harmed by this guy any manner or so I hope , I did not try to make any conversation with him what so ever and this effort was reciprocated since he himself did not try to converse with  me .His visit was short-lived , he knocked on the door to the bedroom and came in .

" I brought you ..uh..stuff "

"Thank you "

And that was it , he put all the things down on the end of the bed , gave me an weird nod to which I by no means responded and then shimmied out of the room .

The moment he had entered this room , my eyes has started watching him like an hawk watches his prey , observing every little move with killer like precision . From his body movements it was clear that he was feeling awkward for coming up to me with all that stuff but his face was neutral with no expression on his face . His eyes on the other hand held entirely different story as they had tried to avoid mine since the moment he entered the room . I don't know why he was avoiding looking into my eyes , it's like he was afraid of something ...  me ?

The reason behind my action is that I want to decipher if he felt any remorse  or any shame for the fact that they all had lied to me  , well not exactly lied but covering up the fact that I'm kidnapped is even more bad . Most kidnappers don't feel any of the above mentioned emotions emotions for their hostages , some actually took pride in torturing their subjects .

Earlier I had expected that my kidnapper would be an soft person as everyone else was or projected but that expectation soon turned to ashes . I wanted to know if this guy was like most criminals . Why you ask ..well because it can be really helpful to me . Firstly , it can tell me about what kind of  person he is and that can possibly tell me more about this gang or group or whatever it is . Okay , let me explain , if this person feels any guilt for his actions towards me then there is a possibility that he is newbie in this because most long time or pro criminals are surely immune to that kind of feeling .

Assuming if he's a newbie , this whole gang might also be new to this whole scene and that can prove to be an advantage for me . Seeing how politely and sweetly I had held conversations with all those people before  , I'd be a fool to think that they have been doing this thing for a long time but this whole thing will be one stupid mess if they turn out to be professionals and not amateurs . I mean , may be it was all an act , the politeness , the worry ..they can easily be and possibly were fake . It hurts to think this way because I genuinely was very grateful and had thought that they were nice people .

Since he was avoiding looking into my eagle like eyes , I had assumed that he seriously felt some kind of shame but that was it . Neither his bodily  actions nor his facial expressions said anything .With expressionless face he had left me alone again , I didn't even have the chance to ask his name and I couldn't be more grateful . His presence wasn't affecting me in anyway but I still was adjusting to this whole lot of mess . Yes , I needed to know if they were amateur or not but I also needed some time to myself . Besides I also had an feeling that I will be staying here for quite some time .

I was still in process of accepting my situation , my grave ..grave situation and suddenly dawned on me ......I was KIDNAPPED . Up until now , I hadn't understood the gravity of mess I was in . I had took the whole scenario too lightly for my own good . People always used to say I'm pretty brilliant for my age ........guess not . I wasn't bothered in the slightest way to be sitting in this unfamiliar room . I wasn't bothered even when I'm kidnapped ? What kind of person am I ? Tears sprung to my eyes and I couldn't help but weep a little . I'm going to die , oh God . More tears gathered and fell from my eyes .

I knew dwelling on this thought won't  help me  , so I , a little while after shamelessly crying like a child had stopped and looked around the room . Two doors .. it had two doors , one was used by all the people to come in and leave , so it must be connected to hallway or corridor , whichever you prefer . So I guess the other door might lead up to bathroom . I rose up from bed and made my way towards the door .

My guess was correct and I was rewarded with an amazing bathroom . It had one wall entirely and thoroughly covered with mirror and it had
two-sinked mirror on the opposite wall of it . I never understood why people need two sinks , although when I think about it , mine too had two sinks , oh well . Back to the current bathroom , it also had an amazing Jacuzzi with wooden deck like furnishing around it and a window above it in an parallel kind of position  so you can somewhat gaze at sky while bathing . Well bathroom is complete without one shower place ..exactly , none and so do this bathroom also had one . My parents had similar kind of bathroom , only their's bathroom is more bigger with bigger Jacuzzi , bigger shower and it has opening in place of one wall from which they can gaze upon on garden , which by the way is private may I add . Like who needs to look at garden while bathing ...actually it's pretty cool . Don't ask me why I was in their bathroom , I just was , end of discussion .

I quickly decided that I was in need of a shower . This decision may or may not be biased on the looks of bathroom . Remembering that the guy had left clothes and some other things which I reckon was left for this moment , I went back to room .
Closing the door of the bathroom in rush , I didn't see the figure sitting on the bed in the room. So , when I turned around I nearly had an heart attack from shock but I think my human heart is really strong and I did not die within coming minutes afterwards  .

Sitting on the bed was none other than my famous for his temperament kidnapper , which I might say was getting a kick out of my reaction . Scowling I asked ,

" What are you doing here ? " , with arms now crossed over my chest . 

Like an typical teenage hormone filled boy , his eyes dropped to my chest area after mine action of crossing arms over it . With a moment of hesitation he replied ,

"Just came in to say that I'll be sending someone up with breakfast in an hour "

While replying he wan't looking at me but instead his gaze was on the carpet over the floor , so when he looked up at me , a smirk soon formed on his pretty face seeing that my cheeks were flushed red like tomato . God or whatever bigger force you believe in had designed female's bodies to react this way only to certain things of course and now I curse him for it . My female hormones just had to get all worked up because of him staring at my female part  .

