Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


2. Chapter -2

Pulling my hand in front of me , I saw it covered in red thick liquid , immediately recognizing it as blood , shocked  I looked up to see everyone's face paling  , I glanced around the room seeing concern on each and everyone's faces of the kind strangers ... even the robber teenage guy and that's the last thing I remember before losing hold of my consciousness .
I sat up while groaning,  what is with me and headaches , I had one last time I was conscious..  Oh God..   . Do you ever have those dreams in which everything seems so real , every detail is so vivid that you cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy . Yeah I think I had one of those , I was in bank with ma for some.....stuff and then that bank was getting robbed and I was alone and I got kidnapped .Then the next thing I know I'm waking up in some stranger's bedroom which actually belongs to my kidnapper . You know what's funny , in the dream , I had some kind of head injury and right now I can feel an bandage around my forehead and back around . 

"You okay now  ? " , I slightly familiar yet unfamiliar voice asked . I was immensely shocked if to put in words . I was set in the .. bed maybe .. previously with my eyes closed but now as voice of some person.. female person has asked a question , my eyes sprung open in shock that someone else might be also present here since there was no sounds earlier whatsoever one would assume they are completely alone and so did  I , but boy did that turn out wrong  . As my eyes opened up I realized I was in different room then any I knew and all the people from my dream , the lady , two teenage boys and one teenage girl , all were present there .... except that robber guy , why do I keep calling him robber guy though .
So ,I think it's safe to say that it wasn't a dream , not all of it anyway , may be I had dreamed up that robber guy in the house of this nice family , may be it was an hallucination or something like that .   

"Yeah , I'm fine " , I answered first thing after quickly registering that the lady has asked me an question and I haven't replied since I was too busy in my head thinking about the possibly made up stuff . Yeah , leave it to me to day dream while in the middle of the conversation . My answer quickly lifted the otherwise gloomy atmosphere and it could also be seen visibly as all their faces now held little smiles .

"Thank God , we all were really scared " , the lady answered on behalf of all of them and all the others nodded in agreement .

Unsure of what to do , I just gave them all an nervous smile , I mean , what do you say to a stranger who is worried about your well being .. if think thoroughly about this thing , it sounds creepy and stalker  like  , you know . There was silence for some time , not the nice kind of silence , it was an through and through awkward silence  . Then .. then they all started laughing and I soon joined them because .. just because.

"Omg , that was so awkward , it was more awkward then harry finding about cherry " , the teenage girl said in between her laughter .
We all turned our attention to look at her ,  my eyes held an curious gaze while all her family were giving her 'wtf' looks , even the caring lady wondering why would she say that or something like that  . Their gaze on her made the girl a little uncomfortable and she mumbled an 'sorry' with an nervous smile , like one I held only moments ago . The scene in front of somehow made me hysterical and I burst out laughing . Now it was my turn to receive 'wtf' looks . Yeah , I know it's not that funny but seriously it is inexplicable , this is one of those things that you have to experience in order to understand them . Weird as it may be , they soon joined in with me in this laughing session and that girl was now blushing .  

"You know , I had this bizarre dream of being kidnapped ..and the next thing happens that I wake up in your house .. and the most funny thing is I saw that my kidnapper was here with you funny is that " , I say to them in between my laughter ,trying to catch my breath in the process. I said that thing in hopes that they will also find it funny and it will be like in movies where everything at the moment sounds so funny that the characters can't stop laughing . I was so busy with vocalizing this little joke of mine that I didn't notice when they all had stopped laughing , so when I opened my eyes , expecting them to be in fits of laughter ..I was taken aback from the deathly silence in the room . I looked at all their faces with confusion , I mean what I said , wasn't that supposed to be funny . I could have dealt with the looks if they were same they had given me earlier but along with the eerie silence , their faces held an unreadable expression .. something like guilt , I can't be sure since I haven't known them for much long. 

"Uh ..."

"Well you see ....."

"There is this thing you need to know ....'' , they all started saying exactly at same moment and to me it didn't make any sense , so me being me stared at each one of their faces until they stopped their ranting . Taking in a deep breath ,  the lady said ,

"Listen sweetie , this might sound ..... " before she can continue an voice interrupted her .

"Is she up yet ? " 

We all turned in the direction from where the voice came and I was shocked to see that kidnapper kid there . Still in the state of shock I turned towards all the other people in this room and much to my disappointment they held guilt rather than shock like I had on my  face . I turned back to see that guy entering the room but unlike the last time I had seen him , I didn't cower back , no movement , just sat their like a statue but one thing I didn't notice was clenching and un-clenching of my fingers around the bed sheet which happened unconsciously . 

"Okay , so I'm guessing she's up " , the 'guy' said to others , nodding his head in my direction but completely ignoring my presence . 

"Yeah and she is also here " , I said unable to cover my irritation , no don't think my irritation was because that guy was ignoring my presence , no it's not like that , I was irritated at all these other people for making a fool out of me , they just sat there pretending to be nice people and I was an idiot for having a laugh with them .They could have told me that I'm kidnapped. I thought kidnappers were ruthless suckers and the first thing they do when the victim gets their conscious back is to tell them that they are kidnapped but these guys have to be so cruel that they let me believe everything was fine when nothing is okay in reality .   

After I had said what I did , the 'guy' turned towards with darker shade of eye that I can remember  and all his minions and the lady gave me warning looks as if alerting me on the forthcoming storm but I just ignored them like the 'guy' had done to me several seconds ago.

"Everybody out " , the guy ordered everyone while looking at me . The words were simple and were said calmly but I and everyone else in the room can sense the menacing threat behind them . Realizing that he was not joking in any manner , I glanced up at everybody else who all held hesitation on their faces .

