Better Than Words


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Louisa's POV

"YEAH!!!!!" I screamed in victory. I kept repeating "I won, I won, I won" doing a victory dance until I ran out of breath.

"Shit" Noel mumbled tripping on the sidewalk"DARN IT!!" Noel screamed. "You beat me, Louisa".

"Not my fault I'm a fast runner and your a slow runner, because your fat"I retorted then slapping my hands on my mouth. What did I just say!?

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?!?" Noel screamed

"That it's not my fault I'm a fast runner and your a slow runner because your fat" I muttered

"What did you say?" Noel said calmer.

"Nothing" I said very quickly. Darn it, now she knows I'm lying.

"Yeah right. I hope that's true" she muttered just loud enough so I could hear.

"Yay" Noel said sarcastically "We will watch the stupid concert from all the way in the back"

"At least we got tickets this time" I said trying to lighten up the mood.

It turns out the tickets went on sale around 7 hours ago, at 7am. We got here at 2pm wanting to be near the front of the line so we could get the best tickets at 7pm. When we got here an old lady sold the last 2 tickets to us because we payed her $375 for the 2 tickets and she bought them for $150 each. So she gave them to us for an extra $75 from the price she bought it at.

"It's not even worth going if we're gonna be all the way in the back" Noel whined.

"Why don't we get our mind off of it and take a walk around Manhattan?" I offered because when Noel is annoyed you don't wanna be with her.

"Yeah!" she said a bit excited "How about we go to Rockefeller Center and take a look at the Christmas Tree?"

"And when we're done we can go to Times Square!" I squealed.

"And we can go shopping in Times Square, too!" Noel squealed.

"The Christmas Tree is so big and beautiful" I said taking a pic of it.

"I know, right" Noel said while texting her friends Audrey and Nicolette to come meet up with us.

Then an idea popped in my head. "Maybe we should go ice skating"I said excited

"Yeah, let's go ice skating while we wait for Audrey and Nicolette to come meet up with us" Noel said while nodding her head.

"Can you tell Nicolette to bring her sister Samantha?" I asked pleading.

A lot of you may be wondering who Samantha is. Well, Samantha and I are best friends. We've been friends since Kindergarten and we are always there for each other. Samantha is also in love with One Direction. She can't buy tickets to their concerts because her mother said specifically 'All you're doing is wasting money to go watch some boy band preform live, when you could be using that money to save up for college'.

"Fine, I'll tell Nicolette to bring her sister Samantha with her" Noel said very angry.

Noel doesn't like Samantha because when Samantha and I were around 8 or 10 we used to prank Noel all the time. I remember one time we dumbed around 20 different cans of permanent paint on Noel. Noel couldn't get all the paint out of her hair for almost four months and people in her high school would make fun of her by calling her rainbow head for almost the whole entire school year.

"YAY!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, which made everyone near us stare at me or roll their eyes at us.

One married elderly couple stared at me for a long time and the elderly man rolled his eyes at me and the elderly woman said "Look at today's generation. So loud, annoying, and disrespectful"

After hearing this I got very annoyed by their rude expressions and comments. I kept my mouth shut because I didn't want to get in a fight with the poor elderly man and woman. If they were my age I would feel bad for them because I can get very annoyed very, very quickly.


I feel like nobody's reading. It feels like I'm writing a story for nobody to read.

Could you all do me a favor and tell all your friends to please read my story. I promise it will get better. In about a chapter or two one direction will start to join the story. In the comments below tell me what you think. if nobody reads maybe I'll just delete the story.

-Rebecca xx<3

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