Without waiting for any kind of answer from me that guy stood up and said ,

"So you better be ready " 

With that he left the room but not before throwing me an wink , again . I hastily pulled all the stuff in my arms and headed towards the bathroom.
Once in , I speedily closed the door , leaning onto it , I let out a breathe of relief which I did't knew I was holding in . Why was his presence affecting me in such way ? Shaking my head at all the ideas .. you know ... I put all the stuff on the counter top of two sinks . Let's see what we have here , a t-shirt , sweatpants , undergarments and bathroom necessities like bathing soap ans shampoo etc . 

I had taken a shower and it felt like ultimate refreshment . I had also washed my hair but I had to do it ultra carefully because of the injury in my head . Any ways , dressing up I realized that the t-shirt was a little too big for me but sweatpants and undergarments were disturbingly almost my size . I went back to room and searched for some kind of entertainment but much to my disappointment I had found none. So right now I am sitting on bed just doing nothing .

The guy , whatever his name is , had told me earlier that he will be sending someone in this room with breakfast for me in an hour . I had roughly took around  30 to 40 minutes in washing myself , so I guess that the said someone would be here soon . While showering an thought had entered my mind , which involves quite some risks . Okay , I'm going to let you in on a secret ...I am planning to escape . Don't be shocked ! You can't expect me to sit here idly while these people prepare plan to murder me . No matter how nice they have been to me or how they have tended to my wound , which I'm grateful for they still had kidnapped me ! 

Remember how I had mentioned earlier that a window had been set up parallel to bath tub , yes , that is my key from this prison . It's not very big but I am sure that I'll be able to fit through .This room appeared to be on first floor when I looked out the window . Outside the backyard is like a big forest like area , covered with grass with big trees following shortly afterwards . So my guess would be that jumping out of the window won't cause me any major injury but I have to be careful about my bandage covered head . 

I had sat on bed for 20 -25 minutes , going over the procedure of how I am going to execute my plan before there was a knock on the door and the guy who had brought me clothes earlier , entered with a tray in his hand . The tray contained a plate with omelet , two pieces of white bread and two bare pancakes . It also had an glass full of what I assume is orange juice . He came in front of me , put the tray on my lap and ordered ,

" Eat "

I looked up in utter amazement , all thoughts of escaping flying out of my mind ..but just in the moment of shock . The shocked state of my mind left as fast it came and just like that was replaced by my earlier thoughts of escaping .   I looked down and gulped ,

" I can't eat all of this " I said dryly , looking up at him again afterwards but my eyes widened as I realized that he was not in front of me anymore . In fact , he was nowhere near my line of sight , it was freaking awesome but somewhat disturbing at the same time . He had just literally vanished .

" Here's the water " 

A little yelp escaped my mouth at his sudden entrance . It was out of sheer shock of course .. more like knocked out my breath actually . 

" No need to scream at me lady " , he snapped coming towards me at very pace .

Flabbergasted , I looked up at him , questioning him through my gaze .

" I got you water " , he said motioning towards the glass of water in his hand through his free hand . I nodded my head for him to continue . Groaning he said , 

" I had asked you if you wanted some water but you weren't paying any attention whatsoever , it's like you zoned out or something . So , I just decided to get you some " 

I nodded my head in acknowledgment and took the glass from his hand , mumbling an 'thank you' in the way . I actually was thirsty but ..just leave it to be yeah . He took a seat on the sofa opposite to me , watching me with an intimidating stare . I guess he isn't going anywhere till I finish this stuff and I wanted him away as fast as possible know .. to execute my plan . Comping down on the food , I only left one pancake and that glass of orange juice which I was in no mood to drink  .

" Done " , I said . 

He raised an eyebrow at the leftover pancake and that glass of orange juice but I made no attempt to even touch what was left , I just kept staring back at him like an owl . Standing up with an sigh , he patted imaginary dust from his pants and said ,

" Okay " 

He took the tray from my lap and started moving towards the entering door of this room .I patiently waited for him to leave the room ......... not .
I could practically just run to that damn window and jump down if it was not for his sluggish pace . The adrenaline was way too much for me . I let out a breath as he left the room , closing the door behind him .

" Somebody will be back with lunch later " 

I was startled beyond reach but keeping a cool face , I turned towards him and replied with an 'o.k.' .  He left for real this time . ' Someone will be back with lunch later ' , I'm assuming that the person won't come with lunch for until like 3-4 hours at least and that gives me plenty of time to execute the plan . I swiftly moved towards the entrance door of this room , which I'm not surprised , was locked from the other side . I stayed standing there for about five minutes , listening for any kind of sound and movement . Dead silent ....all good . Moving towards the bathroom door , I pulled it open and stepped in . Man , this was one amazing bathroom . Sighing I went towards bath tub and stood on the wooden deck of the area , reaching for to open the window . Sucking in a deep breathe I muttered ,

" You can do it " , to myself .