"But .." , the teenager girl started but was cut off in the middle .

"Now " , he barked at everyone and everybody scurried off the room sensing that the ticking bomb has exploded but the lady whispered something in the guy's ear before leaving to which he reluctantly agreed with an strained nod of his head . Dude it's not like that this nod is actually physically hurting you , you could have done it in a more polite way .The lady departed the room and I was left alone with my kidnapper .
I held my breath , anxious of what is to come . It was ghastly silent but I knew it was the calm before the storm . I didn't knew what was to come but  I know that I should expect the worst . I sat still , I did't knew what to say or do , I was waiting for him  to say something but he was just standing there with this poker face , not giving away any of his true intentions . I wanted him to say something , hell he even might say... shout or yell at me but this cold hard expression was making me feel very uneasy and the fact that I was alone in the room was only making my anxiety grow . 

"So ... " , I started saying , in hopes of breaking off the silence which felt suffocating to me . 

"You listen to me bitch and you listen good ....." , he said a little while after my awkward attempt to break the anterior silence . The words were spoken in just a little above whisper but the venom they held made it clear that he meant business and it also made it clear to me that he actually was like a typical kidnapper and won't accept it if I gave him shit attitude . I nodded frantically once I realized he was waiting for my response . Seeing the response I was giving him , an amused smile took over his otherwise stone cold features . 

"Princess ... " , I cringed at the stupid nickname but let him continue anyway .

"....I'm going to put it softly for you ... you are kidnapped and I'm not going to tolerate your bullshit attitude '' 

This time words were spoken more softly but you can sense the amount of seriousness they held and I also realized that now is not the time to give him an back answer from my smart ass mouth so I sat still without giving any response . I don't think that's the reaction he wanted or was expecting because next thing I know ...he's into my face , clutching my jaw in his hand with an deathly glare in his eyes .

"Did you not understand what I just said " 

I would have replied if it was an question but I did't since it was rather an statement .I realized what he was hinting at and my eyes widen in realization . I started struggling for him to let my jaw loose since he was clutching it so firmly , clawing at his hands with my nails , the only action I can think of doing at the moment . But he wasn't having any of it and in one shift move he pushed me on the soft mattress of the bed and the thing is , this didn't surprised me at all , he was a lot stronger than me obviously , what surprised me is that how gently he carried out the said action . I glanced up at him in utter confusion , only to find him staring at me intently .
The moment I glanced at his eyes .. I was captivated , held prisoner under his gaze . His caramel eyes were lot lighter than when he was angry some seconds ago but they was still a little darker than I remember . His eyes were swirling with an emotion which I can't quite decipher . God , his eyes are so beautiful . I can't believe that someone so beautiful can be so dangerous , it's not's not natural . Just as the thought came into my mind , it made me realize what position we were in and also that his hands have left my jaw but now they were on both sides of my waist . I little worked up , I managed to ask him to get up to which he obliged much to my disappointment  . Strangely , when he left my personal space I felt a little cold ..okay a lot colder than before and I found my self wishing that I never asked him to get up in the first place from the position he was in .
Scolding my self for the thought , I looked up at him to see he was looking elsewhere deep in thought with his arms crossed over his chest , oh he looks hot . Since his presence of mind was somewhere else , I coughed a little to attain his attention . He turned towards me with an eyebrow raised which startled me , I mean I was expecting him to do turn but I thought he wasn't paying any attention to me what so ever.

"How long have I been out  ? " , I squeaked . You know those moments when your own mind can't catch up with your mouth , yeah , that is what happened with me , my own mind didn't knew what I was going to say , so I just blurted out whatever . Actually when I think about it , the question I asked is legitimate , I have no idea if it was yesterday when I was kidnapped or a week ago . I feel that I'm in a pretty messed up situation right now .

"One day " , he replied in a kind of strained voice . I looked at him questionably , uh , hello dude , a little explanation would work fine .

" I kidnapped you yesterday morning and you woke up late at night yesterday because of your injury and now it is next day " , he explained after seeing the face I was looking at him with . I made an 'oh' sound in response . I didn't have anything to respond with so what was I to say.

"So , are going to tell me your name ? " , he asked in an gentle tone which made dumbfound .  Seeing that he had kidnapped me and had already shown me the power he held over the capability of killing me anytime , one would never think he can be an this gentle . I couldn't believe he had asked me a question in a gentleman's way . Hey , don't blame me for it okay , nobody expects their kidnapper to be kind to them , now do they ..exactly . So I sat there with my mouth slightly parted and with wide eyes . I know I had to reply but to what and how , I have no idea because the element of surprise made me forget the the question . So , the next thing I did could be classified downright stupid .

"Uh , what ? " , I asked after slightly getting over the surprise.

He started laughing , not that I held him responsible for it or anything because I know what I just did is pretty stupid but at least he don't have to rub it on my face . Grumpily I asked ,

"What's so funny ? " , with arms folded over my chest .

"You are too cute " , he replied with an teasing smile and them waltzed out the room , closing the door behind but not before throwing me an wink over his shoulders . His actions confuse me , one second he is in my face shouting at me like an true kidnapper and then he is teasing me with winks and smiles like an long lost friend .

So , I just wanted to thank all the people who had liked this story . I'm really really grateful for that . I am trying this thing of 'recap and pre-cap'  .
Tell me your thoughts about it . Also can you share this story with your friends /followers , I don't want to seem greedy or anything but there's no use in writing and putting this up if nobody's reading it . Thank You y'll , bye lovelies .                                                                                                                                                        


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