Much to my luck , just outside the window was an architecturally cemented window sill kind of thing . I pulled myself out of the window , which I might add , gave me scratches but they are just a minor set back to me .Looking side by side , an ivy was there on the right side of the window , how convenient . In fact , all the windows , whatever rooms they belonged to , had Ives by their side , as if decoration . Using the ivy to my leverage , I used it as a ladder and made it to the ground safely . The feeling of liberation I felt was exhilarating afterwards . It was obviously late morning and the nature around me was more beautiful than ever . I guess these are the after effects of being confided in a room for so long ....... okay not so long but being kidnapped !

After looking around for any kind of danger , a smile soon crept onto my face as I realized I was fully free now and then I started running towards the forest like area with all the force in my being . I had been running over an hour , well I actually started walking after a little while only because I had entered this forest at that time . It's really thick , this forest , so I'm sure they are going to have a hard time finding me if they try . Let's not forget the fact that they won't know I'm missing until someone checks on me , which won't be until around late noon , so I'm pretty good .

Obviously enough , after waking up , I hadn't found any of the stuff I was carrying like my cellphone etc . Oh how that would have helped me right now . Yeah ...I don't think these criminals are very stupid but my hand bag held many belongings , some which were way too connected to me to be lost like that . You know I still had my shoes , which I'm really thankful for and ......SHIT .

Purse ......... Bank .......... Mom ?!

Shit ! Shit ! Shit ! Shit ! Oh God , how can I be such a selfish daughter ? I had completely forgotten about ma , not once had a thought of her crossed my mind ever after waking up .. both the times . What if they have her ? Is she already ...dead ? No , don't think like that , she is alive or I would have felt something .. I think . What are they going to do to her once they find out I have escaped , in case they have her . No , I can't put myself before her . My freedom at cost of her means nothing , absolutely nothing to me . I rather have myself killed before anyone does something to her , she is way more precious to me .

Tears have quickly gathered in my eyes and were free falling from my eyes , dripping from my chin afterwards . I have to make a decision .. and fast . I have to go back , no matter how much I despised my condition , I just can't put ma at risk because of me.  At least she will have someone for moral support if I'm there.  Taking in a shaky breath,  I turned backwards and started heading to what I hope is the direction in which that damned house is.  I kept my pace show but steady.  I was in no hurry,  I had already accepted my fate..... somewhat but every once in a while a sob managed to escape my lips.  There were not many sounds in the forest at this time,  only birds chirping and rustling of leaves due to wind so that intensified sound of my sobs but I did not payed any attention to that.
After about 45 minutes of me just waking and lamenting,  the house appeared in my sight.  Unconsciously my steps slowed down but I pushed myself before they can completely falter. I know that I can't climb up to ' my ' room though ivy after I have been physically and emotionally exhausted this much but I also knew that I  can't just go to front door,  knock and say 
' hey,  remember me ? I'm the girl you kidnapped.  So I just came here back after escaping.  We cool? '  . The only option left is back door,  which I can clearly see from my position but it comes with risks of its own.  What if they have guards there but they would have surely heard me when I was escaping right? Some kind of alarm or something?  

No, it's now or never Ella, you can do it.  I covered the distance between the bask door and me half-heartedly , I did not want to go back there but I also couldn't just leave my mother alone.  
Turning the knob,  I quickly scanned the premises before closing the door and leaning into it with my eyes fluttered close.

'' Oh well what do we have here?  '' , a voice said,  one unrecognizable to me.

My eyes flew open and I started breathing heavy.  An familiar boy stood before but he looked somewhat older than all the other boys I had seen here. 

'' Let me guess,  you are one of Jason's bitches' ? '' , he said in amusement. 

I wanted to yell at him that I'm nobody's bitch our whatever but I was too shocked to mutter even a single word.  

'' Baby-doll,  Jason isn't here,  say what,  you and me have some fun,  yeah '' , he said now moving closer to me. 

Who is this guy?  And who the hell is Jason.. well,  he sure does sound like a man-whore. 

'' wh.. What?  '' , I squeaked. 

He had me trapped between the door and himself in the cliche move and the lack of space between us was unbearable to me.  I tried to move but he of course stopped me. 

'' Not so fast,  little girl '' 

His lips got closer to mine but I turned my head I'm order to not kiss him.  So instead he started assaulting my neck.  I whimpered at his touch not pleasured but disgusted at his actions and tears which I had forcefully stopped before entering this place,  again welled up in my eyes and started falling down my face.  I trashed under his force,  clawing at his arms and kicking his legs but he just won't budge. 

'' Jack,  where are you man?  '' , a familiar voice shouted from somewhere and the frame of time stopped before my eyes. 
 Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!! and thank you for liking it everyone , I love you all for it so much . Thank You so much and a request to everyone out there , spread the love and tell your fans about this awesomily amazing story( I know awesomily isn't a word but I'm boss .) Haha .. no like seriously , I need more readers , I'm just greedy that way . Ciao bitches .

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